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Looking for adopted sister..her real name is Frankie Woods. .
her birth mother is Hazel Woods!!! Please, if you're out me as soon as possible... we have always loved you and missed you so very much!

Contact: Calissa Woods :
Middle Names: Shea, Lavon, Natole
701 E. Effingham Hwy.
Effingham SC
TEL Number: 843-621-0408

Grace Kelly, born in Ireland around 1942-1948 .
Gave birth to a baby in June 1966 at St Rita's in Dublin.
Possibly from Northern Ireland and may have emigrated to Canada.

Contact: Rachel Frances Clarke
60 Milltown hall Mount St Annes
Dublin ---6

We did work at St. Mary Abbots Hospital,Marloes Rd. Kensington, London, UK.
Would love to hear from you after 43 years.
Where are you Anne Mallon, Ann Kirby, Mansueto Messina and AnneĀ“s brother Michael?
Please do contact me.

Contact:Eija Togluk

I am looking for a lost love whom I am still in love with....
He used to live in point pleasant beach New Jersey but in the year 2000 he moved to London Ky without letting me know. He has a daughter named Katie who should be about 21 yrs of age. I really miss him and I want you back in my life Travis. Please contact me.

Contact: Edith Haytas
4 Glen Road
New London
Uncasville ct
TEL Number: 860-514-9661

Looking for my half sister that I only just found out about.
She was born in Johannesburg SA on or about 9 May 1963.
Her birth mother was very young and just left an orphanage her surname was Swanepoel.

Contact: Jeanette Williams
Maiden Name: Totzenberger
Nickname: Jeannie
154 Captain Cook Drive
NSW 2770

I am looking for my birth father Derek John Greenacre, he disappeared when I was 11 weeks old & no one has seen him since . I am now a 32yr old married woman with children , his grandsons & granddaughter who would love to know where he is or what happened to him. If anyone knows him or where he is please contact me.

Contact: Adele Emily Greenacre / Widdowson
45 Grantham Rd
Radcliffe on Trent
NG12 2HE
TEL Number: 07722 801257

I am looking for my half sister - she was adopted at birth, Patricia Ann Dixon raised in Jacksonville, Fl on St Johns Ave. Went to college South Georgia College, Douglas,GA. I came to see you there when I was 10 the only time I ever saw you. I would really like to see you again. You have 2 neices, a great neice and 2 great nephews.

Contact: Josey Gray
Maiden Name: Scheffer

D.O.B 30/1/1967 birth name Melanie Iris Hoar.
Born Scarsdale Hospital, Chesterfield. Mum didnt have much choice then. If you feel like getting in touch, I'm your half sister. You may not know.

Contact: Christina Thorpe
Maiden Name: Hoar
Nickname: Tina

Looking for our half sister in the UK.
Birth name was Jacqueline Smiles. Born on Aug.12, 1956 in Haymeads Bishop Stortford, England.

Contact: G. Bryant

I am looking for my Sister Born 07/12/1959 in Madison Wis.
She has 6 siblings looking for her. She was born with a heart condition.
Parents Eldon J Vinney and Cherie Krinkey Vinney.
A nurse for the hospital had taken her after her stay in the hospital. Stromer was last name. We think her daughter adopted her after she got married but not sure on that.
Please help if you can.

Contact: Pamela
Family Name: Brenda L Vinney
2273 Hwy 81 S
Covington, Ga 30016
TEL Number: 770-755-2466

Looking for possible family of my father's - David Blackhurst possibly stayed in Essex around 1940's,had children who would be in their 50s or 60s. He left them and returned home to Crosby, Liverpool. Possible names John, think Ilford has a connection.

Contact: Brends Blackhurst

My mother had a baby girl and was single in the 1955- 1963 era, could not afford 2 kids and put my sister up for adoption in Providens, Rhode Island. She was adopted by the attorney that handled it, all I know is his name was Arrom Babarian or something like that. Thanks

Contact: Deloris Elizabeth Silva
Maiden Name: Cabral
Other Contact Name: John Stroum
2103 Oaklyn St
Palm Bay Florida 32907

Daughter looking for father or his family.
I was born in 1954 Niagara Falls General Hospital to Jean Dickout. Put up for adoption to the Catholics Children's Aide Society.Adopted parents Kenneth & Jean Reeb Ridgeway Ontario Canada. Spent 1 year in Toronto's Children's Hospital. I have very serious health problems!

Contact: Wendy Mae Dickout
Maiden Name: Reeb
Other Contact Name: Joanne Kluverr
630 Congress
Clinton 73601-1818
TEL Number: 5803231624

B/mother born in 1945, 1/2 sister born about 1963?
She was 4 yrs old when adoptee was born on 6/18/67 in Everett, WA (Snohomish County) at Providence Hospital.
B/m is German/Indian (from India) French/Pennsylvania Dutch..handled thru Lutheran services. Plz help.

Contact: Paul
Other Contact Name: Joyce
San Diego, CA 92123
TEL Number: 619-933-5692

Does anywone know where "David Hamilton" is?
He went to Durham High School, Durham, California between 1973 and 1976.

