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Looking for "C.R.(Buddy) Hanning", possibly graduated 1955. Just wondering what you are doing. Was doing a collage for my daughter for Mothers Day and came across your picture and a christmas card when you were stationed Japan while in the USAF back in '56- '58.

Contact: Nancy Marie Earp
Maiden Name: Gilbert
Nickname: Kitten
8150 Broadway #303
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
TEL Number:619-463-5624

Looking for a close friend whose name is Brenda Alexander at the time we were attending Terrace Heights Elementary School back in 1979-1980-1981. Currently she may be married with a different last name. Would like to contact her very much, you may call me weekdays in the mornings at 10:30 am PST and that will be 11:30 am MST.

Contact: Sharley Fung
Middle Names:Kam Wah
1224 Glen Abbey Drive
Burnaby V5A 3Y4
TEL Number: 1-604-299-6384
FAX Number: 1-604-299-6384

My Name is Javed Ahmed I was adopted at 5 and taken to Pakistan by my father . My name was Andrew Raymond Dykes on my birth certificate. My mother was English and lived in Bradford. (Jean Dykes) She passed away in 1980 age 39 as Jean Dawson. I didn't find out I was of mixed race until I was 15 when I returned from Pakistan. by which time my mother was dead. I have found one of my sisters but I have another two who were adopted who I cant find yet. One was born in 1967 called Angela Tracy Dykes I know she calls herself Tracy but I don't know what surname she had when she was adopted. The other sister was called Katie Dawson at birth in 1978 but I don't know her adopted name. I really need to find my sisters please could you help me.

Contact: Heather and Javed
104 Longfellow Crescent
Oldham OL14QP
TEL Number: 01616283487
Mobile TEL Number: 07899993042

Looking for my daughter's dad, his name is Jehad Khan, last known address Isa town, Bahrain. Haven't seen him for 18yrs and haven't heard from him in 5yrs, he's tall and slim with black curly hair,he has a sister called Yasmin.

Contact: Patsy Anne Belcher
10 Braithwaite Close
Oxon OX160NW

My brother, Raymond, born feb 1967, adopted by people in Northampton, they had something to do with paint?

Contact: Patsy Anne Belcher
10 Braithwaite Close
Oxon OX160NW

Looking for a half sister and brother.
Bobby Joe Gouldsbrough born in Roswell, New Mexico by Fred Gouldsbrough around 1975/76. Beverly Gouldsbrough would be approx. 40-45 years old, same father.

Contact: Noel Helen Gouldsbrough
191 Route 520
Morganville 07751
TEL Number: 732-617-9008

In 1962 I was in Belize where I met Ruth. I left, we wrote. She moved to Manitoba, Canada then we lost touch. Her maiden name was Burns.

Contact: Tommy Douglas Roberts
Nicknames: Robbo
84 Acre Lane
Wirral CH62 7DE
TEL Number: 0151 512 6352

My adopted brother Dean, adopted in the 1980's by a family called Bales in Croyden, my mother's name is Maura, you were looked after by our uncle.

Contact: Amy Lee Kane
83 Drumfinn Avenue
Dublin 10

I am looking for Jill Dolby we lived near each other in Catterick she was married to John and had for children 2 boys and two girls. The boys were Gareth and J.B.I would love to hear from her.

Contact: Maureen Sprague
Maiden Name: Forsythe
Other Contact Name: Maureen Mckay
78 Glenville park
Newtownabbey BT370TF
Northern Ireland
TEL Number: 02890965415

I am looking for Army buddies. In particular Gerald Rueter. Was stationed at Fort Gordon, Ga. with him.

Contact: Ted Wayne Dearston
Nickname: Theodore
507 N concord #7
Appleton City 64724
TEL Number: 660-476-2755

I am looking for my father-in-laws sisters Grete and Barbra. Birth names were Brown they may be around 50-60 and lived in Coventry their father's name is Thomas George Brown. Anyone who knows their where abouts please contact me as he hasn't seen them in over 40 yrs. Please help.

