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Kirsty Shaw in Hastings. Have you found your father Howard John Nutkins (1960)?
I know his whereabouts and you will have a big surprise.
If you want to see him just contact me and it will happen.
This is a big thing for anyone.The rest is up to you.

Contact: Christiane Treves
Date: 31.07.2013

Hi, ya, it's me again, well Logan still trying to find you.
I have thought about using Abbies buzz book to call you, but then I vetoed that caz I'm too shy.
Do u want to give me a call or something?

Contact: Celeste Marie
Prairie Lane
District: Um... Idk but I live in school district 66 ( Westside, whatever u call it?)
Country: Home of the free and incredibly stupid
TEL Number: 402 7070701
Email:none provided.
Date: 8/27 /13 at 1 pm

I am directly seeking Crystal Manning from the Fort Worth, Texas area.
Last I heared, she lived in Lewisville,TX.

Contact: Jerry Don Hicklen
Nickname: Jerry Don
5500 Randeall Avenue
TEL Number: 817 689 4842
Date: 9/29/2013

I am looking for a long lost friend from Hong Kong.
His name is Chan Kwok Chung, Thomas.
If anyone knows Thomas Chan, please email me.

Contact: Tess Santos
Country: Canada
Date: November 15,2013

Friends that may like to reconnect -
 please send me an email.

Contact: Brian Mentor
Date: 3 December 2013

Carol Alcock,Willenhall,
Please contact b4 its too late ? xx,H.

Contact: Harry C Constable
Nickname: H
TEL Number: 07850429740
Date: 24 December 2013

Looking for a Suzie Davidson,
 has a father Tam and two brothers William and David.
 They lived in Arbroath late 80's early 90's. Lost touch when they moved away to Dundee then somewhere else in Scotland, I think they were originally from Bo'ness.

Contact: Carrie Anne Wilkie
11 St Abbs Road
TEL Number: 07738860507
Date: 25/01/2014

I really need to find my dad,James (Jimmy)Edward Payne -it is an emergency!

Contact: Delnika Payne
4814 Kingslane Apartments
TEL Number: 8104474065
Date: 9th August 2014

Looking for a high school sweetheart, Seth R Liebich.
If anyone knows where he is, please have him call me.
He has my home phone number.

Contact: Kelly Abbott
Date: 6/23/14

Looking for a Male cousin (born 1941) born to Doris Maddock (born 1923) who lived in Wood Green, London.
Birth possibly could have taken place in Norfolk.

Contact: Irene Frances Threadgold
Maiden Name: Aris
98 St. Johns Road
TEL Number: 01935414060
Date: 16.07.14

Antonio Hwang Deberry....
Please call me or your dad.
Day or night.
We love you.

Contact: Terry Regina Walter
Nicknames: Mom, Step Mom.
4740 SunValleyDr.
TEL Number: (330) 519-5934
Date: 08/21/2014

Please help me to find Kathleen Foster..
Only a week ago a woman contacted me by email saying she was my sister... I had been on the same history site as her and had posted some info of where my mother used to live to another person needing help....This woman noticed the address and name and to say I got a shock was an understatement... I'm not meeting up with her for the very first time tomorrow as she deserves answers after sixty years.. I'm older than her by seven years.... but since this shock I've asked an old aunt about this secret and she confessed but said she was sworn to secrecy, however and this was another shock she now tells me there was another girl born a year before this one.. a Kathleen Foster, 1952 born in Rottenrow Hospital Glasgow and put up for adoption... I'm sure my new found sister and myself would love to find this woman ...

Contact: Donna
Date: 31/08/2014

Looking for Jamie Sutherland...
who lived in Crebar Dr Barrhead 50 years ago, he was born in 1948.
I would like to return old photos.

Contact: Avril McEwan
Maiden Name: Easdon
TEL Number: 01563534800
Date: 08.10.14

This is a long shot.... my mother and father werent married , I was brought up in Scotland but born in England where they had met.... my dad Ive found had two or three families in Coventry and Derby.. from the late forties to the sixties... Ive since found his families although he had died so never got to meet him or tell him I was alive as he never knew about my mum being pregnant....however, before me he had a son in France... he might also have his name Antonio Plaza.. he would be about 70 or a little older.. as my father was in the Foreign Legion in France but went AWOLand joined the British Army... I know I might never find him.. but would love to know if there might be a way of letting him know about his other families in the UK............ I could write a book about my past..only late last year I found my mother had two daughters after me that were put up for adoption.. Ive since met one who saw a message Id put on a Glasgow website about my granny... who had the same birth name as my half sister .. She noticed it and got in touch .. what a shock that was.... then on confronting my mums sister whos now 90.. she broke down and said she had been sworn to secrecy but that there was another girl too. born two years before the one I met.. so Ive got a message on this board about her Kathleen Foster ... but still no one has responded... Id love to find out about either Kathleen from my mother and this man in France who belonged to my father Antonio Ruiz Plaza from Malaga Spain.. his name might be on the sons birth cert as he was going back to marry this woman but met my mother in Coventry and never went back sadly....

Contact: Donna Robertson
Date: 20.05.15

Looking for Jamie Sutherland who lived in Crebar Dr, Barrhead 50 years ago.
He was born in 1948.
I would like to return old photos.

Contact: Avril McEwan
Maiden Name: Easdon
TEL Number: 01563534800
Date: 08.10.14

Hello I'm searching for someone named Aric Christopher Taylor.
He may have changed his name,we had a child together in 2004.
He is in his early 40s now.
Please contact me.

Contact: Cheri Angela Goodwin
Date: January 3,2016

My name is Brenda (Lewis) Sutterfield.
I'm searching for my son's father, Kenneth Phillips.
His homestate is Rhode Island. I was pregnant with my son, when I moved back to Missouri.
Kenny never met his son.
I lived with him in Bourbon Indiana in 1976.

Contact: Brenda Kay Sutterfield
Maiden Name: Lewis
1817 Apt.B
Vichy Road
TEL Number: 573-364-9259
Email: None
Date: 11-24-15

Looking for Melissa Rangel or Hernandez that knew Chris Jaynes around 94-95 in San Bernardino county.
Nickname "Mo", has a sister. Around mid 30's.

Contact: Chris Michael Jaynes
11 E Orange Grove Rd
United States
TEL Number: 5204848963
Date: 07/19/2015

Trying to locate Eric from Merseyside who I met on a Waymark Peer Gynt cross country ski holiday to see if he is interested in a snowshoe holiday. Think he also cycles.

Contact: Frank Joyce

Angela Terry (married name ), Chesworth (maiden name)...
Angela was at Matthew Boulton Technical College in Birmingham in the early 1960's.
She lived in Hall Green Birmingham then moved to Henley in Arden.
If you know of her whereabouts please

Contact: Reg Reynolds
Date: 11/09/2015

Looking for Rita Durham and Rob Durham...
were in 2nd Battalion Light Infantry last seen in 70s.
Lived in Billingham, Cleveland, C.Durham.
Had children Claire and Robert.
We met in Biesterberg, W Germany.

Contact: Sheila Kathleen Carter
Maiden Name: Burns
23 Cae CYMRIC ,Canal Rd
United Kingdom
TEL Number: 07910539003
Date: 14th OCT 2015

Looking for David Harris / Harrison from Newport, Gwent may have moved to Hull.
Has a sister and a friend Carl from Newport who moved to Newcastle some years ago .
Please help me find David.
Thank you.

Contact: Georgia Butcher
Date: 22/10/2015