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Matty S, Will you get in touch A.M.P.

Contact: Angela Michelle Ughes
Maiden Name: Petrie
Nickname: Shell
2 Finde Road

Looking for Robert Dearman one of a tripplet brothers Ronald, Richard, Roger, sisters Susan & Sally. Came from Sheffield, Lived in Ipswich. Parents Denise & Barbera. Had a dog called Sheena. Monkey that set fire to it's own tail.

Contact: Liane Marie Dearman
Nickname: Nelly
15 Stanley Road
Gravesend DA11 7AR
TEL Number: 01474 357545

I am looking for my bother Wiilliam Andrew Sewell, born 07-02-1965 last known to be living in Telford. If anyone knows where he might be please get in touch.

Contact: William Sewell
Maiden Name: Mooney
Middle Name: Anna
Other Contact Name:Kathryn mooney
55 Marlborough
Rugby CV22 6DD
TEL Number: 01788 335986

Trying to find Peter and Maureen Brown. Daughter Tina. Last known 20 Queensmere, South End On Sea, Essex. Worked for tele cables ltd.26 years ago. Believe he might be in canvey island.

Contact: Pat Boyle
29 Wyndford Drive
Glasgow G20
TEL Number: 0141 946 9017

I am looking for my mother, I was born 4,5,44 in reading, my mother's name was Constanse Edith Rice. I have been looking for many years please help. Thank you.

Contact: Cynthia Ann Rice
Maiden Name: Stout
15, Albert Rd
Plymouth PL2 1AB

You once sought me out by using this board and now I am doing the same in search of you! Again our paths have split but I feel only for a shimmer in time, to see that your old email address is gone has crushed heart is aching I can't completely lose you again! I pray to the Goddess you find this!
Jennifer Elaina
Jennifer Belden
Jennifer Teague

Contact: Mary G.
TEL Number: 832-741-6315

Looking for Birth Father...
I was born Debra Jane James 2/6/1967in Amersham Buckinghamshire. My mother was Susan Jamesaged 18yrs.She had brothers Ray, Peter(plus others) and sisters Pam,Wendy,Linda (plus others).Her mother was Peggy.Doyou know my father?

Contact: Debbie Ann Harvey
Maiden Name:Rohrs
Po Box R119
Royal Exchange
Sydney 1225

Looking for Brian Davies born 2nd August 1935 at Chaddeslode U.D. Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Mother's name is Fanny Nesta Davies, (Nesta)and was a kitchen maid/domestic at 15 Ellsemere Road, Shrewsbury at time of his birth. Can anyone help me find Brian? If so please phone or 791887 or email me. Thanks.

Contact:Paul John Coffey
TEL Number: 01952 410835

I am looking for Julie Went, my name is Emma and I was born in 03/12/74 at Sant Marys hospis Paditon , the last time you saw me I was 10 months old. I am not asking for a relationship just to know you are well,if you are ready to talk. Please give me a call(my dad's name is Peter Bian).

Contact: Emma Sita
Family Name: Julie
Maiden Name: Went

I am 17 yrs old and have never met my real father. He is called Brendon Patrick Byrne and his mother is called Kathleen. They last lived in Wythenshaw as far as I know. Please help.

Contact: Stacey Kathleen Byrne
24 York Road
Manchester M43 7QN

We are trying to find our brother, having no luck so his adopted parents may of changed his first name as well so if you were born on the 8-8-1943 in the Lewisham area and not know your name was Barrie Murphy or perhaps someone knows of someone with that date of birth would they please contact me.

Contact: Ann Votier
Maiden Name: Murphy
20 Kingsway Avenue
Newcastle-upon-tyne NE3 2HS

I am trying to trace my biological father, Manuel Feliciano Ferreira De Jesus who lived and was born in Sao Jorge ,Madeira in early 1970's he served in the army when I was born . I lived in Madeira until I was nine . Now live in England. I haven't seen him for 32 years, he did his two years service in Mozambique, my mother believed he drowned and died in the army, because he stopped writing to her, she also believes he may have gone to a special hospital there in 1972. Do you know anyone who I could contact in Mozambique or Madeira for information .

