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Hello does anyone out there know Mervyn James Telfar
age 51'ish lived in Nae Nae Lower Hutt during the 1982 may have moved to Eastbourne in New Zealand around 1982-3? Was restoring a yellow E Type Jag brought from England. Was a keen rugby player, had a boat and layed drains as a job (maybe his own business, not sure). Please get in touch with Carol as she would loave to hear from you so much. Jag had a boat and worked doing drain laying was a keen rugby player .

Contact: Carol London
Maiden Name: Stiles
Nickname: TSGIE
Other Contact Name: Carol Stiles

I am looking for an old friend by the name of Jim Sanders.
He lived in Newark, CA during the mid 70's and once worked for the Alameda County Sheriff's Dept. He was/is a vintage car buff and owned a Ford Model A. Haven't seen him in over 20 years, would like to make contact.

Contact: Deb Raei McGowen
Maiden Name: Eklund
Wells Middle School
6800 Penn Dr
Dublin, CA 94568
TEL Number: 925-828-6227

I am looking for Roy Perry who lived in Morrilton,Arkansas and went to school at Morrilton High School. We were best friends. He had two brothers-Steve and James. His dad worked for Petit Jean Meat Co. We built a snow horse in Illinois. We went with my dad to Chicago on a truck.

Contact: Ray Anderson

Looking for old friends from Holly Hill Jr. High School.

Contact: Patricia Stone
Female: Female
Nickname: Patty
Port Orange 32119

Boobin Goodacre!! I really want to see you could we ever lose contact? Mail me NOW! Your very special Swedish friend, Anna Wallin.

Contact: Anna Steen
Maiden Name: Wallin
Högbergsgatan 76C
Stockholm118 54

Help, Looking for my mom, her name at my birth was Ruth Naomi Parsons, maiden name of Watson. She would be 61 years old now. Lived in St. Louis area. She has a brother named David Watson, very tall guy. I've been looking for you since 1982 when you stopped by. Dad moved & has a new phone #. I don't know how to find you or your last name now. Just want to say HI & I miss you, maybe catch up on each other's lives.If you have any info please email me.

Contact: Kathy Marie Jones
Maiden Name: Parsons
Nickname: used to be Winsett

Looking for birthmother;
Born:April 5, 1964
Name:April Anne Maley
Birthmothers' Name: Patricia Anne Maley
Anyone knowing her whereabouts email to it will be kept confidential. Thank you!

Contact: Colleen Cairns
Maiden Name: Cairns
Mississauga L5G 4J3
TEL Number: 1-877-507-6868
FAX Number: 1-905-507-0311

In search for my nephew
Jack L Wright Jr

his aunt Becky is looking for him.
Contact: Becky Woolums
Maiden Name: Wright
Middle Names: Lynn
Winchester 40391

Looking for an old friend...
Brian Slaughter, we met at Norton AFB. CA Brian is in the US Air Force, went to Frankfurt Germany.

Contact: Deborah Goodwin
Maiden Name: Hodges
Diamond Creek

I'm looking for Morris Duane Gatson.
Nothing serious, but just want contact.

contact: Janie Gatson
maiden name: Sutherland
159 Argyle Rd
tel number: 01369 703189

Looking for Robert Edward Ponder.
Was overseas in 1964-65.
Please respond to

Contact: Sandy Renee Ponder
Maiden Name: Rhoades
Other Contact Name: Sandy Baker
6606 White Oak

I am looking for an old Army buddy ...
Theadore "TED" Dearston. We were stationed at Ft.Gordon,GA together during the years of 1964-65. If anyone has any information about Ted please E-Mail us.
Thank You.

Contact: Gerald Reuter
Nickname: "TOP"

Lookin for anyone who remembers me from High Storrs School Sheffield 1965-1970 but especially David Bunting, Sue Timms, and more that knew me then.

Contact: Denise Hadfield
Maiden Name: Plant
Nickname: Dense Carrot
21 Newhaven Court
Hartlepool TS24 7HR

Looking for Claire Russell...
last known address was High St Topsham. We used to go to school together.
Would love to make contact again.

Contact: Margaret Dempsey
Maiden name: Rundle
160 Eton Wick Rd
Eton Wick
Windsor Sl4 6NL
GT Britain
Tel number: 01753 867471

I am searching for Donna Stewart my best friend from high school. We graduated from Northside High School in 1990.

Contact: Shannon Denise Green
Maiden Name: Osborne

Desperately seeking...
Sarah VanArnam
(married now?) .
Brown hair,brown eyes, 5'2"-5'4"home schooled, has a large family.
Last known address :Apple Tree Trailer Park, Walker, Mich.
Beautiful and smart around 22. From the Rockford-G.R. area, Michigan.
Help me find her please.

