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I am looking for a family from Sweden named Sven-Olof & Grumme, Ferdinand Kronogard. The last address I have is Karstorpsvagen 31, 23400 Lomma, Sweden.

Contact: Lynn Hicks
email: metalfab@sccoast,net

I am searching for David Dean Svoboda ( last name could be spelled differently ). He is my half-brother and may not know this. His mother's name is Linda and his dad's name is David also. His dad is a missionary

Contact: John Lamar Adams
1604 N. Riverside Dr.
Ft. Worth,
Texas 76111

Hi,I would like to meet my school mates,their names are Azid Durrani and Kafil Mehdi. Last time I saw them was in 1980 at Green Land School, Karachi, Pakistan. Last news I heard from them is they went to America, I would love to meet them. I still remember them and we had a great time,please call me .

Contact: Izhar Syed Hussain
21 Elmfield Avenue
Surrey CR4 2HL

I am planning a school reunion this summer.
We were at MICKLEM JMI in Hemel Hempstead from 1967-1974.It is 25 years since we left.I have tracked down several people already but need more.If you know anybody who grew up in Hemel Hempstead,Herts,England & is 36 this year please let me know.

Contact: Kathryn Michael

I'm looking for Harry Hardy.
He graduated from Deep Creek H.S. in 1982.

Contact: Sherry Klein
Maiden Name: Gaines
305 Willow Ct. # 5
Central 29630

We went to school together at South Kortright...

Contact: Joe email:

Judy Foster where are you?

Contact: Cheryl Cline-Pace
Maiden Name: Shetter
1118 West Pine St
Mississippi 39401
TEL Number: 601-544-2392

Faye or Frankie Burton...
Before marrying my father, Hosea Ed Dye, in 1940, my mother was married to (?)Burton. She had two daughters by Mr. Burton. I am one of her four children by Mr. Dye. We were all born in Mississippi. Our mother's full name was Mary Victoria Edwards Burton Dye. She died in Meridian, Ms in 1947.

Contact: Cheryl Pace
Maiden Name: Shetter
1118 West Pine St
Mississippi 39401
TEL Number: 601-544-2392

Looking for James Wood born Rochdale Lancs, U.K. about l930. Wife Audrey married April 1953 best mate of Peter Osborne's wife Jean.

Contact: Peter Osborne
4 Field Place
Salisbury 5108
South Australia

Desperately seeking my mother Josephine Edna Morton, neé Andrews, DOB 15/09/1927or 28 married William Eric Morton 4th February 1947 in Calcutta,India. Returned to UK (Wolverhampton) I was born 25/02/1948. She returned to India in 1954 I understand that they may have moved to Australia in the 50s, her mother Winnie Andrews married a Charles W Wagner who died 03/06/1998 in Australia.
Please if you can help in any way get in touch,Thank You

Contact: John Albert William Morton
Nicknames: Johnny
10 Park Close
Dollis Hill
London NW2 6RQ
England, U.K.
TEL Number: 44 181 450 8892
FAX Number: 44 181 450 8892
email: je

Looking for Charles McClatchey. not sure of spelling. worked Crisco Oil in 64. prob 54 years old. lived in Michigan in 1964. Please help.

Contact: Anna Marie Garza
Maiden Name: Fonnet
3557 A Andrews Place
Washington DC 20336
TEL Number: 202-562-1082

Tanya Vel - looking for you.
I have been looking for you for a long time. I hope you are OK! Good friends are hard to find I haven't forgotten you, please call me.
If anyone knows Tanya please call.

Contact: Christine Adele Manzione
Maiden Name: DiBenedetto
Nicknames: tina
TEL Number: 718-234-9793
email: cmanzione

I am looking for my mother, Michelle Cynthia Turner neé Jackson. She has a daughter called Nicolette.
Mum would be 69 in March. If anyone knows the where abouts of my mother I would be glad to hear from you.
As far as I know she is some-where in England

Contact: Michelle Adrianne
Family Name: Console
Other Contact Name: Shirley Harris
2/5 Iluka
Sydney 2029
TEL Number: 0293718115

I'm looking for my dad his name is Kenneth Harold Benes.The last place I knew him to live was Calf. His mothers name is Edith Benes He also has a sister her name is Fronnie thay also live in Calf. If anyone can help me find them please email me. My Dad would be 51 now I know he has kid in Calf.
Thank You For taking time to read this my email is

Contact: Kenneth Harold Benes

P.O.Box 434
Tx 76427

I'm trying to locate an old workmate (John Porter) who emigrated to oz in about 1960 & returned to the U.K. in about 1970. He worked in Adelaide for Philips & in Melbourne for Zerox. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to catch up with him when I'm in the U.K. late 1999.

