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Last year in October (2003) I went on holiday in Turkey (Bodrum) and stayed at the Marinaclass apartment and became very good friends with the manager by the name of Tolga Yarbasa. We have kept in contact nearly everyday,but just lost contact with him.He has been very ill last few years and desperate to know if he's ok.

Contact: Jacky Dennise Spinks
Maiden Name: Ost
26 Munnings Way
Manningtree CO11 2LQ
TEL Number: 01206393589

Trying to find my brother Mark Wood, last known address was Barne close in Plymouth.He used to work for AA taxis and also Plymouth city bus. He was married to Nicky, if anyone knows of his whereabouts then please let me know. Many thanks.

Contact: Leslie Russell Wood
Nicknames: Les

Seeking contact with Margaret McHugh born 1943. Mother to Robert Malcolm Adopted name Aris. Second adopted 2nd son. Robert wishes to make contact.

Contact: Irene Frances Threadgold
Maiden Name: Aris
98 St Johns Road
BA21 5NQ
England, UK
TEL Number: 01935 414060

I`m looking for a MR J Simpson who lives in Atlanta Georgia. If you are a friend or member of his family please contact me. Your`s gratefuly Lud.

Contact: Lud

Searching for my cousins Jeffrey & Timothy Pendleton (may have been adopted by stepfather and have different last name). Known to have lived in Maryland in late 60's to early 70's. Would love to meet my cousins!

Contact: Darlene
Maiden Name: Walls
Other Contact Name: Darlene Lowe
17410 Hedgewick Way
Louisville KY 40245
TEL Number: (502) 243-3793

I am trying to locate Emad Saleh, who resides in Germany, close to Ramstein Air Base and was married to Candi .

Contact: Marti Louise Rojas
Maiden Name: Merritt
TEL Number: 5618189119

Having passed 50 and now the owner of a successful advertising agency I realise I have lost touch with school friends and work contacts from my 20 years in London. Age is a strange animal - when young you look forward when older you look back. Time now to try and re-establish old contacts.

Contact: Paul Drakes
Middle Names: William Foster
CHC Choir Ltd
34 Stoney Street
The Lace Market
England, UK
TEL Number: 0115 950 7800
FAX Number: 0115 950 7333

Lee Jason Webster 04/03/1971 - now Lee Fitzwater. I have left messages anywhere I can in the hope you will one day contact. You are my half brother, dad has always hoped you will look for him, he regret your adoption everyday. Please please contact us.

Contact: Kerry Webster
15 Viscount Road
Middx TW19 7RD
TEL Number: 07931810256
FAX Number: 01784884293

Looking for my sister Sarah and dad Gerald Gouldsbrough.Please get in touch,I would love to hear from you. I am living in South London. Are you still living in Devon. Sarah saw your message today and try to get in contact but my message keep returning. Hope you see this message and get in touch.Would like to hear from you. This is my partner's address. Love Steve

Contact: Steve Paul Gouldsbrough

Looking for Leslie Sandford Wright born 19 June 1906 at Egerton Street in Liscard Birkenhead. Please would love to contact any relations of this person as you are connected to my family Hope to hear from you soon

Contact: Louisa

I looking to find out information about my mother and who my father may be.... My mother's name is Sandra Dorothy Crant.....My mother got pregnant while living in Harbour Breton, NF, Canada a very small town! So if you know her or are from Harbour Breton and know someone that I can talk to please email me....Thank You!

Contact: Crystal Marie Crant
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I'm trying to find my cousin Gemma Rowlett, surname may have changed. Mum's name is Diane, dad Paul lived around Holbeach or Wisbech Cambs UK. I think around the age of 20-21 have not seen since we were about 3yrs. Please help if you know of her. Thanks, Laura.

Contact: Laura Anne McNally
Maiden Name: Denniss

Looking for my adopted half sister.
Birthname: Sharon Smith Birthdate: 13/3/1958 Born: Newport Gwent, South Wales Birthmother: Claire Smith. Adopted name not known. Please get in touch.

Contact: Marlene North
Maiden Name: Smith
10 Morris Street
Gwent NP19 ODR
TEL Number: 01633 / 263855

Jim Lawrence where are you ?? Please get into touch I'm worried and so is your family the kids are asking after you. It's been to long mate, please contact someone just to let us all know you are safe and well. Please leave a message on here by sending an email to the address. Cheers for now Keith. Contact: Keith Welch

Trying to find our adopted sister, she was born on the 17th June 1946 in Fairwood Hospital Swansea. Father was Albert Stanley Biggs, Mother was Thelmas Catherine Biggs, desperately trying to seek her. Can anyone help?! Please.

Contact: Pauline Williams
Maiden Name: Biggs
3 West Mead
Ruislip HA4 0TW
TEL Number: 0208 732 9106

Desperately seeking my sister Amy Sue Arnold/Pearson seen your message on net no contact address or number please Amy get in touch as soon as possible longing to here from you. love louise x

Contact: Louise Rose Arnold
13 Silchester Road
North Kensington
London W10 6SF
England, UK
TEL Number: 02089690045

Looking for Amy Sue.

