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Looking for my nephew, James Edward Halliday , formerly from Halifax, moved to France. Is 13. Mum, Gina. Sister, Antonia.

Contact: Graham

Looking for Pamela Anne Adams/Orsborn d.o.b.1937/38.
Father's name was John and came from East Sheen, Richmond, Surrey married a Ronald Orsborn but parted. May of gone to USA. Ron has now passed away would like to know any family member or any news how little. It may be children have been trying to find her for a long while. Can anyone help..are you part of her family ...thanks?

Contact: Jacqueline
26 The Grove

Trying to get in touch with Lynnette Perkins from La Salle IL.
We used to keep in touch by phone and letter then I moved house and lost her address. I would also like to know if anybody knows the whereabouts of Robert Wasilewski from Clearwater, Florida he used to write to my daughter Christie.
Contact: Nancy

I'm trying to find Dianna Moua from Wausau,Wisconsin who was about 16/17yrs old when we met. I came over from England to meet you and your friend Mai-See Xiong and was there for two weeks in July 1999. We wrote for a while and emailed after I left but we just lost touch and I would like to see how you are doing and catch up.

Contact: Steven

I am looking for Ashley Dawn Demetrios or she may have gone back to her maiden name Waalkes, or her ex-husband David Terry Demetrios. We were stationed together in Beaufort, South Carolina, and have lost contact, they have a daughter that was born late September 2002, her name is Lilly. Ashley may be in California and David may be in Texas, would love to get back in contact with them, miss both of them.
Email is the best way to contact!

Contact: Kelli
Nickname: Lucy
Grand Rapids

I am trying to trace my aunt who was last heard of in 1987 and was residing in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Her name is Ann Winifred Amber, her current age is about 77 years and her family are desperate to know what has happened to her.
Contact: Diane
Nickname: Bossy
1468 Moawhango Valley Road
New Zealand

I would like to know what happened to my Godmother, Violet Singleton and her husband Donald and her four children. Her two eldest were Ian and Karen, I think. She and my late mother were good friends during the War but they later lost touch. Last known to be living in Horley, Surrey.

Contact: Janet

Hi Susan and Rossanne ex of Clayton rd.
I really want to know if you are OK and you are happier. Sorry about things, I cared too much but still think of you. Dave x

Contact: Dave
25 Manor road

I am looking for Luis Ibanez who used to be a Maytag representative in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.
Luis if you see this message, please respond. I am in phone book still in the town where you used to call on me and my store. It would be great to be able to be able to talk to you after all these years.

Contact:Tommy Hunter

Would like to contact my brother, Raymond Veric Vamplew.
Last heard living in Liecester 35 years ago, through the web.
Contact: Nancy
Nickname: Nina
38 Viking Way
Corbynn 189dx

Looking for Des Greaves Born about 1944.
Dated Joyce Cox (Foxton/Mack) in early 1968 in Norfolk England. Was told you were dead in work accident but I do not believe you are. I am your daughter and I would like to meet you please.

Contact: Susan
San Gabriel Ranch Road
Liberty Hill

I am looking for Kimberly Smith who went to Houghton Kepier School in the 90s.
Please write to me if you know her.

Contact: Jonathan
Nickname: JC
Angwa City

I need help locating Mary V. Palaganas
Originally from The Philippines. Last working in Hong Kong in 2004 as a midwife. I lost all info that I had parents name numbers addresses upon entering into the hospital several times. And again in Feb 2006 for a triple bypass and then again this past Feb. for a stent. If anyone knows her and can get let her know that I have been searching the web for her to please get in touch with me through my email. I would really appreciate it. If I do fail to respond immediately it may mean I'm back in the hospital. I really need to find and talk to her again. Cause I've never stopped thinking of her or the plans we had made to be together.

Contact: William
Nickname: Will
507 Maple Ave
Los Angeles Ca

Looking for Carol alison (neé Green) married name unknown.
Born 1948-1950, worked at Barrack Street Co-op Colchester, Essex 1964. Living at The Haven Gt. Horkesley 1965. Daughter Caroline seeking info .

Contact: Liz
7 Weld Street
New Zealand

I am searching for "Vicky Peters" my best friend from Landing Iowa, from 1st grade up until we were in our early 20's. I lost touch with her after I moved to Texas. Now I've been in San Diego since 1987. Miss her & think about her often.