Contact: Ian Sutherland
Nicknames: Charlie
33 Wheaton Rd
South Australia 5038
TEL Number: 618 8293 2892

Looking for children of Archie Couvson born 7/17/13- Died 3/1/60 Stockton, California (Lavina)?

Contact: Katie Couvson

I'm looking for my Grandfather, his name is William David Smith. He was Stationed at Clark Air Force Base in Rosewell, New Mexico. I think the year was in 1949. He was born in New York.
If anybody can help me, please e-mail me with the information. I would really like to meet him.

Contact: Lori Smith Davis
Family Name: David Eugene Smith
Maiden Name: Smith
H.C. 76 Boxv 523
Louisiana 71465
TEL Number: 318-992-5022

Seeking Nathan Hargreaves, long time no see, how you doing. Nat have you an e-mail address by which we could contact each other? Would be great to hear fron you,
love JacquiXXXXx
Contact: Jacqui Stocks

I have written a short book. It is about a young girls' memories of the past and present. From her favorite birthday party to the rape she suffered from her real dad. I am now searching for a publisher. I was told that I may even be able to collect of of each book sold. Please contact me at .
Thank you.

Contact: Annie Marie Istre
Maiden Name: Meaux

Mac, I have been looking for you for a year & 1/2.
Where are you? I know you Ret in June, are you still in Texas?

Contact: Angie
137-1 Winding Way
Minot 58704
TEL Number: 701-727-6288

I am looking for my good friend Miguel....
If you should happen to see this please contact me. Nick name Myg.

Contact: Carrie Timpson
Nicknames: _Carrie_ JT4evr

I am looking, on behalf of the worried Abrams family...
Bob,Jill and sister Emma for their 20yr old daughter Becky. She was known to be in the Eastbourne area..and is very sadly missed and loved by her family and friends. Please do not worry about anything you may have done, just call me Meg and let me know you are OK. You can talk to me in total confidence, and have somewhere safe and private to stay in London.Your family are so scared..just call..they want you to know that they love you.

Contact: Megan Elizabeth Henry
45A Drayton Park
TEL Number: 0171 686 1678

Looking for Lisa Bynum...

Contact: Mary Louise Tester
Maiden Name: Howell

I am searching for my mother...
Her name is Michelle Cynthia Turner neé Barnes neé Jackson which was her maiden name. Mum has a daughter Niocolette who would be in her early 30's.Mums d.o.b is 23.03 1930. I desperatly need to find her and if anyone can help please please contact me. I know that Mum is in England somewhere any clues to her whereabouts would be welcomed.
Thank you
Michelle Console

Contact: Michelle Adrianne Console
2/5 ILUKA St
Sydney n.s.w 2029
TEL Number: 0293718115

Lost but never forgotten...
Emilio, I have always been interested in your whereabouts but have not had the means to make a contact until the Internet became real. The possibility now exists for contact to be made.

Contact: Gerald Emilio Cornwell
Other Contact Name: Gerald Cornwell JP
4b Denbigh Court
Whitton Close
Canberra 2602
TEL Number: 02 6249-1891
FAX Number: 02 6249-1646

I am a 46 year old divorced man living in Ireland, although I travel, mainly to the US and Australia, frequently. I work as a self employed business consultant. My interests include, music, reading, astrology, alternative medicine,meeting people and having fun.
# Views: 18 Last Visit: 12/29/98
Ideal Person - I would like to meet someone who shares my interests, from any part of the world and who is independetly minded.

Contact: Michael Anthony Collins

If you are out there Lorna Houston...
I would love to hear from you.
Maureen McEwan

Contact: Maureen Brown
Maiden Name: Mcewan
South Africa
TEL Number: 013 6974712
FAX Number: 013 6962700

Looking for...
or step sisters,Sharon and Maryann. Also looking for Wayne Johnson, we worked together at Lit Brothers in Phila. Please get in touch with me!

Contact: Susan D Ritter
Maiden Name: Coyle
New Jersey 08260

Searching for birth sons...
Aran Simpson born 19.6.79 and Sean Simpson born 16.1.80. Both born in Parkside Hospital, Middlesbrough, England.

Contact: lorna Rosita Simpson
Nicknames: Tilly
25 Tarran Street
West Lane
United Kingdom
TEL Number: 01642 805758

We are searching for...
Mirina Millette
, maiden name McDaniel. Last known address Fontana, Ca. also looking for friends from the Longhorn club in K-Town Germany.

Contact: Erika & Tracy Nester
Maiden Name: Kneiffel
Nicknames: Cookie
TEL Number: (918) 962-4804

My father Denis LLoyd, age 84,is trying to locate Hugh Cunningham, age late 70s, possibly early 80s, who was his best man. They served together in the Indian Army during WW2. Last seen in Surrey. He is required to attend Golden Wedding anniversary!