Contact: Marie Brown
Maiden Name: Andrews
Nicknames: Maz
Other Contact Name: Marie Brown
28 Pace Crescent
West Midlands
Wolverhampton WV148BJ
TEL Number: 01902 494027

Looking for daughter Alison Deborah Quilliam (birth name, born 21/04/1966) mother's name Pauline (Maureen) Berry, Mother & daughter lived with mother's parents in Alberta House, Alberta Street, Kennington, then near Camberwell Green, South London, mother used the name of WARD. Please help locate daughter.

Contact: James Edwin Quilliam
Other Contact Name: c/o Ian de Montault
Verbondenenstraat 10
Geraardsbergen 9500

Searching-Any Bacon Family descendents of Samaul Bacon/Sara Crisp. Samual born about 1720 in North Walsham. Have complete line after Samual, but nothing before. Any help out there?

Contact: David Bacon
542 S. S. Higley Rd. #66
Mesa 85206
TEL Number: 480-324-8134

I am lookin for my birth father Cyril Moyle, living in the Isle of Wight. Last known working in Parkhurst Prison. Has a wife named Kath And two daughterd Karen and Anthea.

Contact: Linda Jane Smith
Maiden Name: Moyle
39 Cummings Park Drive
Aberdeen AB16 7BA
TEL Number: 01224 682875

Desperately seeking old best friend Shella (maiden name) Elliot. Siblings Gemma, Francais and Uiy. Once lived at Landen rd Dublin. Age 40, mother's name also Shella. If anyone one can help please do!!! Haven't seen in many years because I moved to England.

Contact: Breada Hannon

I'm looking for my old friend Tony Brennan. He used to work as a caretaker in Jerounds school. I would love to meet up with him once more.

Contact: Dan Peter Chalmers

Trying to find Linda Sweeney!
Linda has a sister, who used to surf the N.shore of Hawaii, Linda was with my brother, Jon Woodjack, and had a little girl in Hawaii. She married a guy and I heard moved to San Diego. Linda call me! I miss you!

Contact: Karla
Family Name: Sachi, Musacchia
Maiden Name: Woodjack
Middle Names: Conway
Nicknames: Sachi, Woody
P.O. Box 539
Kailua Kona 96725
TEL Number: 808-329-3996
FAX Number: 808-895-9030

Please can anyone tell me if they know where David Glover, who is a lecturer in Sociology, last known at Leeds University, is. I really would like to get in touch with him. Su .

Contact: Susan Bendhiaoui
Maiden Name: Cunnington
47 Lulworth Close
Farnborough GU14 8TR
TEL Number:01252-695881
FAX Number: 01252-695881

Looking for David Parry last known in Nottingham working in Raleigh bike factory approx 1970 to 1980ish.

Contact: Carole Anne Swanwick
Maiden Name: Symington
14 Reeds Ave West
Wirral CH461RF
TEL Number: 0151 677 3134

I am looking for a pen friend I had when still at school. Her name was Sylviane Fornia (not sure spelling is correct) She would now be approx 50. She is French and lived at the time in France in a village not far from Lille. My address book was stolen many years ago and I have not been able to contact her. At the time I lived with my parents in Thornton Heath, Surrey, England. I visited her several times, and she came to England. I have now been married 30 years and have two grown up children. I would love to hear from her. We had such good times.

Contact: Linda Georgina Smith
Maiden Name:Back
23 Cherry Blossom Close
Northamptonshire NN3 9DN
TEL Number: 01604 403928
FAX Number: 01604 403928

I am searching for my daughter Jennie Muir. Her mother's name is (was) Jane Macdonald. Last known whereabouts were in the Baddeley Green area of Hanley, Staffs, England. Any info on her current whereabouts would be gratefully received. Thanks, Allan.

Contact: Allan Muir

I would like to find my Nana and grandad Ward (Margaret & Nigel) who I believe live in Knaresborough.

Contact: Charlotte Ward

Looking for Bill Barton from the UK. Orignally from Liverpool, went to University of Manchester. Worked at the Turks and Caicos Club Med in the summer of '93 as a scuba diving instructor.

Contact: Khrystine Marie Muldowney
Nickname: Khryss
9 West 57th Street
New York 10019
TEL Number: 212-303-5765

Looking for brother born 24/9/64 called David at birth. I am your big sister please contact me. I would like to know how you are. You were born in Johnstone Renfrewshire to Barbara Greenaway.

