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I am searching for any information on a Robert Cook (may have been Cooke or Crook etc) who lived or worked in the Stockport / Reddish area in the mid or early 1960's could you help ? Please email me.

Contact: Gary Veevers
93 Raglan rd
Burnley BB11 4LB

I'm looking for my cousin Bennet Gutteridge probably known as Ben. He moved to Canada with his dad Tony to live with his dad and his dad's sister it was about 15-16 yrs ago. I have very important news for him and miss him dearly as i used to spend my summer hols looking after you with your mum Anne (my aunty) and I loved you to bits please if anyone knows him get in touch or if you see this. Bennet please contact me you have a very large family in England that miss you xx.

Contact: Emily Bourne
Nickname: Em
TEL Number: 07772102597

I am looking for some old friends from childhood . I haven't heard from them since they moved away. We used to be close friends in Indian Heights in Kokomo, IN. Their names are Scott Cothem, Jeremy Taylor, Lori Carpenter, Robert Youngman, and Letricia Irwin. Please help.

Contact: Tina Morgan

Looking for Josephina Pugliese (or Puglisi?)
Nickname probably is "Josie". She is in her very early 40's. Amazing big brown eyes. Born in Venezuela, lived in Montréal (Canada), then in Vancouver, then maybe in Europe around 2002. Married name is Santiago, possibly divorced. One daughter (possibly still in her teens). Brothers: Mario, about 39 (possibly in Toronto, Canada) and Elton, about 35. Sister: Lucille, probably still in her twenties. I'm a friend to whom she left her email address (via my mother), but I lost it. Thank you!

Contact: Claire-Hélène Cloutier

Rodney Paradis... Indian Orchard Ma.
I am so sorry for things said.
Please email anytime. I miss our friendship .

Contact: Pat

Anyone seen Heather Rowlett from Holbeach lincs area?

Contact: Phil

Looking for descendants of Edwin Charles Stratton (1915-1988) and Hannah Mary I Griffiths (1921-1999) who were married in Swansea Wales in 1943.

Contact: Peter

Contact: Judi (formerly Kara) Grossman
Maiden Name: Mackenzie
Middle Names: Louise Farida
Other Contact Name: Judi Grossman
Oak Lodge,
20 Braunston Close
Sutton Coldfield
Birmingham B76 2SA
TEL Number: 091213133328 Hello Margaret (Mary Mackenzie) - still seeking you after all these years. You worked at Shaftesbury Hotel, Monmouth St, London, WC2 in the 50s and concealed my birth from your employers and fostered me to the Martins, SW6. Please contact me you have a family waiting to welcome you. My dob 19.2.51 St Mary Abbots Hospital, Kensington. 1957ish you disappeared from electoral records. Someone please please make contact.

I am looking for my father Albert William Clarke, originally of Halesowen Street Birmingham, or anyone who may know of his whereabouts, if he is still alive, or who may have known him if he has passed on. He was married to Bertha May (nee Green now deseased)

Contact: Janise Elizabeth O'Callaghan
Maiden Name: Clarke
38 St Michael's Road
Worthing BN11 4RZ
TEL Number: 01903 238044

I was given up for adoption, Lytham St Annes UK in 1959, my birth mother had a surname High. I wish to see if i have blood relatives anywhere.

Contact: Ida (Baby) High
Other Contact Name: Filmer

I am looking for my birth father Patrick whom I believe worked in tax in Lanarkshire in the 1960's. My birth mother was a Jean Devlin I'd love to have any information about him or his family even if he doesn't want to meet

Contact: Pauline Marie Glass
Maiden Name: Devlin/Bohler
67 High Street
Inverness IV2 7QF

Peter Robinson, Melton Mowbray, Leics, England.. wife Susan Robinson.. father Willie Robinson.. would love to hear from you. I'm your Aunt Valda's daughter (Sally)

Contact: Sally
Nickname: Sissy
140 Dunn Road

I am trying to find two brothers Roy kenneth Hall born 9th April 1944 and Raymond John born 2nd October 1946 my name was Sheila Hall born 4th july 1945. Mother's name Lily May Hall father's Thomas Alfred hall we lived at 147 New Town Row, Birmingham. Please if you know them could you tell them i have been looking for them for years thank you

Contact: Jill
5 Thompson Track
New Zealand

Born Nicole Earle, 26/02/1966, London, would love contact.