Contact: Geoff Lloyd
TEL Number: 0171 548 4096
FAX Number: 0171 548 4671


I'm looking for my cousin...
Therese Sladkow-Bain,
born in Montreal Quebec on August 1955. If anyone knows her status please e-mail me.

Contact: Anita Etienne
Edmonton, Alberta

Looking for Clive Ball...
last known to be living in Wellington, New Zealand in 1967. I have heartwarming information he deserves to hear.

Contact: Irene Anna Ypsilanti
Maiden Name: Burgess

Looking for Paul Pearson.
Where in the world are you?

Contact: Marty & Maggee Slade

I am looking for my mother aged 47...
She is called Elizabeth Rose Grafton-Clarke, or she could be using her maiden name of Forster. She was last known to be in the area of Cambs. She is of a medium build and has short shoulder length hair and green eyes. She has three young children aged roughly 3, 4, and 5. She is married to a man called Peter.
Contact: Gemma Elizabeth McDonald
26 Chequers Close
Cambridge CB1 9JJ
England UK
TEL Number: 01223 503612

Looking for old friends who used to attend Denbigh Junior and High Schools and Luton Sixth Form College specifically during the years 1965 - 1978. Two names: Patricia Quow and Carol Nutt in particular.

Contact: Denise Cruickshank
Maiden Name: Branch

I am searching for a childhood friend whom I haven't seen in 12 years. If anyone knows how I can contact a Rebecca Staubuck who lived in Bedford Indiana when she was in Kindergarden and first grade, please contact me.
Thank you.

Contact: Nuraniyeh J. Krasko
37 S. Plains Rd
The Plains
TEL Number: 740-797-3037 email:

Looking For My Birth Mother...
Mary Conolly/Podmore last known whereabouts Leeds UK married to Peter Podmore With 3 Children Disapeared 1972/1973.

Contact: Alison O'Brien
Maiden Name: Podmore

I would like to find my brother...
Clive Turner. The last time i saw him was in 1988 in Widnes, Cheshire at my mum's house. My son Matthew was 1 at the time.

Contact: Susan Elizabeth Hopkins
Maiden Name: Turner

Philip Gethen (aged 36)
ex Shireland high school, Smethwick moved to Gosport, Hants in late 1980's brother Ian, sisters Pauline and Christine. Mom worked at Dudley Rd hospital school reunion this summer so get in touch - urgently!

Contact: James Lloyd Byng
10 The Lees
Derbyshire DE72 3UN
England, UK
TEL Number: 01332755644
FAX Number: as above

Hey Greg Black old pal...,
I'm looking for you want to know how you have been since I moved to NC from Oregon. I miss you sweety!

Contact: Miriam Elaine Mckee
Maiden Name: Dobbeck
6524 Brookstone Lane apt. 105
Brookstone Lane
Cumberland County
Fayetteville 97132
TEL Number: 910-864-8216
email: Miriam9646 (supplied incomplete)

Looking for my mother...
(Halima Sheik Said Abdi Ashigur). Somali, approx. 40 years old. Last known to be in Mandera or Medina. (walalyaal: Darod, Anab, Maruo and Saade.) Previous address: Post Office Box 6012 Hammamjabjab Hawalwadaag District, Mogadishu, Somalia. Waan kuu xusay iyo waan ku jeclahay!

Contact: Naima Ismail Ashigur

American School of Budapest 1981-83...
Looking for anyone who attended school there - especially my closest friend Saskia - if you are out there please contact me.

Contact: Ann Marie Trahan
Maiden Name: Buckner

Suzanne Parkes ex Westfield -
where are you? Love to hear your news. Also Laurie Derechin - where are you "nena"!?

Contact: Lucy Westmore

Looking for twin brother -
James was adopted out around 1939-1945, last name Herman from milw (?) Wisconsin area, James and sister Karen were adopted out to Olson family in balsam Lake, leaving behind brothers/sister. Any information appreciated.

Contact: James Leonard Olson

Trying to contact Shaun Riley...
born 28 07 1979 at Blackpool. Who was adopted in the UK in 1979 or 1980. Anybody with any information please contact me.

Contact: Julie Cochrane
Maiden Name: Riley
32 Mellor Road
Preston PR4 2HP

Trying to locate Evelyn and David Yttervik who I met in a Brize Norton England in late 50's. Last known address was the States.She is English and her husband was Norweigan. Barbara Rudd is looking for her.
Hope she is still around!

Contact: Barbara Ann Rudd
Maiden Name: Strange
Other Contact Name:neé Barbara Westerveld
14004 n.e.34 th.dr.
Gainesville 32609
TEL Number: 11-352-485-1441