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Linden Jones neé Taylor would really like to hear from Dennis Nelson. (Married to Margaret). Emigrated to Australia from Openshaw Manchester England.

Contact: Linden
Nickname: Lin
1385 Lakeshore rd

Searching for my birth family.
Birth name Robert Cory Jensen. Dob: july 24,1962. Born in Cheverly, Maryland. I was told adoption was finalized in Mineola, New York around 1965.

Contact: Mark
10612 Overland Trail
Polk city

Looking for Barry[|Peter?] Reynolds who worked in MoD London 72-74 and then moved to Australia.

Contact: Sean

John, hope you see this and contact me.
I used to work with you at Canada Life. Please email me if you see this.

Contact: Robin

I'm looking for Clare and Neal Mcnamara, Mary and Dominic and Brian - Penge London in 1992.

Contact: Lucia
19 Prima Traversa Siepe Nuova

(Looking for Harry Chow) he used to deliver fish to restaurants in Surrey BC, and at Jade Gardens Restaurant, where my mother worked, They had a baby boy together, and he was told of this, but im assuming he was married, because he didn't want anything to do with my brother David, he is now a grown man with a child of his own, and has been trying to locate his father for years now, if anyone knows Harry Chow, and could help in my brother meeting his father, please help... it has caused my brother alot of heartache through the years, never knowing his father....

Contact: David

I am trying to trace relatives or friends of my late father...
Thomas Graham, who was a patient of Erksine War hospital in the 1960s, and later died in a car accident on the Erskine ferry in late 1960. I believe his family came from the Aryshire area of Scotland. he was married to a Agnes Eadie from Musselburgh, Scotland, any help will be much appreciated.

Contact: Allan Graham
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Musselburgh, East Lothian.
Scotland EH21 6JT
United Kingdom

I was born in Fulham, London and have found out I have a half brother, he took my grandmother's maiden name of Mobbs. I do not know his first name as I only found out about the name Mobbs in the last 2 years. Grandmother's name Lilian Mobbs then married name Lilie Coleman, mother's name Nellie Coleman.

Contact: Eileen
6 Dinhams

Looking for 'best friend', Roma Marr.
She would be about 42 yrs old, now. Went to jr. & high school together in Gastonia, NC. Miss her dearly. Kim is looking for her too.
Please help, if you can.

Contact: Lynn
Nickname: Tree Trunk
915 Copeland Drive

Cara Louise S. born 31 January 1989 adoption June/July 1991.
I am your birth mum searching to find out if you are ok and hopfully one day to meet.
I would like to introduce you to your younger sister.

Contact: Jennifer
Nickname: Jenny

Pam Giraldi is looking for her father as posted on this site.
However, her email address is wrong. Pam, please provide a different address.

Contact: Iris

I am the grandson of the late William John Groves from Yorkshire.
His daughter's name is Hanna Groves - my mother.

Contact: Christopher
Nickname: Socksy
45 Honeysucle Close Gurnos Est
Merthyr Tydfil

Hi! I am looking for my father and grandmother.
His name is George Feliciano, and her name is Luz Mina Torres.
He conceived four children with Miriam Colon.
If you are my father please call me .
Contact: Luz Feliciano
846 East 175th Street
12 Bronx, New York, N.Y.

My name is Miriam Colon.
I am looking for my three daughters that were taking from me and giving up for adoption. Their names are Marilyn and Madelin Colon they are twins. They were born in Bellvue Hospital in N.Y. They were born in December 1973 and my other daughter name Marisol Colon was born on August 25,1974.

Contact: Miriam Colon
60 West 128th Street
5 Manhattan N.Y.
New York
email: none

Looking for Martin A. Phillips who used to live in Lavenham Suffolk is alos known as Reverend and or Doctor Phillips.

Contact: Sandra
Bronte School
& Pelham Road
Kent ZIP/Post:

I am trying to track down a lost branch of my family in Surrey UK..
My Partner Tracey Young is trying to fine her grandmother or her descendants.
Her grandmother's name was Violet E Burton who married twice. First marriage was to Edward J Orsborn and their children were Violet J, Sylvia A, Spencer H J and possibly Edward J? Violet E Burtons 2nd husband was Edward H Franklin. Now comes the tricky part...During World war 2 it seems that Violet was married to Edward J Orsborn (Osborne?) Edward was away at war and Violet met Robert Oliver Young. To him she had twin daughters Sheila and Jean. Violet was unable to care for the twins and sent them to a Barnados home in Surrey. At this time Violet was living in Merton. When Robert returned from the war he collected his twin daughters and brought them to live with him. Tracey Young is my partner and her mother is Sheila Young. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this message.

Contact: Reg Dilloway
New Zealand

I am looking for my son John Paul Balstad.
You were taken from me by your mum and given up for adoption in 1979. The last time I saw you you were 13 years old. We used to live in Chinchilla Qld. I love you son and would to see you again. I miss you so much, you have a big family. You used to live with the Roaches in Brisbane.

