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Hi, I am looking for an old friend of mine, Kelly Murray. She lived in Scotland for a few years before moving back to America. She will be 19 years old now. If anyone thinks they know of her, please get in touch using my e-mail address. Thanks.

Contact: Megan Edghill

I am looking for Barbara Joan Hall (neé Kinloch). She lived at 12 Wilfreds Avenue, Wyke Street, Hull in June 1965. I was born on 15 June 1965. My birth name was Alison Fiona. If anyone has any information please contact me.

Contact:Julia Forrester
Maiden Name:Chandler

I am looking for anybody born under the Woodginski name that was put into foster care in 1960 from New Jersey that are kids to Gladys and John Woodginski 15 kids all together. Found 12, still 3 missing those missing are Virgina Carroll,Dolly Ann, Clara June.

Contact: Bonnie Woodginski
Other Contact Name: Bonnie Werkheiser
815 Spruce Street
Easton PA 18042
TEL Number: 610-253-7672
FAX Number:610-253-6754

Magaret Hackney born 3/9 oct 1937 addopted 1940/1 birth name Magaret Meears,are home address was 83 Elsenham Road, Grimsby. I traced you to Mablethorpe then lost any lead. I am your sister Rhoda I was about 10 when you where addopted. I would love to meet you again. I would be grateful for any information. Please send to my email address.

Contact: Rohda Williams
Maiden Name:Meears
7 Beverley Close
Holtney Clay

Hi, I would like to get in touch with the Hookers from Harvey Road, Aylesbury, England now living in Australia. Either Steve, Jamie, Debbie, Kerry, Ian or Mum from Keith (Tatt) in Aylesbury, England

Contact: Keith Taylor
George Tatt
171 Churchill Avenue
Aylesbury HP21 8EP

I am wanting to trace Jennifer Vivien. She was my foster mum at weekends. She was an opera singer. I spent my chilhood in Dr. Banardos. Would like to know any information regarding her whereabouts.

Contact: Ruth Hilda Smith
Maiden Name:Cariss
Other Contact Name: Janet Riding

I am the son of Irene Chapman (neé Singleton) who has been asked to see if I can trace her sister Mavis. They were both at Waltham Toll Bar School in Grimsby during the 1950s. They lost touch during the 1970s.

Contact: Paul Chapman
95 Haycroft Street
Grimsby DN31 2HR

I am looking for my father. His name is Jack Marion Thompson Jr. He may be living in Minnesota or in Canada.

Contact: Lee Ann
Family Name: Detlefsen
Middle Names: Terese

I am looking for my mum's biological mother and half brother. Mum's name: Jean Holme (maiden name: Dodds). She was adopted at birth. Mum's biological mother called Mary. Also has a brother called Thomas, last I heard was landlord of a pub in Durham area, think he is married and has children. Any information please contact me. Many thanks.

Contact: Nicola Jane Holme
Nickname: Nikki

Looking to seek Jean Taylor Kendrick neé Hepburn born 29/10/1932 in Paisley, Scotland, married Frederick David Kendrick in St Pancras registry office on 26th January 1957. He was born in 1924. She gave birth to a son Anthony Kendrick on 18th June 1966 in Whittington Hospital, Islington, London whom she gave up for adoption around September 1996. My gran is looking for Jean, her sister for over 40 years, it would be much appreciated if anyone could help us as we having been searching for quite a while. lol x

Contact: Karen Muldoon
Killoch Avenue
TEL Number: 0141 842 1993

Hilda Bryant, my favourite great-cousin died in 1966 aged approximately 80 on the Isle of Wight. She was unmarried and had an illegitimate child, possibly in Balham when she was approximately 20-30. I am seeking that child. I know not whether the child was male or female.

Contact: Heather Dorothy Wilson
Maiden Name:Hobson

I am trying to find out any information on my birth father or his family. His name is John Joesph Gray.

Contact: Michael Anthony Gray
Other Contact Name: Michael Herzig
Apt 61
3709 e San Miguel
Colorado Springs 80909
TEL Number: 719-591-4349

I am trying to find my father to ask him why he never came looking for me and to tell him he is a grandfather.

Contact: Christina Lynn Herzig
Apt 61
3709 e San Miguel
Colorado Springs
TEL Number: 719-591-4349

Robert Huggins dob 3/5/39, Edinburgh, died 21/11/74. His daughter would like to find any relatives. Has sister Jean Chase(has daughter Pat) in Lowestoft,UK , but unable to find. Please help, would like to hear from either family so to know other part of my life, thanks.

Contact: Donna Carlobin
Maiden Name:Huggins/Musson
53 Sandringham Street
Hull HU3 6EA
TEL Number: 01482 506697

Trying to locate Peter Morris last known address was Collaton St Mary's in Devon , England. Would like to get in touch.

Contact: Peter Cameron Robertson
Rosedene Road
West Linclon
St Anns L0R 1Y0

Searching for Michael Francois age 46 born in Bordeaux area,mother Collette. This is a family search.

Contact: Mary Nayler

Edward Anthony Copley. Birth name. Born on 22nd May 1950 in Arnold Nottinghamshire England. Sister is looking for you.

Contact:Eileen Copley

I am trying to trace my biological father, Manuel Feliciano Ferreira De Jesus who lived and was from Sao Jorge ,Madeira in early 1970's. He was serving in the army when I was born . I lived in Madeira until I was nine . Now live in England. I haven't seen him for 32 years, he did his two years service in Mozambique, we then lost touch. Do you know anyone who I could contact in Mozambique or Madeira for information .

Contact: Dinis Manuel Ferreira
Maiden Name: Camacho
Middle Names: Manuel Dinis Ferreira
Other Contact Name: Denis
30 Oak St
TEL Number: 07768633348