Contact: Grace Kelly Arnold
England, UK

Searching for Colin Joyner.
Father was a policeman and he lived in Hampstead area of London, 1964. Played drums and 12 string guitar. Does anyone know how or where I can find Colin? Any information please!!

Contact: Heidi Victoria Louise Calverley
Maiden Name: Gleave
Apt de Correo 261
Malaga 29500
Spain TEL Number: 699 883757

Trying to contact school friends.
Janice Patterson, Janice Gower/Goldsmith. Went to Clare Park School. West Malling, Kent, England.

Contact: Sandra Elizabeth Crosswhite
Maiden Name: Broad
Nickname: Sandy
10530 Three Rivers Rd
Gulfport MS 39503
TEL Number: 228-832-5528

I am trying to trace Hennie and Dieuwke Gers from Auckland, New Zealand.
Lost touch with them and would like to re-establish contact.

Contact: Elza Buys
South Africa

I would like to locate Joanna Clarke. Her father is Jamaican and her mother is British. To the best of my knowledge she is residing somewhere in South London. I would be everlastingly greatful to hear from her.

Contact: Junor Francis
P.O.B. 257
Pomon 91769

Seeking Bill Hinkley.
Was in the U.S.A. army in Frankfurt AM Main in the year 1977-1978, anyone can remember him? Will he see this message? Is he out there somewhere? Sachsenhausen? Discos etc? Jill? Well, any information is required. Please. Thanx from Jill.

Contact: Gillian Anthea Brown
Maiden Name: clark
Nickname: Jill
Other Contact Name: Jill Brown
Flat 1 Yorkies Cafe
33, High Street
Isle of Wight
England, UK
TEL Number: 07968138179

I really miss you Simon, I hope you remember me? From Gran Canaria? You made love to me? Please contact me.

Contact: Chelsea Richard Simon
Maiden Name: Arnold
Nickname: Sexy Simon
Stowmarket IP14 5RF
TEL Number: 01449 766563

Lost Sibling
Trying to locate Sandra Jane Brooker D.O.B 22.July'63. Last known to be living in Heston,Middlesex area. If anyone knows her or has any helpful info.please contact me. I've been searching for Sandra for 4years & will continue searching hoping to meet Sandra one day. Thanks in advance & Good luck to all fellow searchers......

Contact: Marie

Looking for Birth Father William Jule Tollisen. I have found that he lives in Florida, but i cant seem to pin him down. My grandmothers name is Marylyn Tollisen althoguh i have spoken to her and she claims she doesnt know where is is. Anyone with any info please email or mail me. I want to know if i have any sister or brothers out there. god bless Contact: Angela Krisan Tollisen
Maiden Name: Graves
Other Contact Name: Krisan Graves
134 tuwell rd

>I'm looking for any children of Stuart Rogers of Abertillery, Gwent,South Wales

Contact: Dee Louise Rogers
TEL Number: 07940266221

Cambridgeshire High School for Girls - pupils who started secondary school in 1970 - Reunion planned for 11 September 2004 - please see for details! Thank you.

I am looking for my biological dad, William Clem Smith. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and had a sister named Irene. He married Annie Mae Crawford. He is around 91 years old now. Time is running out. If you have any idea of his whereabouts, please contact me ASAP. Thank you.

Contact: Carol Ann Gilmore
Maiden Name: Porter
7931 Oak Run Circle
Lakeland, Florida
TEL Number: 863-853-4243

Searching for any info regarding Earl R Barg, born Jan-March 1945, mother's maiden name Taylor. Birth registered for that quarter in N/W Surrey UK. He is one of two missing half-brothers, who until recently was not discovered, until having had conversation with a family member. Believe the letter "R" plays a significant role in both their names. Very possible, that their surname may have been changed, also, that they may no longer reside in the UK. Look forward to any reply & thanks in advance.

Contact: Carol Barg
Medeek Avenue
British Columbia
Terrace V8G1C8
TEL Number: 250 635 2068

I am looking for a male friend named Lance Gregory who was born on April 22,1980 or 1979 and lived in Gerrnsboro, NC. The last time I talked with him I think he was going to the navy. Please contact me asap.

Contact: Lakeya Hargrave
Nickname: Kita
102A London Ct
Lexington 27292

We are making a feel good Xmas show for a UK broadcaster and looking for people who want to be reunited with long lost relatives or old friends. If you would like to take part or have a story to tell please contact me.

Contact: Terri Langan

I am trying to contact Robert Joseph Welsh of Irish decent lived in the Warstock area of Birmingham in the 60s for information that he may want to hear. He has a brother called Alf and three sisters, Kathleen, Elien and Teresa.

Contact: Ray Perkin

Please help me to find my birth family. Some live in Poland and some we believe in either U.S.A. or Austrlia or South America. My birth father's name was Wladyslaw Bedrylo he came from Lwow in Poland to England in about 1939 then after the war went to the U.S.A in 1946. It's also my family I want to find. My children and I would love to know that and to know that my father is a live if so not in any need but I want to know who I look like and who I am like in my ways as I am nothing like the rest of the family of half brothers and sister. I feel as if there is a limb missing and it's the part of me that want to know who I am and my background and to find my birth family would be so nice. Can you or anyone help me. Thank you.

