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I am looking for my half sister...
Michele Lynn Marquardt, age 19. She was born 4/3/80. As far as I know she lives in Georgia. My name is Matt De Cola. Please contact me I would love to meet you.

Contact: Matthew Joseph De Cola
Nickname: Matt
Wilderness Program
150 Glenwood lane
Jefferson County
Birmingham 35242
TEL Number: (205)795-3298

Looking for Graham Robert Landick from UK in Oct/Nov 1999 should turn 30 years of age.

Contact: Linda
Nickname : LindaLynn

Wanting to Contact alumni of Class of 1960 from West Phoenix High School, 40th reunion scheduled for June of 2000, please get in touch with me, also have a mail list where we meet. Come on out of hiding and join the fun.

Contact: Rebecca J Pacey
Maiden Name: Jones
Nickname: Becky

Looking for Peter Casey...
sister's name Linda. Father's name David, Mother's name Vera Sommers, sister of Betty.

Contact: Sylvia Casey

I'm looking for anyone with these last names - Bonneau or Paul-Blanc

Contact: Raquel Jenny Bonneau or Paul-Blanc
P.O.Box 546
Southorange 07079

Looking for...
Suay Canbay Hatten

Worked for the Tumpany Company at Site 23 near Golbasi, Turkey. She would be 59 years of age now. Has daughter name Melinda aged 39 years. Person who knew her in 1963/64 is seeking her.

Contact: CB Mays
8585 La Plaza
Fort Worth 76108
TEL Number: 817-246-4797

Trying to trace family members who lived at 1 The Race, Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheshire. in late 60's-70's.
Their names: Moira June Shaw, John Shaw, Anne Jennifer Shaw born 19/3/1951, Andrew John Shaw: born 17/12/1953. Anyone with any information please contact me asap thank you.

Contact: Dave Andrew Shaw
Other Contact Name: Dave Ponter
32 Church Road
Chelmsford CM3 3EF
TEL Number: 01245 465229 email:

Contact Me.

Contact: Raheel Hasan
Nickname: Nirvanite

I'm looking for Alan Beagles my father. My parents divorced in 1969/70 and I have had no contact since. Alan, you're 60 this year and I'm 40 next year, let's meet. Any Beagles, please contact me I'm also doing a family tree.

Contact: Kim Lorraine Scarborough
Maiden Name: Beagles

We are looking for Michael Ford born 1929,son of Roland Spencer Ford artist. Went to Trinity House Hull.
We think he is in Shropshire area. Family would like to make contact.

Contact: Ted Ford
Middle Names: Richard Edwin
Nickname: Ted
Other Contact Name: D Nottage

Looking for Don McCloud...
we were good friend in Kenmore,NY in the sixties.His father was in the Merchant Marines RET.We both knew a girl named Sharon who lived in Kenmore.Don if you see this get in touch!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact: Erwin (Butch) Warblow
4018 W Electra Ln
Phoenix 85310
TEL Number: 1-623-516-8368

I am looking for my fiances mother...
She left when he was a small child. He has a 5yr old daughter and we plan to have children we would like her to be in their liveS, wedding date dec 8 1999.

Contact: DeAnna Erin Nowell
Maiden Name: Edwards
Nickname: Erin
Other Contact Name: Erin or John
P.O. Box 575
Georgia 30101
TEL Number: 404-388-2737

Help, Looking for my mom...
her name at my birth was Ruth Naomi Parsons, maiden name of Watson. She would be 61 years old now. Lived in St. Louis area. She has a brother named David Watson, very tall guy. I've been looking for you since 1982 when you stopped by. Dad moved & has a new phone #. I don't know how to find you or your last name now. Just want to say HI & I miss you, maybe catch up on each other's lives.If you have any info please email me.

Contact: Kathy Marie
Family Name: it's Jones now
Maiden Name: Parsons
Nickname: used to be Winsett

I am looking for Carol Ki Urich...
born on 5/13/75.
She has a brother 2 years younger named Brad. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
She may be living in Hawaii or Arizona.
Please email me if you have any info on my long lost friend.....thanks.

Searching for long lost friend Mary Furman...
We're scared something terrible may have happened. Mary is a dental hygienist with blond hair and a smile that never quits. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Contact: Tricia Ann Smith
Maiden Name: Walsh
Nickname: Trish
1147 Lillian Lane
West Chicago, IL 60185
TEL Number: (630)876-9015

Lived in P.R until age 16.
Went to Central High. Then lived in the Bronx till 1990. Attended Lehman College and graduated from the nursing program in 1990.