Contact: Victoria Jo Melinowski
Maiden Name: Black
Nickname: Vicki
489 College Ave
Holland 49423
TEL Number: 616 393 7110

Nancy Arwood...Where are you?
Graduate from East Fannin High School 1973 Morganton Ga.

Contact: Butch Ralston
Morganton Ga.

Lost one female!!! Dawn Cabral.
She went to middle school in Roxbury, CT aprox. 1970. Her brother's name is Greg or Gary not sure. Parants were devorced and brother drafted about then. She left and I don't know where to. I miss her, where did she go? Carman is easy to find why not her?

Contact: Jeff Brundage
38 Farview Commons
Southbury /CT 06488
TEL Number: 203-264-7123

I am looking for Francine Mallett...
maiden name Meyers. We lived in I'SOT together and became best of friends. I haven't spoken to her in over 10 years and would love to know how you are.

Contact: Bonnie Jo Plank/Barnes
Other Contact Name: Bonnie Barnes

Robert Eastwick Carney!!!!!!!!!
If you have any info. Please contact me at
Thank you.

Contact: Tanya Marie Marshall
Maiden Name: Burriell
4621 Lincliff Dr.
Rockford iL. 61109

Barbara Johnston,
we are looking for you to join us for our class reunion (Santa Clara High School) in the year 2000.
Please contact me.

Contact: Beverly Curtis
Port Hueneme 93041

Santa Clara High School, Oxnard California, Class of 1960 is planning a reunion for the year 2000 which will include the classes of 1957, '58, '59, '60, '61, '62, and '63. If you are interested in attending, please contact me.

Contact: Beverly Curtis
Port Hueneme, California

Paul E. Bowen served in the US Coast Guard during WWII. If you know where I can locate him, please contact me; or have him contact me.
Thank you.

Contact: Robert Moodie
Nicknames: Bob
2583 NorthStar Cove
Port Hueneme, California
TEL Number: (805) 985-9765

Looking for Beverly Geddes...
we were married in 1970.
My name is Clyde Shields .
We lived in Vista California.
If any one can help me call 218-4878775 and leave your #.
I would love to know how her life turned out..thanks.

Contact: Clyde Phillip Shields

Jill Pick, neé Foster,
looking for Martin Richardson, born Halifax June 1950 and last heard of living in Chelmsford, 1968. Parents Bernard and Winifred.

Contact: Jill Pick
Maiden Name: Foster
E Yorkshire

Looking for Kirsten Stubbe an exchange student who lived with us for a year .She was from Bremen Germany and at that time we lived in MoberlyMo. Her Dad's name is Peter and Mom's is Jan.

Contact: Mary Lou Mather
4121 SE 1st Court
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
TEL Number: 9415410758

I am looking for Tressa Rappold who was a Peace Corps volunteer in Chad, Africa (1995-97). If you are out there, get in touch please :-)

Contact: Sam Sawatzky

Hello, I am looking for relatives of my grandmother. Her name is Shellie Shoemake-Carter. She is originally for some part of Alabama. Her grandmother was Ollie Sturdivant. that is all the information that I currently have. And Her mother was Dasiy aka Baby. Baby left my granny behind to be raised by her mother Ollie.
If there is anyone out there that knows the whereabouts of greatgrandmother please contact me asap. All known relatives please contact me.

Contact: Dionne Sturdivant-Shoemake
Maiden Name: Carter
Middle Names: Marshay
Nickname: Dee
Other Contact Name: Dionne Moore
1919 Gladiolus Dr.
Jones County
Laurel 39440
TEL Number: 601-399-4964

Bobby Borders where are you?
I am looking for my brother who left Florida many years ago. Dad has passed away and Mom was diagnosed with cancer. Please contact me and let's rekindle. I miss you and want to make Mom's life complete. I also turned out to be a remarkable lady, am married and have a wonderful teenage son. Please get in touch Bobby. I've missed you horribly.

Contact: Angie (Marie) Angelique Duvall
Maiden Name: Borders
Nickname: Angie
421 Golfview Drive
Naples 34110

Anybody from RASC,
100 Company British Troops, Austria, Yager Barracks, Klagenfurt, 1952 -1954
Any old school friends from Barford Road, Ladywood, Birmingham UK 1945 -1949?

Contact: Alan Jeffs

Guernsey. summer 1995...
St.Martins country hotel.
Jamie the barman from Glasgow.
Please get in touch with big Andy.

Contact: Andrew Watkins

Hi !
I'm looking for anyone who went to
Fulham Cross School
(4D) from 1987-1999). Please drop me a line, if you are or know Samina, Karima, Heba, Waffa or Fatima.