Contact: Laurence
36 Hunter Street

I am Martin Walters, lived in Holt Rossett Alrewas Walton Chesterfield. In the building industry, anybody out there please email me. I now live in Australia [names] Reema Boots AV Ward C E Gaunt HGShgs vic hallam b/and kirkland ffs white turrif edward jones to name a few

Contact: Martin

Trying to find John Mill born 1938 and William Watson born 1940 to Elizabeth Milligan, Greenock, Scotland. Both boys were placed in Berlour orphanage in 1946. William joined RAF as a boy. John and Williams last known addresses were in England but different areas does anyone know them? John married and had a daughter Debbie he was then divorced. Kind regards betty

Contact: Elizabeth
United Kingdom

I am Martin Walters. I lived in Holt Rossett Alrewas Walton Chesterfield. In the building industry anybody out there please email me. I now live in Australia [names] Reema Boots, AV Ward, CE Gaunt, HGS Vic Hallam b/and Kirkland FFS White Turrif Edward Jones to name a few.

Contact: Martin
4 Mainsail Crescent

Looking for half brother or sister.
My mother gave birth to a child between 1955 & 1958 she can't remember the month or date as she was very young.
She had the child at Wigan Infirmary they took the baby away right after birth they told her she had a boy but we can not seem to find anything. Her name was Kathleen Mary Delyth May Gizzie. She may have gone under Mary Gizzi or Johnson. We have been looking for many years and have had no luck if anyone knows anything it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Contact: Laura

Desperatly looking for our long lost half sisters:
Laura l. Crawford & Karissa l. Hughes. Our father is "Dillard Johnson" & my sisters have been looking for our sisters for 19 1989-1990 both lived in Kentucky...please if you have any info. Please email me...any help will be so greatly appreciated!!!

Contact: Leona
RT 2 BOX 443
Prichard, WV

I am looking for a Lana Lee (my pen pal from California some 50 some yrs, ago. Would like to know if she would like to be a pen pal again.

Contact: Dawn (Nace) Schleicher
305 Berger Crk. Rd.
email: dawn1949

Seeking Helen, Dutch aupair (late teens/early 20s), circa 1955, UK, Leicester (Chapel Street? Knighton?) (Voor de attentie van alle Nederlanders). Moved to South Africa circa 1956; returned to UK circa 1959/60, visiting my parents in South Wigston, Leicestershire. We met at a Granby/De Monfort Hall? Concert. Can any one provide information to facilate communication?

Contact: Philip

Looking for a female that knows that they were stolen/adopted around the year of 1960.
I know that my mother gave birth to a daughter in Scotland in March 1960 but was told that she had died however no birth certificate or death certificate was issued. My mother's name was Jean and my Fathers name was Bill (William) Both parents did not hold the baby but my mother assured me that she was a perfect baby girl and couldn't understand why she had died. However there is no proof of this. If anyone knows of someone that matches this bizarre description please get in touch.

Contact: Elizabeth
53 Station Road

We are looking for my cousin Kenny Gaskell born c 1947,
son of Kenneth & Blanche in Garston, Liverpool. Last heard of in the 70's living at Round Hey Cantril Farm, Liverpool with his wife. We are desperate to contact Kenny any information as to his whereabouts would be very much appreciated.

Contact: Marilyn

Hi, my name is Michelle Burrow.
I am looking for my biological father his name would be Gerald Hayes or was known as (Jerry Hayes) may live in Wallasey he was a butcher then. My mum would have been Brenda Hancox I was born 6th Sept 1963. She worked at the Wellington Hotel in Liscard wallasey he would have been around in 1962 Oct. If you do know of this man or could put a message to him....

Please Contact 01624 844763.

I am searching for my Grandad.
Charles Feeley was an American GI, has two other children and lived in Alabama. Has Irish connections. Had family living in London around 1945 when he and Pauline Margurite had their baby Suzanne. They had links to goldsmith or jewlery. Suzanne (my mum) was adopted out and is desperatly seeking anyone who knows anything about her birth parents. Please help.

Contact: Serena

Can you help? I am looking for Ellen Taylor neé Smith
(Possibly Ellen Patricia Taylor) and her children Pauline, Irene, Ronald (Ronnie) and Sheila. I am Michael John Taylor their brother who was adopted. Ellen would have been born between 26th March 1918 and 25th March 1919. I was born 25th March 1948... can you help??

Contact: James
Apartado 447
San Pedro de Alcantara

Trying to trace Lorraine Slater who went to Penicuik High School in Scotland and left in 1988.
She joined the QARNNS when she left school and I believe married a member of the navy. She has a brother called Barry and mum and dad are Maureen and John. Would love to catch up before we turn 40 next year.

Contact: Louise Clapperton

I'm still looking for a Mick that worked as a doorman in the Hammersmith area in 1964/5.
He had a short relationship with Lucille Wood/Onion. He is my father, I would love to find him. I been looking for years but without a full name it's almost impossible. If anyone can help I'll be truly grateful. Sure he's still in the same Lewisham, Hammersmith, Hounslow area.

Contact: Wngela
1 Linford end

Hi I'm looking for a few friends....
One is a group that play in Malta called the Country Brothers. I'd so love to see how they are doing they will know me when I say that we brought them over to Ireland to play for my mum's birthday couple of years ago. The next is Mario Haha don't know what his last name is but he knows me from when he came to stay in iIeland some time ago. So if you're out there, please leave me an email.

