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Looking for John Bocstrom, used to work with him at Canada Life Assurance.
He moved to Duncan B.C. haven't heard from him since.
Hey John, if you ever read this, send me an email.
Bridgette and I would love to hear from you.

Contact: Robin

I am looking for information on Leslie or Shirley Hayward who were evacuated to North Carolina USA.
They were children of Fred and Lillie Hayward of Ifold, Lakewood, Sussex, UK.
I am asking on behalf of friend in NC USA.

23 Homeholly House
Church End Lane

I'm trying to find my two sisters who do not know me but their names are Tracey and Christina Lamb - to the mother named Jeannie. I really need your help to find them, if you know them and you are reading this or if you are them and reading this, please contact me. Thank you x

Contact: Kirsty
16 Raleigh Court

Were you Born Maureen Allen, 1945 in Romford, Essex, England to Gertrude Florence Allen (Maiden name Hilliard)?0 Adopted shortly afterwards, you have a large family who would love to meet you. You are my Dad's sister and my aunt.

Contact: Denise

Looking for half sister, born Greenpoint Hospital, Brooklyn NY around 1955. Mother's name Dorthy, father Eddie. You would be Irish and Lithuanian. Love to contact you.

Contact: Jack
5772 75 St Middle Village

John Paul Balstad - still trying to find you son.
Please call me I'm your real were born in Chinchilla Qld Australia and I would still love to make contact and tell you my side of the story. Please call me. Love dad

Contact: Laurence
36 Hunter Street

I am seeking to contact a friend from the early sixties - Anne Dougherty - she worked for the British Foreign Service and spent time in Bankok. And latterly worked for Ministry of Economic Development. I lost touch with her when I emigrated to north America. Any leads appreciated.

Contact: Tony
No. 10 Sideroad

Family trying to locate two sisters that were adopted in 1992 from Kansas City,KS Wyandotte County. Their last names were orginally Brown but was changed at time of adoption. Last residence was known to be Salina,KS. They age should be 18 and 19yrs old.

Contact: Kema
1727 cleveland ave
Kansas City, KS

Hello, I have recently found out that my step mom was kidnapped as a child and I am trying to locate her real family. She was taken from Las Vegas, NV and she had a horizontal lined t-shirt on that had burgendy, royal blue, and white. This happened around 1952-1956. She had blue jeans on and was taken from a place that had SS on the elevators. I told her I would do all I could to try and help her find her family. Any help is appreciated.

Contact: Christa

Robert A. Carter, a childhood friend.
Lost touch in 1984. Last know he was in the Navy on the USS Nimitz. Would like to get in touch with you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Donald Oakes Jensen
Nickname: Donnie
Las Vegas

I'm looking for my sister she was adopted and so was I.
I have never seen Markita or at least I think that's her name? My mother is deceased, her name was Nina Hodgkins I think. Please, if you're out there, Markita or Marquita, please contact me.

Contact: Dequita M Kiekush/ Simmons
Nickname: Quita
333 redwood cv.
email: simmonsdequita@yahoo. com

I am looking for Jackie Proctor, who would be around 50 years old. She lived in Prince Georges County in 1977, with her grandmother at the time.

Contact: Traci
500 Howard Street
San Francisco

Trying to find Dean O'Sullivan born 1972 middle name Russell also Shaun. I am your sister we haven't seen since 1986, I used to live in Bradford. Our mother's name is Sylvia. Her or your second names Booth/Mitchell/Carney.
Please does anyone know them?

Contact: Gail
11 Clarendon Road

My parents gave up a baby girl for adoption in May 1964, her birthdate was the 3rd or 7th. I believe adoption went through Our Lady of Victory in Lackawanna, NY.

Contact: Christine

Paul Philips...
Your old friend Reg, with whom you went on holiday to Paris in 1962 would like to hear from you - to find out what you have been doing all these years. I am a grandfather now !!!

Contact: Reg Reynolds

Angela Chesworth ( maiden name )...
Angela was at Matthew Boulton Technical College in Birmingham in the early 1960's. She lived in Hall Green Birmingham then moved to Henley in Arden. If you know of her whereabouts please inform her of this message. If you yourself read this Angela, I would love to contact you after all these years - just to know what what sort of life you have had since our long ago college days - I took you to see 'West Side Story' at the cinema in Birmingham.!

Contact: Reg Reynolds

I'm looking for daughter born in Maidstone, England on 7-31-57. Last known address in Ramsgate. Mother's name Margrete Boyd, daughter's name Christina Boyd

Contact: Kenneth
PO Box 5646
Midlothian VA

Looking for Pamela Nixon, last heard of in Bathurst Australia,she has three daughters, Angie, Jackie and Krystal. Pamela is from Ayr Scotland, I would like her to get in touch, or anyone who knows her address to get in touch with me, Brian McWilliam.