Contact: Maria Bedrylo
Maiden Name: Wooldridge neé Holton
39 John Wright Close
TEL Number: 01159764057

Looking for Brendan Mooney, sister Rita Tierney who had two daughters, Rachel and Marion they lived in Kensington. He also had sisters Carmel, lived in Cornwall and Sadie lived in Bakersfield, California don't know where any of them are now, I am Brendan's daughter I have a brother Tom we were adopted in the Hertfordshire area, mother Margaret(Downey?)

Contact: Jacqui Mooney/Downey/Tierney
Other Contact Name: Jacqui Moss
16a Scott Avenue
Stanstead Abbotts
Herts SG12 8BG

I am trying to contact my son(William Paul Carter)1965. Last seen working at:- The Sandpiper Hotel. 1985.I and all his family miss him very much.If anyone has knowledge of his whereabouts,please.Contact me at the above address.I need to find him urgenly-due to my ill health.I will always love you William.If he does not want to contact me.I hope he has a happy and successful life.I thank you in advance. Phyllis(Mother of William Paul Carter.

Contact: Philomena Rodericks
Maiden Name: Carter
121 Westminster Rd
TEL Number: 01524- 411373

I am looking for my birth family name Bedrylo. My father was in the P.R.A.F in WW2 in England went to the U.S.A in 1946 then mybe on to Australia or South America he was from Poland in Lwow his name is Wladyslaw Bedrylo any one that can help me to find my family in Poland or my father. He was in 301 sqd in 1946 and in 138 and 300 sqd he was a flt sgt or any one knows of my family in Poland and could help me to contact them or my father.

Contact: Maria
Family Name: Bedrylo
Maiden Name: Wooldridge neé Holton
39 John Wright Close
Nottingham NG6 8NB
TEL Number: 01159764057

I'm trying to contact an old work mate. Her name is Sandra Turner (nee Brown), husband's name Dave. Last Known address, 72 Holme Crescent, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England.

Contact: Delma Wotton
Maiden Name: Kelsen Middle Names: June
30 Bedford Street
Eltham 4657
New Zealand
TEL Number: +64+6+764 8679
FAX Number: +64+6+764 8679

Looking for Peter Casey... sister's name Linda. Father's name David, Mother's name Vera Sommers, sister of Betty.

Contact: Sylvia Wade
Family Name: Casey
Maiden Name: Sommers

In search of Emma or Amy who we met while on holiday at Butlins in Minehead back in August of this year.They was on the same caravan park as us to which we had good fun but didn't exchange on addresses with each other. Will you please contact us if you can?

Contact: Steven & Ben Howells
57 Queensway
Coleford GL167JF
TEL Number: 01594810127

Still looking for my cousin's John,Lynn,Kevin Hodgson. Their late father John Hodgson died when they were young their mother's name was Edna (neé Barclay) she had a sister called Joyce who worked in a shoe shop in Hexham parents Annie and Jimmy Barclay lived Hayen Bridge, Corbridge, Hexham, Northumberland area.

Contact: Heather Hodgson

Looking for lost friend I knew in the 70s, her name is Hazel Oakley and she was a schoolteacher in Bermuda. We met and loved one another, and then I hurt her by returning to my wife. I'm widowed now and free to tell her I never forgot her, and never stopped feeling regret for upsetting her life as I did. Would like the chance to make amends if possible.

Contact: Michael Curtis Lanlsey
Nicknames: Mike/Mick
Flat 2 Keose Buildings
Dunfermline KY11 3JD
TEL Number: 01383 873194

Looking for old friend Gwen Enston, moved from Battersea to Australia around 40 years ago. We used to work in Woolworths' office (Clapham Junction)together.

Contact: Joyce Parker

Hi Ann, it's been a long time since I've seen you. I would like to know how you're getting on now. I would also hope we can be friends again nudge nudge.

Contact: David Thomas Ellett
51 Harringay Road
Birmingham B44 0UB
TEL Number: 07961908089

I'm looking for my half sister who was adopted Sarah Louise Christy is the birth name, she was born 1970 in Grimsby. Birth mother's name Lynn Christy. Hope you see this Sarah.

Contact: Kellie Theresa Oswin
1 Constitutional Avenue
North East Lincolnshire DN35 7EH

I am looking for Wendy Jean Parker. She was my landlady and lived at 32 Royal Road, Ramsgate, Kent UK, in the early 1980's. Her DOB is around 1950. Her last known address was "Corner Cottage, Hay Lane, Nailsworth, Glos UK" She also was a good friend, who I have not seen for many years and I would be interested in exchanging news. Thanks for any help! Contact: Vince Coventon

I am looking for my father James A Large. Date of birth 14 September 1945. I last had contact with him in the early 1980's when he was living in Southend-on-Sea with his wife Helen and two sons. I believe he worked for WH Smith at that time. I would just like to know if he is alive and well.

Contact: Nicola Dawn Roche
Maiden Name: Daw
23 Towyn Way
Pontypridd CF38 !NB
South Wales