Contact: Felicita Martinez
Nicknames: Felita,Taty
10727 Tabor Drive
Tampa 33625-4949

I am looking for a half brother...
Last known address was 705 Bottler Rd. Marysville, Ca. His name is Jeffery Allen Young and also goes by the name of Jay.

Contact: Carol Lynn Cate
Maiden Name: Young
23793 Eisenhower Drive
Circleville, Ohio 43113
TEL Number: 740-420-6409

Looking for jr. high friend...
Sherry Thomas, born in 1959, went to Valley View Jr. High together.

Contact: Genine Annette Montford
Maiden Name: Gaston
Nickname: Genie
Paris 38242

Im looking for Jorge Molina Zayas...who worked with Dr. Jonhson ( Mercy Anomal Hospital-NY). Would like to hear from you. Saudades.

Contact: Andrea

Morse High Bath, ME class of 68...
Looking for Anna Emma Smith and Sharon Marr.

Contact: Judy Elaine Doe
Maiden Name: Spring 03813

I am looking for my birth father Alfred Lesley,
will be about 72 last known address in Barnsbury Road, Islington. Please get in touch if you know him, I have never met him.

Contact: Lorraine Bond
Maiden Name: Etheridge
Nickname: Ray
259 Tithe Farm Road
TEL Number: 01582 861112

I am looking for my cousin Pat Goddard...
last known in London, from Forest Gate, has a sister Evevon, dad John, Auntie Sis, Uncle Bill, Uncle Harry, would be very grateful if any one knows her or get in touch if you find this message, would be aged about 58.

Contact: John Lloyd Bond
259 Tithe Farm Road
Houghton Regis
Bedfordshire LU5 5JF
TEL Number: 01582 861112

Hoping to find Ian Park, Lt. in Royal Navy.
Formerly Sub-Lieutenant on HMS Manchester 1998 - have picture from Winchester. Please contact Halifax asap. Am concerned.

Contact: C.R

I am looking for my Birth Mother...
who I believe to have the maiden name Eileen Sweeney (Sweeny ?). I was born in London at St Pancras Hospital 15 Jan 1962. Subsequently cared for by the Crusade of Rescue and adopted later that year. Eileen, if you aren't already, then you are now a grandmother of four ! Would love to hear from you and show off your grandchildren!

Contact: Paul Michael Stephen McCormack
179 Crawford Rd
Inglewood 6052
TEL Number: 08 9272 7193

I am looking for my Father Phillip Stanley Robinson.
Born Sydney Australia 3 May 1937
Last seen June/July 1965.

Contact: Mark Phillip Robinson
Brisbane 4161
TEL Number: 0416 239 122

Cedric Tash, previously sailed on the M.J.Arthur p,esso International, my last letter from you was in 1969, last post card from Aruba.

Contact: Veronica

I would like to track down the whereabouts of Mark Caro...
last known in Wheelers Lane,Kings Heath Birmingham in 1987. It has been a long time since I have seen him,and I have never stopped thinking about him. I would love you to get in touch again Mark. So if anybody knows where he is,or if you see this Mark, Anne would love to catch up on things.

Contact: Anne Marie Collins
15 Cecil Road
Selly Park
Birmingham B30 3BG
TEL Number: 0121 472-7719

I am trying to trace either...
Geraldine Irene Elizabeth Young (married name believed to be Spence), who may live in the Balham/Tooting area of London.
Also sought is David(?)Young, son of above, born @1949/50 and adopted.
Please forward any information on these people to my e-mail add below.
Grateful thanks

Contact: Patricia Jean Young
Other Contact Name: Glen

Hi there, just looking for some friends from Central S.S., London. Trevor Gough? Kristen Stone? Sayre Hodgson?

Contact: Jeannine Tricia Wright
Maiden Name: Deagle

I am hoping to trace Denise
neé Moloney who went to Cheney School in Oxford in the 1970s.

Contact: Janice Mcbride
Maiden Name: Bond

I am looking for my sister.
I have not had contact with my sister in about 6 years. I really miss her so if anyone knows her please contact me.

Contact: Kenyatta Lockett
Family Name: Alicia Renee Lockett
TEL Number: 318 721 8099
email: none supplied.

Looking for my relatives from Sweden...
last names: Jansson, Johannson, Johnson, Great-grand relatives: Hilma, Axel, Monic, Eva, Otto.

Contact: Britany Michele Lindgren
Nicknames: Brit
San Diego 92115
TEL Number: 619-838-6851

Were looking for John Garnett Starr 111
I'm trying to help a friend find his brother they havn't seen each other in years and thier father just passed away he would like to let his brother know.