Contact:Janet Waddell Robertson
Maiden Name:Greenaway

I am looking for Mike Chapman, a former employee of Butlins, Minehead and a much missed best friend. Please help me find him.

Contact: Kim Lewis
40 Fenton Street
Bury BL8 1LU
TEL Number: 01617648153

I'm looking for my birth mother Susan Lynda Bates who lived at the Curve West London in 1967. She had two brothers Mark and Paul and a sister. Her parents names were Eva and Gilbert. They may have moved to Daffodil street in the same area, not confirmed. Susan worked on perfume counters in department stores. Any info Please.

Contact: Rob Solley
37 Chapel Road
Ramsgate CT11 0BS

Looking for my birth mother. I was born 27/04/1959 in Colchester England. My mother was Rosemary king who lived at 112 Argyle Gardens, Upminster, London. She worked at a printing firm. I was adopted October 1959.

Contact: Gillian Jane Burfield
Maiden Name:Baker
Nicknames: birth name Angela King
5 Chadlington Avenue
Auckland 1008
New Zealand

Am looking for Tony Heron formaly of Liverpool /Failsworth (Manchester) father was Alexander Heron. Mother was Ada Heron. Also, Peter Heron does this ring a bell...?

Contact: Rosaleen Heron
100 Milfoil Drive
Eastbourne BN228BN
TEL Number: 01323461375

I am looking for my brothers who were adopted when my mother died. I and the other older two were put in Lamorbey childrens home in 1936. Their birth names were, Eric Lawrence, April quarter 1936, Leonard Lawrence, July quarter 1933. Birth place St,Olavs. Mother, Florence Annie Putman. Father, Henry Edward Lawrence.
Lee Lawrence.

Contact:Leslie Lawrence
16 Gibbwin,
Great Linford
Milton Keynes MK14 5DJ
TEL Number: 01908661940

I'm searching Kenneth Bartlett my brother who I believe was born and adopted in 1971 ( the year may not be correct, but there abouts). Our birth mother was Miss Marilyn Bartlett.

Contact: Jaine Norona

I am looking for my biological father David John Powell born 08/03/1944 at St James Hospital, Battersea. He was a painter/decorator in the mid 60's in london. He was married to my mother, Gloria and last known address in 1966 was 12 Gorst Road Wandsworth SW11. Just want to talk to him!

Contact: Bruce Gavin Powell
Other Contact Name: Bruce Nixon
49 Victoria Road
Doncaster DN5 0EY

Looking for my Fathers sister Hannah Seeley last known in Essex England. Her brother is Victor Russell Chambers and he lives in South Australia. Hannah's husband's name is Ted and she has 2 or 3 children one's name is Eddie.

Contact: Vicki Montebello
Maiden Name: Chambers
12 Beatrice St
South Australia 5013
TEL Number: 08 84473846

I am trying to locate my father James Dewar Reid Campbell Connolly. My mum divorced him late fifties my DOB 28/2/56. My brother Bryan DOB 22/2/55. He has eight grandkids and two great grandkids in Australia. Would love to here from any family in Dunbarton or anywhere else.

Contact: Mardie Muir
Maiden Name: Lamont. Keegan .
Middle Names: Martha Taylor Bryan
69 Raheen Avenue
Victoria 3152
TEL Number:0398871731

Looking for Ken Broadbent used to live in Boston Spa Yorks. Just for a chat.

Contact: Valerie

My name is Vicki. I am looking for my aunty Mrs Hannah Seeley neé Chambers who was last known to be living in South Essex, England. My father Victor Russell Chambers is so much trying to get in contact with her as he has not spoken to her for at least 5 years and the phone number he has got for her has changed. I also would love to talk to her as the last time I talked to her was 30 years ago. Please anyone that knows of her or know where she lives please contact me.

Contact: Vicki Montebello
Maiden Name:Chambers
12 Beatrice St
Adelaide South Australia 5013
TEL Number: 0884473846

Looking for any relatives of Harry and Mary Lee/Hilton from Mablethorpe, Harry was born in Wolverhampton about 1907, we are tracing our family tree and know he had family and would like to trace them.