Contact: Ann Kyes
Durham Dayton Highway
Durham 95938

Searching for my brother David Greenaway born 24th Sept 1964 in Johnstone, Renfrewshire but given up for adoption.
Been looking for you for a long time.

Contact: Janet Fullarton
Maiden Name: Greenaway
9 Willow Place
Lanark ML11 9FY

Looking for my mum's first daughter who she had to give up for adoption.
Born between 1950 - 1960 in the Lemington Spa area, West Midlands.


I am looking for my half brother Robert Harper born in Yarmouth on the 5 of November possibly 1968.
I think He lives in Wales now. He has 2 brothers Shane and Derek. I hope he can get in touch.

Contact: Jason Harper
66 Rona Place
Aberdeen AB16 6EJ
TEL Number: 07901955003

I'm looking for my adopted brother he was named Robert at birth, he was born 4th July 1960.
I have only just found out about him, he was born in Helensboghrogh Hospital. If he sees this message, please get in touch. Thanks.

Contact: Margaret Brown
10 Frances Street
West Yorkshire
Brighouse HD6 2DU
TEL Number: 01484 713359

I am looking for any relatives of Kingsley Donald Willis originally from Oxford.
My mother, Fahie, was his sister. I believe he had at least 2 children. Their names are Christine and Leon or Liam. Kingsley was married to Louisa but remarried at least once after this.
Any information please contact me.

Contact: Gillian May Steepe
Maiden Name: Tyler
24 George Morland House
Cooper Lane
Abingdon OX14 5GA

Looking for a woman born in Wauwatosa, WI on November 21, 1963 and adopted.
The name on her birth certificate was Angela.

Contact: Kimberly Kottwitz
6402 Milwaukee Street
Madison 53718
TEL Number: 608-233-5805

Tried to contact Sandra Davies re:her search for Marie Louise Kitching -please e-mail me.

Contact: Anne Doran
Maiden Name: Gavin
Nickname: Gav

Need to speak to you.

Contact: Michael Anthony Smith
Other Contact Name: Mike

I am looking for my dad's birth mum.
His name is Derek Stanley Jenkinson. Birth name possibly Shaw, 23 aug 1940 certificate nu 456. Mother's name Hilda Shaw. District, Rother Valley, Maltby. Adopted by Mr William Henry And Mrs Ada Jenkinson of Shirehall Road, Sheffield, S,York. My dad is hoping for any relevant information that may help.

Contact: Derek Stanley Jenkinson
28 Heathfield road
Southampton SO19 1DP

Looking for my best friend form elemetary school.
Julie Daniels is her maiden name. Moved from Calgary to Port alberni, BC in about 1979.

Contact: Lori Joyce Landsiedel
Medicine Hat

I am looking for my brother Edward John Kingstone.
Born 1951 Witney, Oxfordshire, who was fostered/adopted around 1952-53.
I believe the surname of the people that had him was Newbury and that they lived in the Dorset area but I have had no luck in finding him. I have checked marriage and death records without any results. Hopefully this may help if anyone knows him. Thank you for your help. Charlie.

Contact: Leonard Ernest Charles Kingstone
Nickname: Charlie
Other Contact Name: Charles Cattel
21 School Hill
Weymouth Dorset DT3 4BA
TEL Number: 01305 779822

I have been trying to locate my half brothers Christopher and Paul East.
Last known to be living in Sunbury Cross (I think).
The East family were from Isleworth, Middlesex and our father was called George East. I would love to make contact.

Contact: Debra Trixie Marie East
68 Abbey Street
Faversham ME13 7BN
TEL Number: 07961898150

I'm looking for anyone to help me trace my family history as I know nothing. My great grandparents names, Hugo Eichenhofer was married to Hannah Blanche Edwards at St.John the Baptist Chapel, Brighton on 19th June 1901..can anyone help me please?

Contact: Heidi Marie Thompson
Nickname: boo boo
49 Dewe Road
East Sussex
Brighton BN2 4BE
TEL Number: 01273 382148

We are researching an aircrash in 1957 at Blackbushe Airport and are looking for relatives of Sapper David Colin Hayward RE from Golcar, Huddersfield. Sadly he was killed in the aircrash.
We plan to erect a memorial at Blackbushe airport.

Contact: Eric Tarrant
Old Buffers
Fauls Green
Shropshire SY13 2AS

I am looking to contact my father, Michael Healey.
I have not seen him since I was 2 years old. I was born 1980 my full name is Catherine Michelle Healey and I am 31 (2011) years old. I was born in Hackey, London and my mother's name is Hazel Clark. Michael Healey's (DOB 1960ish) mother was Jackie and had a brother Philip Stanton (known as Pip - DOB 1954ish) I am just curious about my background...