Contact: Dinis Manuel Ferreira
Maiden Name: Camacho

I am looking for my father, David Charles Wilkins (formerly of no 33 Anslie Street, Grimsby) and brothers,David and Darren. I would also like to contact my mother, Annette Hayward. Also Tammy.

Contact: Christopher Allen Wilkins
1 Scarboro Road
Cape Town 7945
South Africa
TEL Number: (021) 7883609
FAX Number: 7883609

I am looking for my birth mother her name is Patricia Johncey or it was when she and my father Colin Johncey separated. They lived in Catterick and my father's parents ran a golf club there if anybody knows anything about my birth mother I would love to hear from them. My father had me adopted soon after my mam left. I was born august 1972.

Contact: Michelle Stonehouse neé Johncey
+Other Contact Name:Teresa Harrison
7 Palmerston court

I have been searching a long time for an old mate of my dad, his name is Ian Broadbent he was married to Maureen and originally from Leeds, Dad and Ian were in the army together, 21 signal regiment based at R.A.F Laarbruch, 1959-63. Dad would love to hear from him, if anyone knows him, I'd appreciate any info. I've posted on all notice boards I found and all army sites, dad's name is Frank Moss. Thanx Dawn.

Contact: Dawn Chapman
Maiden Name:Moss

I am doing a family tree, please can you email me if you know these surnames, Sinclair, Price. Family born in Birimingham or Price born in Birimingham.

Contact: Kayleigh Marie Jones

Sue Sephton / Holt
I strongly suggest that you get in touch with these people regarding Mark Sephton. 27th May 1976.
West Midlands Post Adoption Service (WMPAS)
4th Floor
Smithfield House
Birmingham B5 6BS
Tel : 0121 666 6014
Fax : 0121 666 6334
We provide support, advice groups, counselling and information services for individuals and families who have been affected by adoption. Most people who live in the West Midlands region (the metropolitan area and surrounding shire counties) will be able to use our services free of charge. We are open on Monday (including evening), Tuesday and Wednesday.

I am looking for Linda Downing, she and I were friends back in the 60's. She lived in Leytonstone/ Walthamstow area. She had a freind also called Linda who went out with my friend Barry.

Contact: Peter Edward Alsford
8 Mountview Place
Bilgola Plateau
Sydney 2107

I am searching for Sister Brenda Crowley, born 10/5/63 in Brooklyn NY to Theresa Koster and Peter Crowley. Brenda vanished from Staten Island NY between 1978-1980. All siblings only want to reunite with her!!! Mother is deceased 22yrs, father not in family. Brenda is white, approx 5'4-5'10. has dirty blonde straight hair, bl/gr eyes, may/not wear glasses/contacts. It is possible she could have changed her name. More info at, or MPCCN. There is pictures of her there. Please contact me if you have any info of where she can be. Thank you

Contact: Theresa Crowley
Family Name: Crowley, Schall, Koster
Other Contact Name:Theresa Sanchez
47 Fairview Avenue
Westspringfield 01089
TEL Number:413 781-5141

We need two of our recently missing profiled everywhere can you help??
"Rachel Cooke...TX"
"Audrey Herron.... NY"
God bless you!
Dede & Dale Founders AMALP
Texas based Non-Profit Ministry
America's Missing,Abducted,Lost Persons

I'm looking for Kevin Callaghan, from Sligo now living in Dublin.

Contact: Karen Webb
Maiden Name: Fox
TEL Number: 07817 167148

I am looking to find anyone who knew my mother Isabella Blackley. Lived in Edinburgh, Scotland in the early 50's.