Contact: Jeanine
13326 Willow Road
San Diego

I'm looking for my dad Mark Nicholas Tate last known in Hackney E8. He is a trucker, he is 6ft 5in speaks with an New Zealand accent. DOB 7th 2nd 1961 ni no ny163262c

Contact: Matthew Nicholas Tate
37 Walbrae

Trying to locate James Charles Allen Robertson worked at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas as an r.n. from Scotland.

Contact: Gloria

I would like to contact Patti Wright, last seen in Plymouth, England, 1967.

Contact: Mac
23 Hele's Terrace
England email:

Looking for Martin A. Phillips who was an Anglican priest in the Sufflok area in the 1980's.

Contact: Sandra A. Friend
6 Sarratt Road
email: }{Mail To}}{{{{}}

Sarah Elizabeth Warner.
You were the love of my life. Sorry I broke your heart, I broke mine too.

Contact: Michelle

Searching for James, born on 21 Sept 1966 at Sefton Hospital, Liverpool UK.

Contact: Andrew
email: Adopted in Spring 1967.

Clarification of events following death of relative in Walton NY.

Contact: George
Nickname: Tony
904 Seastrand
24th West Vancouver
email: gemgee@?

Hi anyone could you please help me ,my mother passed 22 years
ago at a young age she was adopted,and her adoptive parents are now deceased can i now trace my mothers real birth mother,any hints or leads would put my mums soul to rest as this was what she was trying to do before she died thanx.

Contact: Heidi
Nickname: Boo
49 Dewe Road
East Sussex

My name is Gerald Poole I am looking for an old school friend we were at the Bisley Boys School together it came under the Shaftesbury Homes and Arethusa Training Ship. He went to HMS Ganges in about 1947 0r 1948 if any one knows of his whereabouts please contact me.

Contact: Gerald
Nickname: Gerry
3 Carmine Court
Howe Road

Looking for relatives of Carey family in Suffolk, UK.
Also relatives of ours in Australia (South?) my parents are Geoff Carey, Joan Carey South Aus 1973-77. Also relatives of Percy Walter Carey, Welyn Garden City, UK. Thankyou.
Contact: Lee
Norfolk, UK

Hi, I am looking for my biological father, I believe his name is Stanley Peirson (not sure of spelling).
Around the age of 76, served at Brompton Barracks in Chatham Kent.
Any information would be gratefully appreciated.
Thank you

Searching for Michelle Herod or may be known as Watson.
Born 12th October 1971. I found the certificate in my mothers paperwork, may have been adopted, therfore could be my biological sister. Mother was Ann Herod neé Watson. Please contact me with any information I would love to meet her.

Contact: Lisa McColl
20 Redwoods

I am searching for my biological father.
My mother was Joan Elizabeth Ensor from Fairfax,VA. She was a sophomore at University of Richmond-Westhampton College when she became pregnant. I was born in November 1965; conceived sometime in January 1965 (during her winter break from school?) Her steady boyfriend at the time has tested negative for paternity and my mother passed away before I could get any answers. If you knew my mother back then or have any suggestions or theories, please contact me. I need medical history of father.

Contact: Courtney
7625 Trail Run Road
Falls Church

I am looking for Jacqueline Julnes(maiden name) born in October 1961.
Has mother and sister Corinne. Had US passports. Last seen Aug 1975 in Blakeney,Norfolk. Last address 64B Earlham Road, Norwich. Mother ran Bed and Breakfast. Please contact me. I would love to see you all wherever you maybe. Best wishes. Here's hoping!!

Contact: Anthony

Roy please phone me as I have been looking for you a long time.
Love Dad - Looking for Roy Douglas Ripper Contact: Robin

Liz Siorpaes, lived Liverpool 1988 ish, joined RAF ATC to obtain PPL, father ran garage ?? Would like to re-establish contact.

Contact: Douglas 0akley

Male born January 3rd ,1947 at Cheltenham, England.
Moved to Canada immediately after adoption. Searching for birth family.