Contact: Natalie Crosta _Blanco

The person that I am writing about is my brother...
he has aids and has been missing for over five years.

Contact: David Allen Bacon
Ft. Laurdale Flordia
email: (no address given)

I am searching for my adopted daughter.
Her name is Francesca Siobhan Taylor. She was born on the 30.1.81 in the county of Leicestershire.

Contact: Sarah Louise Ferrin
Maiden Name: Taylor

I'm looking for a...
David John Forestieri.

We played in a band called "Citizen".
Please contact Rich Lambert, phone or email.

Contact: Rich Alan Lambert
P.O. Box 104
Viola 19979
TEL Number: 302.284.4089

I am searching for my long lost nephew Justin Ryan Rita.
His birthday is 1-18-86, he should be about 13 yrs old now. He was taken from my sister Diana Coleman by his father Frank Rita and never heard from again. Please if any one has any info on him call, write, or e-mail, we love and miss him very much.

Contact: Brandy Lynn Souza
Nicknames: sad eyez, La Blue Eyez
Other Contact Name: Brandy Souza
#8 10,000 W. Thaine
#25 Pocatello 83201
TEL Number: (208)-234-9114

I'm searching for my sister Caroline Hill.
I just found out about her a couple of weeks ago. I desperately want to meet her. If there is anyone out there that knows Caroline Hill, please contact me. She was last known to live in the Tallahassee FL area.

Contact: Sophia Caroline
Maiden Name: Hill
10207 Altman St.
Tampa 33612
TEL Number: 813 615-1534

I am looking for...
Daniel Wayne Brown

last known address Rock Island Illinois. Birthday is I believe 9/21/68. Was in the navy. Was stationed in Bremerton, Washington in 1990. Please write me with any info you might have.

Contact: Meg Gunderson

Trying to find natural father William Augustine O'Malley.
Divorced from Christina in mid 60's after death of daughter Karen. Then residing in south Manchester. Could now be anywhere. Irish by birth (Eire). Has worked as bus conductor, clerical worker, amongst others. Keen fly fisherman.

Contact: Aidan Harrison
70 Broadway
Manchester M41 7WF

I am looking for my brother who was born before me, in roughly 1961-1962 in Cumbria. He was christened Paul Duff. His mams name was Maureen Duff and his dads name was Anthony Wood. I am his younger sister who would love to meet him. He was born within the catholic care society. Please contact me with further info as his sister would love to meet him.

Contact: Susan Faitas
Maiden Name: Wood
8 East View
Stockton on Tees TS21 4AU
England, UK.
TEL Number: 01740 623650

My brother, Mark Allen, born in the late 50's, ealy 60's in Texas to Edna Kumke and adopted out or raised by birth father and or family.

Contact: Pam Kumke

I want to find Leisa Ann Heap (nee Hallam) who lives in Australia. Her parents were Helen and Stan Hallam. She is in her early 40s now. She knows Dorothy Lee in England.

Contact: Janine Helena Toulson

I am looking for Angie Johnson.
She was my childrens babysitter while I was stationed at West Point. She was stationed there with her husband SGT. Eric Johnson.

Contact: Mark Greiner

Hi Sabri from Princess Sq in London (5 years ago).
I really must find you.
Answer me,please.

Contact: Hanna Rysiewska
Wilenska 20/31
Lodz 94-029
TEL Number: 0048 42 6864572

I am looking for a friend by the name of Steven O'Brian last known at Wellington Street, Thame, Oxfordshire England (1982) please email with any info on him.

Contact: Jason Peter Hutson

Looking for friend
Marilyn Pisani (maiden name)
went to St.Angela's School, moved to Australia about 1977/8. Would like to get back in contact.

Contact: Melita Maria Bourne
Maiden Name: Scinto
101 Napier Road,
London E15 3DN
TEL Number: 0181 519 9202

I am trying to trace Roberta Foot,
Lindsey (sp?) Figgins, Caroline Geary, Heidi Hampson and a guy called Ian whose surname begins with L, but I wouldn't even try to spell it! We all went to Harvey Road School in Croxley Green between 1967 and 1971.

Contact: Janine V Wilkinson
Maiden Name: Gallichan
127 Sundon Road
Houghton Regis
Beds LU5 5NL
TEL Number: 0961 803904
FAX Number: 0870 4589964

Please help me find my biological father,
I was born 7/4/66 in Easington hospital,County Durham. My mother's name is Victoria Davison, grandmother's name was Betty Davison, grandfather's name was John Davison. I was raised in Seaham harbour, County Durham.

Contact: Penny Lynn Campbell
Maiden Name: Davison
16 Parker Road
Peterborough PE8 6AL
England, UK.