Contact: Njeane Blackley

Searching for Sarah Slater lost touch, last heard from her in 1999, she was in Australia but was coming back to Middx, England. Anyone who may know Sarah please contact me. Sarah will be 30 now, and she is from Northwood, Middx.we both attended Haydon school together but I moved to Cornwall Love too hear from her.

Contact: Roseanne Burke
Middle Names: Marie Jayne
Falmouth TR11 5NF
TEL Number: 07816074286

I'm looking for Veronica Johnston who would be my niece. My brother, your father was Douglas Edward Johnston who died in a semi-truck accident in Jan of 1977 in Durgano CO on his way back to Texas from Washington-- he was driving the semi. He carried a photo of you & your mother. He was born Aug 28, 1950. You were just a toddler when we lost him & we hadn't met you or your mother yet. Your mother went by "Elvira". My next oldest brother, Steve came to Texas in the Spring of 1977 and spoke with your mother. You were born in Texas. Your grandparents whom you've never met are Karrol H. Johnston & Rose A. (Fetrow) Johnston. Your dad was the oldest of six and was raised in Wichita KS. He served in the army in Vietnam. I have looked for you multiple times to no avail. Please let us know that you are out there. Please email me for more information. Love, Aunt Karri

Contact: Karrolyn Rose Johnston
Nickname: Karri
828 Truman St.
Moscow, ID 83843

Micheal Cotton where are you?
Originaly from Hampshire but lived and worked in Newcastle in the late '70's. I still have your gold chain and would like to return it and catch up. Hope your well wherever you are.

Contact: Sheila Carlisle

Looking for lost uncle Dennis Iddison living somewhere in the Leeds area last seen 1982 in Hartlepool.

Contact: David Nixon
16 West Street
Hartlepool TS27 4LJ
TEL Number: 01915862999

Looking for Amber Or Robert Sands.
Went to foster care in 1986 in contra costa county Ca. I am thier Aunt.

Contact: Pam Sands
TEL Number: (925)634-0646

Would love to trace a guy I met in an Irish bar on holiday in Zante last September! He called himself Pat Cassidy and was with a large group of psychiatric nurses from Coventry, though he wasn't a nurse himself and I think came from Birmingham. Would really appreciate contact from anyone that might know him. Thanks, Sharon.

Contact: Sharon Sharp
Ashford, Middlesex

I am trying to find my brother Kevin William Hall, who was born in Singapore in 1967. He was then adopted by a Mr and Mrs Martin from Oxfordshire.

Contact: Keith Brian Hall

Looking for any possible half siblings born in the Orlando area in the early to mid 1960's. Your adoptive father

Contact: Lynda McLelland
9283 E 56th St
Newaygo 49337
TEL Number: 231-937-6694

Hi, my dad wants to trace his brother. His name is Malcolm Watts he was born in Derby after the war. my grandad's name is William Charles Watts and lived in Dean St ,Derby. Please contact with any information.

Contact: Kathleen Anne Watts
113 Cowsley Road
Derby DE21 6EJ
TEL Number: 01332360466

Finding my parent Herbert Haworth born England.

Contact: Susan Coroline Haworth
Maiden Name:Richards

Wrexham. I was Born on 8th December 1970. I was adopted and the date of the adoption order is 9th November 1971 and was in Llanelli County Court. I have no information on my birth mother and would like her to contact me on the email address provided.

Contact: Michelle Davies
36 Heol y Waun
Swansea SA4 8PJ

I've tried to contact Valerie Robertson about Cedric Dover's other daughters Pamela, Averil and Roberta. I am the son of Pamela and could Valerie email me so I can contact her. If she has passed away could one of her descendants contact me in regards to this matter.

Contact: Peter Heynes Todd
212 Brodie Road
Morphett Vale
South Australia 5162
TEL Number: 612(08)8326-1124

I'm looking for an old close friend and classmate her maiden name is Brenda Alexander she's either 33 OR 34 years old married and living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We lost contact since the summer OF 1980-81. I would like her to contact me through e-mail, so we can reunite again. I really apologize for upsetting her when we were kids. I'm a Christian now, so I cannot lie. Hope you will forgive me for all those lost and past years.