Contact: Kate
7 Overdale Road

Can anyone help?! Someone in America is looking for their mother Mary McCann.
Married, 1944, Ireland, mother went to Scotland 1946. You were born July 1954, an adopted girl,your birth name starts with an (A). Please contact me, I can help,or anyone who know's who I am describing . Let her know I've been looking for her.

Contact: Mary

I'm looking for my dad, Harry B Wilson, born 1944 in Glasgow was in RAF 1962-67 St Mawgan. His parents William and Jean Wilson. William also in RAF in Newton or Linton had sister called Jean, haven't seen him since I was one you reading this.

Contact: Richard Wilson

Searching for an old friend Jess Wright about 27 years old. Last I heard she was polo grooming in England. She was with me for the cattle brand and I need her at my wedding. Any info appreciated. Sister named Rachel & Milly, nephew named Dan.

Contact: Tamara
Hall Premier Store
Victoria Street
Canberra ACT

I'd like to hear from my fellow officers who served on Hill # 55, near Da Nang, Vietnam in 1971. Semper Fi,

Contact: Robert W. Zerby
U.S. Dept of State ( retired )
740 Park Ave
NY, NY, 10021

I am looking for my half brother, Robert. Son of Maureen and Nikita Poplawski(name changed to Mitchell Donner). I would love to make contact and tell him about our father.

Contact: Julie Rets
Maiden Name: Donner
27 Thornbill Meander
Western Australia

Looking for my husband's children from his first marriage. Their names are Russel, James, Tracey and Deborah. They lived near Amesbury. Dad's name Brian (Butch) mother's name Sue need to get in touch before its too late.

Contact: Anne

Deborah Marie Cann (birth name).
Born: August 11,1961 (Lynn,MA ? ). Last seen 1970 in Lynn,MA.
Adopted: through Boston Catholic & Family Services?
Father: Ralph M. Cann (deceased),
Mother : Ann Marie
My mother (Millie) married our father when you were about 3 years old , she cared for you from 10 months until you were 9 years old ,which is when they divorced , she fought for custody for you in court because she loved you as her own .Unfortunately did not win that battle. I have so much to tell you and have pictures I would love to show you . I am your sister , (I don't believe there is half , but whole!) there are other family members who love & miss you also. It's been over 30 years too long and have much to tell you ! Please contact me, please.... Love Andrea.

Contact: Andrea
email: --

Trying to find my sister, Jacqueline Robertson, who left Glasgow, Scotland several years ago. Last known to be in Jacksonville, Florida. Two children Scott and Megan. If anyone knows where she is please contact me.

Contact: George
7 Llys Dyfrig
North Wales


42 years old, an network engineer.

Contact: Muntasir
Nickname: Monti
15 Sulimania
Saudi Arabia

I am trying to contact my nephew Mr Tolulope Akintayo Abiala-Babatunde , born 20 May 1979, came to Nigeria from Sweden in 1994 and went back 1n 1998. Since then I have lost contact.

Contact: Oluremi

Looking for Clarence Mills, a great friend whom I served in the TA's with back in 1944 in Germany. Last known in the Bury area of UK, maybe Redditch. Have tried all avenues but can't find him, if anyone knows his whereabouts I would be grateful. Just want to catch up with old pal now in our 70's.

Contact: Mervyn
The New Bungalow
Abenbury Road

Steven Cliff!
It's May 2007 and I've got a son I want you to meet.

Everything's changed here in England.