Contact: Wendy Hilton

Is this you? Six feet tall, fair hair, working as a night club bouncer in the Hounslow area in early 1965. You knew a Lucille Onion/Wood. You also drove a Chevy van. If so, I am your daughter. I am now 37 years old and been looking for a long time. Please help if you possibly can, by the way my name is Angela

Contact: Angela Methven
Maiden Name: Parsell

I am looking for my Biological Father. His name is Kenneth Karl Murray Born Sept 19th 1944 in Montreal. He also had a Brother named Ross Murray. I am his Daughter and have lived a good life with adopted Parents. But would like to know my real dad and so would my children. They always ask about there real Grandfather. Please if anyone can help me please email me as soon as possible.

Contact: Darlene

I am trying to trace relatives of Mary Marshall Stuart Taylor born Alexandria, Dumbartonshire 6 Sept 1920, died 17 May 1977, who lived in Helensburgh for much of her life. Parents were George (born 10 Nov 1889 and died 26 Nov 1975) and Anne nee Stuart (born 29 January 1885 and died 24 April 1971). Mary married Francis McKerrell 6 Sept 1961, a widower born 16 Oct 1908, died 19 Sept 1983

Contact: Sheila Ash

Looking for Margaret Frances Vincent [birth mum]. I was born 8/3/64 at Orsett Hospital Essex . Margaret's address was 84 walton Road, Paddington. She was also adopted by her grandparents. My father was an irish man living at the same address. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

Contact: Kim Maria Vincent
Other Contact Name: Kay
7 Sturrocks
Essex SS164PQ

Lisa Jane Spradbrow born 22nd August 1966, a South African citizen last seen May 2001 when she went to work in the US then went to work in the UK from Hertford Apartments, registered as Ms T Smith, known also as Tracy, Tessa or Lee, has been known to change names. Is very slim tallish at 5ft 7ins has dark blond natural hair, usually dyed red with blue eyes. Her sons Ross (6)and James (10) miss her and need closure. Her eldest son is deaf and is devastated at the loss of his mom, was known to be studying at West London College. Last address is Suite 244, 2 Lansdowne Row Berkeley Square, Mayfair but it an office, thought to be in the Thames Valley area.

Contact: Malcolm John Webster
30 Madge Avenue
Edenvale 1609
South Africa
TEL Number: 27822931223

I am looking for my Dad Peter John Hodges who dissapeared April 1997, d.o.b 10/11/50, age 52. He was last known to be in the Bath area. Dad if you are reading this or if anyone knows him, please get in touch with me.

Contact: Clare Wright
Maiden Name:Hodges
12 Forbes Drive
Suffolk NR34 9XY
TEL Number: 01502 710754
email: entity1976@aol@com

Does anyone know what happened to my father Brian Rigby Altham who never came home after he was demobbed from the army in the 1940's. He previously lived in Accrington Lancashire and he was born in Grindleton, Lancashire to Joseph and Elizabeth [neé Rigby]. He was married to Edna Alice Riddihough. Last heard of in the Middlesex area.

Contact: Barbara
North Carolina

Please help my find my baby girl's father his name is David Allan Clowse. I lost contact with him shortly after she was born and I was wondering if he would contact me I need to find this man it is really important the place he lived was Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada.

Contact: Priscilla Bird
TEL Number: 204-367-2682 email:

I am looking for my father ,Dennis Hutchinson 17/03/1952, last known in the Newcastle upon Tyne area,never seen him for 4 years now would love too trace him i have tried every search going ,if anyone knows him please get in touch.

Contact: Tracey Hutchinson
38 Roche Court
Washington NE38 7PH
Tyne and Wear

I am looking for my sister. Born 20th November 1956-57 to Barbara Ann Tomlin from Dorset area. My sister was adopted in Wiltshire area , her records are held at Wiltshire social services. Her name is Paula and I believe she has an older brother also adopted. Please contact me if you are Paula's parents and she does not know of her adoption.

Contact: Donna Bagnall
Maiden Name: Trevison
Middle Names: Lorraine Ellen
382 Cemetery Road
Staffordshire WS11 2AY
TEL Number: 01543 506682

In search of sister, Christina Houston - 9/13/82 or 83 lives in Illinois (Carol Stream or Aurora) went to college in Alabama. Would like to talk to her w/o family involved. Contact me by e-mail. I love you Angela.

Contact: Angela Thompson
Maiden Name: Houston
619 Pierce avenue