Contact: Richard
20140 41A Ave
Langley, BC ZIP/Post: Code:
Canada TEL: Number: FAX: Number:

I am looking for Melanie Poole or Pool (maiden name) !
She was my friend when we were children. She lived in Kaiserslautern/Germany but very often she was visiting her grandma in Bremerhaven/Germany where I lived. Later she went to North Carolina/USA with her parents, because her father was in the US-army. Now she must be about 50 years old. Please contact me.

Contact: Christian

Looking for my birth father Clive Marriott, last known to be in the Chelsea /Fulham area London, in the early 1950's thought to have lived in Rhodesia with his parents until he and his brother who may have been named Melvin left to come to the UK all info welcomed.

Contact: Cherie

If you see this Alda, please contact me.
I have been trying to find you for some time now.

Contact: Arlene
2 Ruede La Corne de Cerf
Saint Malo

I'm looking for my first cousin she was born in London in 1939.
She was adopted and sent to Portsmouth. She was living there, her birth name was Brenda Shires.
My aunt gave her up for adoption. If anyone knows her please get in touch with me.
If you are out there, I have been trying to find you for a long time. Thank you.

Contact: Yvonne
24 Glyn Eiddew Llanbradach
Mid Glamorgan
South Wales

Liz Siorpaes, lived Liverpool 1988 ish,
joined RAF ATC to obtain PPL, father ran garage ??
Would like to re-establish contact. (Ex Brookie)

Contact: Douglas

Trying to find Maureen Jones neé Worrall,
last known address Morphett Vale, South Australia.
My sister, Christine Russell neé Beardmore, has been searching for years.
If anyone has any information on her whereabouts, please get in touch.

Contact: Diane
12 Oleander Street

Anyone know the whereabouts of a Martin Phillips who sold a school in Suffolk in the late 1990's?

Contact: Peers Carter
7 Pelham Road

Am trying to find Karyn Bahnmann (Maiden Name)....
must be now aged 62ish Last known address Vancouver British Columbia Canada 1970.

Contact: Ken Seymour

Linda Bucholtz (maiden name).
We lived in Winkler across the tracks from one another. You and Wendy were my best bud. You moved to B.C. (perhaps Veron). We wrote letters until I moved in 1970. I so hope you remember me at the CPR station directly across the tracks. Think of you often and would love for you to call or e-mail. I still love cats and music. You were a wonderful friend and the only one who liked lots of mischievious. Your loved playing Barbie dolls with you. A true friend you were.

Contact: Debbie Luptak
228 - 1010
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ashley Elisabeth Gill,born 26th Oct 1972 at Bolton General Hospital, Bolton Lanc's.
Adopted after Dec 7th 1972,birth parents seek info about her whereabouts,and well being.
Bolton Council dealt with the adoption, papers from Preston Courts drawn up for the adoption.
Birth mother Rosemary Gill [otherwise Ransley] maiden name Hayes.

Contact: Brian
Pailin drive

Stockwell Manor School, London, 1969-72.
I'd like to hear from any of my old pupils, particularly of my own Form, the contemporaries of Billy, Gerard, Patrick, Gregory etc. What became of you all?

Contact: Paul
16 Clarence Road
St. Austell

Looking to locate the well know ladies man Dr Martin A. Phillips,
any help in tracking down his new location would be most appreciated

Contact: Sue Phillips
Woodstock Cottage
76 The Street

I am searching for my daughter born BMH Singapore 1969.
She was taken from the hospital by childrens welfare dept. and fostered. I called her Rosaline, but her name was changed to Leonie so I could not find her before leaving Singapore.
I did try very hard to find her.

Contact: Elaine

I was adopted in 1953 from Catholic Charities in N.J.
Looking for any birth family.
Mom's name Jacqueline Warner, Dad's name John (?)
Mom lives in Florida, adopted name Therese Lee Warner.

Contact: Kathleen A. Bardo(Keenan)
Kathy Bardo
1247 Bermuda Place
El Cajon

Looking for "Hanna Shelowski" ,
the surname may be missspelt. I knew her in 1950s in Beilefeld, Germany, I remember that her address was Lantgraf Weg, Gadderbaum.
Would like to get in touch again. Tom Eagle.

Contact: David
24 Darrington Road

My name is Aron Brian Goff but my birth name is Simpson.
I was born in Middelsbrough and I have found your message on this web site. I am looking for my birth mum,Lorna Rosita Simpson and I am eager to make contact...

Contact: Aron
29 Lannoweth Road