Contact: Angela

Benjamin (11-17-87)and Rebecca (10-24-88)
I am looking for my brother and sister adopted from Michigan 8-26-93. Places in foster care when they were about 2-3 years old.

Contact: Chanda
6986 Windsor dr

Looking for my adopted sister.
Her name at birth was Taylor Frances Campbell. She is between 25-29. She doesn't know, but her birth parents are my mom and dad, also she has a little sister named Jasmine. I really want to find you Taylor.

Contact: Preston
Nickname: Taylor
1002 Elk Street

I would like to meet my biological father.
According to my birth certificate his name is Jim Hoke Smith (Jimmy). I was told that he was born between December 8-12th of 1946 and his birth place was in Georgia. I was born at Lodi Memorial Hospital, Lodi, June of 1970. My given birth name is Paul James Smith (I now go by Clark) My mother's maiden name was Amma Lee Gilliland (she also now goes by Clark) I am curious to know my birth father and any siblings I may have. I would like Jim to know that he has a grandaughter who is 16 years old and I would really like for him to meet my her. I also want him to meet my wife as well as myself. If anyone has any information please contact me via e-mail at the following address: I am also on Facebook as well as MySpace. Thank You Very Much!

Contact: Paul
170 Koontz Lane Space #16
Carson City

Looking for my father Mark Robert Davenport from UK last saw him 15 years ago in South Africa.

Contact: Tazmin
South Africa

Looking for Mark Caldwell who was a foster child in my parents home in Toronto, Ontario and was adopted in 1966 or 1967 at the age of 3 1/2 to 4.

Contact: Deb
50 Inglewood Pt SE

I'm looking for a child born to Joan Jeanette Roberts in Illinois between 1957-1962.

Contact: Jan

Trying to find my adopted half sister
as my mother is deceased and I just found out that I have a half sister.
What information I have - Mother's Name-Margaret Diane Daley City, State-San Jose, California Daughter born 09/13/1963- my mom wrote her name down as Patricia.

Contact: Monica
221 Covington Ave. Apt 195
Thomasville, GA

Looking for Paul Davies and his brother John.
I am Paul's daughter last known to be living in Birmingham in the 80's. They may not know I exist. Paul went out with a young girl called Tina please get in touch if you know them via email. Thanks

Contact: Madeline

Hoping to find Theresa Cruz I'm sure your name has been changed as you were adopted as a toddler. Your birthday is December 05, 1972. You were born in Staten Island, NY and put up for adotion. I'm your full brother.

Contact: Michael
Queens, New York

I am looking for my sister.
Her name was Brooke Hoffman bor April 17th 1988. She was adopted and I think they changed her name. Rebeccan Grace Hoffman was her birth mother and she was born in PA. any info would be helpful.

Contact: Meghaan Hoffman

I am 40 years of age and trying to trace my half sister who was born in Hexham Hospital, Northumberland on 23/2/66.22 She was named Elizabeth and went to live with a family in Durham. I have no other information. I have an illness currently and would like to make contact.

Contact: Kristina

Hi, I am looking for my brother and sister who are called Emma and Ben Barckley. I believe they live in Scotland with their adopted mother Pat, because if I recall the father died he would of been called Donlad so please can help me. My dob is 8/1/79, Emma will be 29 and Ben would be 26 I think.

Contact: Rebecca
Nicknames: Becca
43 Horsebridge Avenue Badsey Evesham

Looking for Stephen McGuire and/or Tania McGuire, children of Richard McGuire's second wife in the UK. Both likely born after 1970. My husband and his sister have the same names, born respectively in 1967 & 1969. They're the children of his first wife, now in Canada.

Contact: Marie

Trying to find Rae Whiting aged 91years.
Born in Devon now believed to be living in Coventry. Looking for my long lost father who went for a bottle of milk approx 60 years ago and never returned.

Contact: Wendy
16 Windsor Drive
District: Catchgate
Town/City: Stanley

My name is Logan Anderson.
Mother's is Michelle Anderson her maiden is Kannenberg.
My father's is Blake Anderson. I'm looking for my sister given up at birth. She'd be in her 20's now, born in South Carolina, Mrytle Beach I believe.

Contact: Logan
120 Erma Ct
Creve Coeur

Looking for my uncle ~ Anthony Corrigan, brother of Rick Corrigan. Children of Doreen and Frank Corrigan. My uncle married a lady named Sandra and they adopted a little boy. They grew up in London, I have been told he moved to Greece to live but im not sure. Thanks.

Contact: Sarah Corrigan

Looking for Pamela Nixon from Ayr Scotland, last heard of in Bathurst, NSW Austraila, please call Brian Mc William.

Contact: Brian
Nickname: Budgie
402/598 Fennell AVe East Town/City: Hamilton Ontario

I am looking for my brother!
He was adopted between 1980 - 1984. Born at Allegheny Valley Hospital in Natrona Heights. He was adopted by a nurse that worked there.

Contact: Nicole