Contact: Brian
Nickname: Budgie
402/598 Fennell Ave East

I am looking for my husband's half brother. All we know is that my husband's father had a child with a woman (and married her briefly) shortly before he married my husband's mother. We know his name is Craig and he was born November 1968 in Lethbridge, Alberta. His mother's maiden name was Heather (first, Carol) and my father in law's name is Abbott (first R. Wayne). We don't know what last name this child was given. He could be Craig Abbott or Craig Heather or maybe something different. I know it isn't a lot to go on but we thought we would give it a shot. We would love the chance to know you!

Contact: Penny

Seeking Tom and Dot Cooper and son Melvin from RAF Seletar in Singapore 1961-62.
Melvin would now be approaching 60 years old.

Contact: Len
Unit 28 Lake Sherrin Homes
Dinwoodie Rd
email: none

Looking for Martha Mauck or Mauk (maiden name).
Lived in Bowling Green, Ky in the 70's and worked at Irelands Restaurant on Adams Street. Would be very appreciative if you would be so kind to contact me.


Desperately seeking Susan Hoare.
I am looking for my birth mother named Susan Hoare, I think she was born in 1951 in the Hampstead area. She has 2 brothers and a sister and gave me for adoption in 1969. She was an apprentice hairdresser for about 2 years and had a fair complexion, about 5ft 1 in height and had large attractive eyes. It's possible she married somebody called Michael Banes in Brentwood. If anyone knows of any info on her whereabouts please contact me.
Thank you, Adrian.

Contact: Adrian Crook was Hoare

I'm looking for the daughter of Carol Anne Johnson who was put up for adoption shortly after birth roughly 35 years ago. Probably in Minnesota. Birth name is Christina or Kristen I think. This woman is my half sister and I've been searching everywhere. She has tried to contact our mom unsuccesfully in the past.

Contact: Kathleen

I was born in 1968 in Manchester Lancashire.
Sent to an orphanage and adopted soon after. My mother's name was Elsie Gorst. Father's last name was Lomas. Possible brothers with same last names born in Manchester:
David Lomas born 1956 july/aug/sept
Colin Lomas: born 1957 oct/nov/dec
Michael Lomas: born 1962 jul/aug/sept
Peter Lomas: born 1959 apr/may/jun

Contact: Sandra
Essex Town/City:

Searching for Michelle Bland (Horrocks) born 21.12.1972.
Has a girl, Chloe. Sister Charlotte and father Robert.
Last known in St Albans in 2007.
Please contact me if any one knows of her whereabouts, it would be great!!

Contact: Anthony

On 21 August 2009 when in Maastricht, I met 2 sisters Brigitte(18) and Colette(15) on the train going to Utrecht where they lived. I am English living in Sweden. Their mother was a trainer of teachers and Colette gave me a brooch. Would they contact me as I am ill and in Spain. I will send a note to Utrecht Tourist Information bureau.
Please contact me. I have serious heart problems.


Nicolas Van Delden
Born to mother Ethel,Warnford Hosp. Leamington-Spa, UK 4/5/57. Adopted soon after. My father, Philip, is one of Nicolas's half brothers. Nicolas's father's name was Antoine J. S. Van Delden born in 1915.
Nicolas your email does not work.

Contact:Sabrina Van Delden.

Carolann Quinn/Fry where are you now?
We used to work together at London& Edinburgh.

Contact: Sandra
7/9 Clockhouse Lane
Collier Row

Finchley, North London.
Divorced 35 years ago and I am trying to find my 2 children.......
Do you know Sara (age 39) and Emma (age 37) who lived in Finchley.
Surname as young children was Bacal - mother Linda re-married and became Silverstein - maybe re-married again.

Contact: Philip

Looking for Peter Woods, I believe he comes from South Africa. Know Theresa Tooher
Worked on cruise liners in Southampton, England in the late 1950-60's. May be aged 70-80.

Contact: Caroline
41 Hatfield Crescent

David James Nixon of Lepton Huddersfield,
previously working in entertainment/DJ.
Last seen Golcar 1986. A 1965 Ford Anglia is looking for you, get in touch.

Contact: Ford
111 Wakefield Road
United Kingdom

Trying to trace my mother Dorothy Marshall
and 3 half sisters Fiona, Gillian and Paula. James Marshall Dec. All live in the Brisbane area of Australia.