Contact: Shirley
27653 HWY 6&24

I am looking for my uncle, who was adopted at birth in 1943. He was born in Watford at Kings Street Maternity Home and his name at birth was David Flint. If you have any information on David, please contact me.

Contact: Jane
Cheddington Road
Leighton Buzzard
United Kingdom

David Flint - (1943) Adopted at birth...
I am looking for my uncle, who was adopted at birth in 1943. He was born in Watford at Kings Street Maternity Home and his name at birth was David Flint. If you have any information on David, please contact me.

Contact: Jane
7 Cheddington Road
Leighton Buzzard
United Kingdom

My name is Joan Grant trying to find my sister Millicent Levy.
She was born on the 1.2.50 last know address was 46 Vestry Road, London England. Her birth mother Thelma Leamy has not seen or heard from her for 45 years. I myself have never met her. Please someone try and help us.
Joan Grant,
Kingston Jamaica

Contact: Joan
Nickname: Pat
15 Carpenters Road
Kingston 10
St Andrew
Jamaica West Indies

I'm looking for an old English friend, Matthew Smith.
He had me round to his place in London when he was living with his Iranian girlfriend called Maryam.This must have been in 1972.Over the years, I've met him three or four times since then.If I remember correctly, Matthew used to be a government employee and was into photography.I also met an ex-girlfriend of his who comes from Germany and works as a Milliner. Matthew must be well into his fifties now.Last time I saw him was when he came to visit me in France about 15 years ago.I'm sorry to say I've lost all contacts with him since then.If anyone knows him I'd very much appreciate any info concerning him.


I am looking for my old friends Marilena and Christos Economidis.
Last time I saw them was 35 years ago when I stayed a few days at their parents' house in Athens in July or August 1972.If my memory is correct, Christos and Marilena's father used to work for the Greek Television. Christos and I met in England. He used to do his university studies in London and I taught French in an English high school while completing my English degree. Christos must be well into his fifties now. I was fortunate enough to find Christos's phone-number and talk to him on the phone five or six years ago when he used to live in Nikotsara Street in Athens, but in the meantime he moved to another place and I have totally lost track of him since then. If anyone knows my friends and can provide me some contact info, I would certainly be grateful.


I'm looking for an old Lebanese friend, Kamal Haddad.
We met in Paris about 35 years ago. Kamal is rather tall (5.75 feet/5.90) and should be well into his 60's now. He was a basketball player and, if my memory is correct, he used to be in the Lebanese basketball team of the time. Kamal left his country in the early 70's and lived with a French girlfriend of his in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, not far from the Champs-Elysées. I often met Kamal and his Lebanese friends in some cafés of the Champs-Elysées. If anyone recognizes Kamal from this rather short description I'd very much appreciate any info concerning him.


I'm looking for Joy Mitchell , an old friend and colleague from Leeds.
We used to work as tour-leaders for the American Institute for foreign study in the 70's and part of the 80's, during Easter and the summer vacations. We travelled in various countries of Western Europe. Joy must be well into her sixties now. She speaks French and Italian fluently and may still be teaching foreign languages. She lived in Italy for a while about 30 years ago. I met her two or three times in Milan and that was last time I saw her.If anyone can provide me some info concerning her I'd certainly be grateful.


Hi looking for old mates Brian Biles, Mervyn Padwick,Ray Walbridge, Jim Burt. All lived at Thornhill, Southampton, when I left for New Zealand in 1955. If you know them could you please give them my email address. Thank you, regards, Brian.

Contact: Brian
16 goodwin avenue
New Zealand

I am looking for a dear friend Sharon Whartom.
She has a daughter named Akena. they live(d) in Trinidad. If any one knows about them please do contact me or send me an email. Thank you and God bless.