Contact: Pam

I would like to find Debbie Bellamy.

Contact: Tina Marie Weitzel
Maiden Name: Newman
RD3 BOX 3386
Mohnton,PA 19540

Looking for sister who was born in Iowa on October 19, 1923.
Her mother was Lucille Ida Ijams and she named the baby girl, Phylis Jane Eichner. Lucille's parents lived in Rock Island, Illinois. I would like to know what happened to Phylis Jane ...???
Is she still alive...???

Contact: Marie Eichner

Angela Chesworth ( maiden name )...
Angela was at Matthew Boulton Technical College in Birmingham in the early 1960's. She lived in Hall Green Birmingham then moved to Henley in Arden. If you know of her whereabouts please inform her of this message. If you yourself read this Angela, I would love to contact you after all these years - just to know what what sort of life you have had since our long ago college days - I took you to see 'West Side Story' at the cinema in Birmingham.!

Contact: Reg Reynolds

Paul Philips...
Your old friend Reg, with whom you went on holiday to Paris in 1962 would like to hear from you - to find out what you have been doing all these years. I am a grandfather now !!!

Contact: Reg Reynolds

Hi, if anyone has found a medium sized black and brown mongrel in Norris Green, possibly near Scarisbrick Drive, would they give me a call please?

Contact: Chris McCarthy
TEL Number: 07044 750164

John Forrest who married Julie Priest c 1968 in London. Lived in Wandsworth worked for Bovril. Moved to Africa and we lost touch.
Would like to find him.

Contact: Keith Searle

I am searching for any link to this missing person by the name of Matthew Haggman. He was last seen in New Orleans, LA and lived on ST Andrew Street. His last address listed is in Bethel Vermont. If any info, please email me.

Contact: Tiffany
Family Name: Chavez Charles Caruso
Middle Names: Dionne
Other Contact Name: Tiffany Caruso 1527 Melpomene Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
TEL Number: 504-581-4714

Ronald Joe Woodson...
(last known address was in San Francisco, Calif) this is your uncle Ted, your mother is really concerned about your well-being. Would you please do me a favor and contact her!!!

Contact: Cliff Brannon
Maiden Name: Robinson, Booker, Woodson
Nickname: Squeaky
Other Contact Name: Paulene Booker
1800 Avalon Pl.
Wichita Falls 76304
TEL Number: (517) 882-0513

Angel Canone of Caracas Venezuela, maybe working at Bolivar airport in Caracas , 21 years old stayed in Brooklyn, NY 4 years.

Contact: Bebe Pennsyl Fultonit
115 Bowers St
Jersey 07307
TEL Number: 201 247 9549
email: (non given)

I am looking for my sister...
Pamela Mary Moules who was adopted in 1945 in district of Paddington, London. Her birth date is 25/04/1945.

Contact: Dennis John Reavell
109 Broomhill Road
Nottingham NG6 9GL
TEL Number: 0115 9160495

Orion Jr. High, Elmendorf AFB, AK 1970-1973.
I am looking for old classmates. Do you remember Gary Munson, Scott Ground, Cindy Lyman?

Contact: Susan Denise Fann
Maiden Name: Law
414 Hill Avenue
Piedmont 36272

Looking for My Daddy...
His name is Lee Muldrow White. Born in Del Rio Tx. Approx.71 yrs. old. Iv'e had no contact since I was 11. Want him to know how my life turned out, and how his greatgrandkids are doing. Not to mention his grandkids. And to have the chance to tell him that I'm not angry at him, I just love him and want to talk.

Contact: Sandy Lee Barker
Maiden Name: White
Nickname: Pie
212 East Rundell
Pontiac 48342
TEL Number: 248 253-1208

Please Call...

Contact: Bob Frank Bute
1665 Buckholz St.
Iron River MI 49935
TEL Number: 906 265 0158
FAX Number: 906 265 0158p
email: (non given)

I am looking for Gino and Margay Michelangeli...
used to live in New York, moved to Rome in 1989-90. Please contact us, we would love to see you.

Contact: James, Carol Chan
191 Sentinel Place
Marietta, GA 30067
TEL Number: (770) 578-9446
email: xnyc1(supplied incomplete)

Wish to find my brother James Keith Gregory... want to know where he is for my mom.

Contact: Sandra Joann Gregory
PO BOX 1082
Newark 76071

Looking for my Uncle...
Joseph D. Byers. Son of Raymond & Leona. I know he has a son named Terry D. Byers, whom was born in Raligh, NC.

Contact: Janie Dickinson
Maiden Name: Rosa
224 Cedarcrest Dr.
Lexington, SC 29072