Contact: Fiona
9 Dunkeld Crescent

I am looking for a man who is possibly my father, James Bruce Lostesdder.
Not sure if that's spelled correctly. He is from Indiana and served time in the military in Milton, Florida and last known work was at Sowels roofing company in Milton, Florida. He was involved with my mother Carolyn Boyd. I was born in '76, please come find me "Jim" James Bruce Lostedder.

Contact: stephanie
Nickname: Harley Flamez

I am looking for a brother that I never met.
He was born in Kinston NC and his father is Daniel Whitehurst and his mother in Sarah Rhew. He was adopted in the mid 1950s in Kinston NC.

Contact: Angela
4613 Wedgefield dr

Born 1953 was Valerie Badley, mother was Mary.
Adopted when I was about 2. Tony, if you read this - could be I'm your half sister. Please please get in touch.

Contact: Pauline
10 Hargreaves Street
St Helens

Father of April Louise Irvine, born Croydon 1988.

Contact: David Head

I am searching for my birth sister, her name was Cheryl Ann Hoffman or Pipkin.
Birthdate, May 1st 1990 to Cheryl Pipkin and Thomas Hoffman my parents. I never meet but desperately would love to.

Contact: Lauren
Ridge Ave

I am trying to find Martin Bull from Newcastle / West Boldon UK.
He lived early 90s in Hamburg Germany.

Contact: Andrzej
Nickname: Andy

Praying to find my sister who was given up for adoption when she was born .
She was born: Teresa Marie Fowler in Corning hospital in New York and was adopted thru the Steuben County Court system her birth date is February 2nd and it was either 1967-68.

Contact: Rebecca
Nickname: Becky

Looking for my mother's first daughter who she had to give up for adoption.
Named Samantha and born late 1960s in Sevenoakes, UK. I would really love to know more about my half sister.

Contact: Daniella

Looking for Martha Mauck (maiden name).
Lived in Bowling Green, KY in the 70's and worked @ Irelands Restaurant. I would appreciate a call very much. Thanks.

Contact: Alice Jones
Maiden Name: Law
3424 Amber Ct.
Bowling Green,
KY 42104
TEL Number: 270 991 8650

I am looking for Travis J. Morgan who used to live in Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey. He has a daughter named Katie who moved to London Ky. He then feld to Ky in the year 2000. We were very much in love but to stupid to tell one another. I can't stop thinking about him and how our life would of been. Travis, if your are out there somewhere please get in touch with me. Remember the song you played me once - I will always love you by W. Houston in Lakewood N.J Alias name David Schanka.
Please Travis find your one true love.....

Contact: Edith A Haytas
4 Glen Road
New London
Uncasville Ct.
TEL Number: 1-860-514-9661

I am looking for my half brother who was born Marc James Webb on 6th April 1973 to Christine Webb and Norman Webb. We share the same father but not the same mother. I believe he was adopted quite soon after he was born. If anyone knows anything please get in touch as i would love to meet him.

Contact: Lisa Shaw
Middle Name: Margaret
25 North Street
TEL Number: 07989 403123

I am looking for my brother who was given for adoption by my parents... he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1958 in I think the Grace Hospital...
Please help me find my brother.

Contact: Devon Shane Hill
Maiden Name: McCullough
Nickname: Dev Other Contact Name: Devon
High River
T1V 1K7
email: Thanks

I am trying to find my cousins's aunt and uncle, both originally from High Wycombe. Wendy Austin (maiden name) last known address in Southend and Raymond Austin, last known to be living in Brighton. Please get in touch asap.

Contact: Venetia Thomas
TEL Number: 07792472998

I am looking for my birth father Gary Taylor.
I was born in Brighton 1968. My family are from Accrington . I only have his name . My parents separated when I was 2 . Any family please get in touch or anyone who knows his family or knew them.

Contact: Tina Taylor

Looking for Karin Jungnickel.
It is very important I find her.
Last known address Munich Germany.

Contact: Daniela Jungnickel

I was adopted in 1973. My birth name was David Easter and my mother's name was Anne Marie Easter. She lived in the north east of England and was very young when she gave birth to me. If anyone knows anyone linked please contact me, thanks.

Contact: Mark James Dixon
102 Chestnut Drive
TEL Number: 07838615943

Looking for Paul Herbert Hale originally from Hamworthy,Poole, Dorset UK.
Aged 52. Son of Bill Hale, stepson of Clarice. Brother of Judith, Susan & David. Emigrated to Canada with wife Mandy and sons after family rift(one son named Brett). Lost all contact but hoping someone can help. Have important family news for Paul.

Contact:Janet Elizabeth Russell
18 Willow Way
BH22 9SR