Contact: Catherine Michelle Healey

I'm looking for my daughter Tina Patrica May Hines last seen in Billings, Montana in early 1972 or 1973.
DOB= 12/31/1969 ,she was about 3 yrs old. She's 41 yrs old, born on new years eve, in Sacramento.,Co. Calif. I'm so sorry. Your birth mother has been looking for you for a long time and still love's you and wants to reunite with you,if possible. She might of been adopted or even had her names change or married or moved.
Please, understand, I wanted you, but, I was too young, and had no rights in the system.
If anyone might of heard or seen her , I would be grateful for any information.
I've been looking for her very long time, she was my first born. I was only 14 yrs old.
I just want to see how my butterfly blossomed out.
Your mother, Esther D, Abel, (aka,) Jones ,Jetton, ( Tipton).
Father= Brad Hines, (ass., Hell Angels,) in Redding CA.

Looking for Angela (maiden name was Radczynski) from Liverpool, UK.
Angela and her parents emigrated to South Africa in the early 60's. They returned to the UK (Liverpool) around '75/76 with Angela's daughter Michelle. Angela's married name then was Du Rand. Angela would now be about 57 and her daughter 36/7.

Contact: Marion Ann Marburger
Maiden Name: Johnson
Nickname: Maz
4002 41 Ave
Alberta T9N 1T3
TEL Number: (780) 826-3448

I am looking for my father, Gerald Cosgrove.
I was born in Toronto (York), Ontario, Canada. My mother was Maria Ociepka. She died when I was 18 months old. I was adopted by my aunt and uncle.

Contact: Kyle McPhee
Nickname: Duncan
Other Contact Name: Angela Parsons
507 Broadway

Looking for lady regarding family...
Valerie Jane Muir born July 28 1951, County of York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Contact: Daniel Ritchie
206-2b Arlington Ave
St. Catharines
Ontario L2P 3A5
TEL Number: 1905 964 2010

Looking for Janet Porter (Maiden Name) of Welling, Kent, UK
We met at Gibbson's Holiday Camp.

Contact: Michael Robert Mills
350401 Wentworth Street West
Oshawa, Ontario L1J 6J1
TEL Number: 9054326961

I am looking for my daughter Victoria Michelle Donnelly.
Her birthday is the 23rd June.
She lives in Crawley.
Please help me make contact with if you know her.

Contact: Iain Gordon Donnelly
Buechelstrasse 12
St. Gallen
TEL Number: +41 79 922 7736

Looking for Phylis Clark.
She lived in Penshurst, Kent, and worked at National Benzole in Tonbridge 1948.
If you are out there Phyl I'd love to hear from you.

Contact: Jean Skinner

Really hoping to hear from Ken H. Mead.
Last known address, 'Bredgar', Lewisham.
Would like to give you some info that may help you.
Please get in touch.

Contact: Gloria Prema Lewis
Maiden Name: Bai
41 Priory Rd.
Surrey KT9 1EG
TEL Number: 0208 408 0299

Looking for my birth sister, born between 1950 - 1960
in Lemington Spa area.
Mother's surname Harmes.

Contact: Lesley Fishpool
Maiden Name: Van Delden

Robin Manson,you were looking for Eric Francis Burfoot, he was my dad.
Please email me back. Shirley.

Contact: Shirley

Lookin4 my half brother, adopted 1964, Birmingham,
called Mitchel at time, 10 days old, Dudley road hospital.
Now called Michael I think.
Mother's maiden name Churchley, wlt contact, or even just no ur ok and happy.

Contact: Sarah Jayne Stephenson
Maiden Name: Orbell
Nickname: sas
6 Hermitage Way
Stourport on Severn
UK TEL Number: 07894851298
Date: 17.4.2012

Margaret Johnson, last known to be living in Chesterfield with Marion Hall.
Her son Paul lives in Canada and would like to make contact.

Contact: Paul Anthony Johnson
Other Contact Name: Brenda Gilber
2402 Ravinebrook Cres
Date: July 20, 2012

I am trying to find William Mckown who had his own Plumbing Business in Newcastle Upon Tyne till 1971 when his wife Cathline Cawley died. He then went to Harrow Middlesex and we lost touch. My mother was friends with Cathline met as teenagers after.

Contact: Pamela Gregson
34 Leonards Close
TEL Number: 01952 407336
Date: 15.09.2012

I am looking for a lovely person, Joseph Ball, we go back to 1950s. His family came every year to our farm in Penketh, Warrington.
They came from Witney and Abbingdon, Oxford.
Still love him and never forgot him.Get in touch, Pat X

Contact: Patricia Leck
263 The Glen
Palace Fields
Date: 6.09.2011

Seeking any news of Jane Whittington,
lived in Wibsey, Bradford, went to Bradford Girls Grammar School in late 1960s then university, then no news of her. Would love to get back in touch.

Contact: Phillip Clark
Flat 5, St James House
Elphinstone Road
TEL Number: 01424 429411
Date: 16/02/2013

Seeking any news of Jane Whittington, lived in Wibsey, Bradford, went to Bradford Girls Grammar School in late 1960s then university, then no news of her.
Would love to get back in touch.

Contact: Phillip Clark
Flat 5, St James House
Elphinstone Road
TEL Number: 01424 429411
Date: 16/02/2013

Logan Woods, it's me, that girl at the concert.
I have crushed on you for a long time now but chances are I wont see you anymore so please get in touch whith me, I love you.

Contact: Abbie
Date: July 8th 2013