Contact: Ashur
Kaya John Menge 11
Toni Koenchi

Looking for family of... Jackie Floyd
(Boxer NY)

LaGrone family (New Orleans) great grandmother died in nursing home that was flooded by Hurricane Katrina. Mark Ives deceased never been able to get birth cert--was born in NYNY in foundling hospital might have been a twin,sister Jackie Mills in VA. Patricia Anne LaGrone (maiden name) deceased 30 years. I have daughter named Marlee Lake and I would love to be able to get more info on her extended family.

Contact: LeeAnn Lake
Nickname: LeeLee
1127 Garden Grove Rd
Joplin Missouri

In my family I have Orsborn... but need to find my mother whose name was Pamela Anne Adams born 1938...her father's name was John lived in East Sheen area, Richmond, England.My mother may have remarried so I'm finding it very hard to trace any family. Please does any one know my mother or family to or anything father's name was Rhonld Orsborn he has passed away now my sisters are Lesley and Rhonda,I'm the youngest Jacqueline was given to a family who brought me up their name was Leader and I lived in Teddington,Middlesex 1957 onwards. I really need to find any one who knew or family to Pamela Anne Adams we have been looking forever ........she may off gone to U.S.A. no idea she may of been one of the english ladies who went over in the 50s-60s how do you find out? Anyone knows what to do here thanks x Contact: Jacqueline Leader
26 The Grove
West Yorkshire

I'm looking for....
Brian Biles, Merv Padwick, Jim Burt, Ray Walbridge, Jean Kennedy, Barbara Rogers, Denny Taylor, Pam Clayton. Ladies, all maiden names of course.
All from Thornhill or were in 1955.

Contact: Brian
16 Goodwin Ave
Springfield r
New Zealand email:

I am trying to make contact with my nephew Daniel Kuypers, born in 1971 in Liverpool.

Contact: Sue

Looking for Charles Gilmore.
He came from Michigan and served with U.S. Army in Pleiku, Vietnam, 65/66 and Munich, Germany, 66/67.
Contact: Andrew

Trying to contact Craig Whyteman or Derek Whyteman.
Craig was working as joiner in Edinburgh 3 years ago, living there too.
Derek, if you managed to contact him can you let me know please? Thanks.

Contact: Ann
45 Fod Street

Hi I'm hoping to make contact with Myra KIRBY nee Cull. She lived at Thornhill and went to the same sec. school as me [Hedge End Sec. mod] at Hedge End. I used to live in Thornhill Ave until I left for New Zealand in 1955. Please tell her about this please as she may be able to let me know where some of my mates are. Many thanks, Brian.

Contact: 'Brian
16 Goodwin Ave

Hi, I am looking for more than 20 years a friend named Sharon Whartom and her daughter Akena from Trinidad and Tobago.
Please call me.

Contact: ASHUR
Kaya John Menge 11
Toni Koenchi
Curacao email:

Seeking info on Charles Gilmore from Michigan.
He was in Pleiku, 65/66 and Munich, Germany 66/67. Remember him being a barber by trade.

Contact: Anthony

Trying to find Ruth and daughter Louise last known living in Looe Cornwall. You sought out and found mum Kathleen Margaret in the early 1990's in Wandsworth. I have photograph of you with Henry John, my new found brother, you have another brother and sister.

Contact: Dorothy
233 Lyndhurst Avenue

Jim Fertig, I know you're still in Kennewick but not sure if you're married or not. Haven't seen you in years but still think of you often. Would love to hear from you; hope you're ok and life's been good. We used to talk a lot...

Contact: Kathy

Gloucester, early 1940s.
Seeking a gentleman (name unknown) who came from Port Talbot, worked at a building firm in Gloucester, and joined the Fleet Air Arm. I have found you in my family and would like any sort of contact with, or about, you.


Myra Cull or Myra Kirby her married name.
Brian Trew would like to make contact with you. There must be lots of things to catch up on ,re Thornhill and Hedge End school. I look forward to hearing from you, I note that you have just upgraded on Friends Reunited.

Contact: Brian
16 Goodwin ave
New Zealand