Contact: Sharley Fung
Middle Names:Kam Wah
1224 Glen Abbey Drive
Burnaby V5A 3Y4
TEL Number:1-604-299-6384
FAX Number:1-604-299-6384

I am looking for my two sisters clled Kathy and Belinda who unless married also have the surname Dunn. We were put in a home in Wiltshire were we came from when our mother died and knew our social worker as uncle John. Kathy was adopted to a family in Marlbolagh wiltshire but then in 1985, lived on Jumpm Farm, Devizes Wiltshire. She had three small children at the time. Please contact me if anyone knows anything

Contact: Robert Micheal Dunn
4 Boundary Gardens
Greater Manchester

Desperately trying to contact Janine and Dale Hickman, last seen in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in 1998. It has been too many years and would appreciate if anyone could be of assistance.

Contact: Sue Hickman
Maiden Name: Butler

Dear Brenda: I hope you will forgive me for writing you an incorrect address when I mentioned that I was going to move to Vancouver. I finally got a hold onto a computer and the internet to search for you. I hope we can be close friends again, cause I realize we use to have wonderful times playing together as children. I want you to contact me in the evenings at my phone number in Burnaby which is part of Vancouver that number is 1-604-299-6384 or you may contact me at my e-mail address which is I hope you will contact me as soon as possible, I don't want to lose you as a close friend. I'm usually home in the evenings so call me during the evenings.

Contact: Sharley Fung
Middle Names:Kam wah
224 Glen Abbey Drive
Burnaby V5A 3Y4
TEL Number: 1-604-299-6384
FAX Number: 1-604-299-6384

Manor Court School, Portsmouth, Hants. 1962. We are looking for Jenny Hill and John Mortimer and any ex-pupils from around that time. Anybody know where they are?

Contact: Melvyn Griffiths

Looking for David Greaves/Greeves lived in or around Stamford Hill, London in the 1960's. Your son David, who is now 35, would really like to meet you. It has been 34yrs now please get in touch.

Contact: Michelle Kirby

I am looking for a man called James A Urban. He married Lorraine White in June 1980. They had a daughter called Claire White that was born in Guernsey. She would like to contact you or any family member who is connected to him. If anyone could help please contact me, she would be very greatful.

Contact: Claire White
Other Contact Name:Gail Mair
122 Binsey Walk
London SE2 9TT
TEL Number:07940026749

I am looking for my 3 brothers, names are Jimmy, Robert, John. I am the only girl. I lost contact with them many years ago. Parents names were Emily and George, both deceased,sadly. Jimmy was last known of in Basildon, Essex around 1974/75.

Contact: Tina Ann Tant

For many years I have searched for my son, born Mark Lee Forrest on 5/01/1968 at Hampstead Hospital. I was forced to give him up when he was 6 weeks old. I was told some years later that he was adopted by a couple who lived near London and the husband was in banking.

Contact: Diana Mary Turner
Maiden Name:Forrest
Nickname: Lil
TEL Number: 01858 446837

I am trying to do a search on behalf of my brother-in-law. He was at Lamorbey children's home up until he was sixteen. His name was Michael John Slavinsky but changed it to his mother's name which was Sterne we would like any information regarding the home because he hasn't got any contact with any family that is if he has any.

Contact: Diane Jill Rowsell
Maiden Name: Keeper

I am looking for my birth father possible name Christian Joseph Cliff. I was born 18/09/69 my Mother was Margret Ann Nicholson (Ann) who has now passed away I would love to hear from him or anyone who knows him

Contact: Suzanne Jennifer Belding
2 Sterling Cresent
Grimsby DN37 0DN
TEL Number: 01472 823841

I am looking for Francine, maiden name, Taylor. You were on "The Newly Weds' I saw it at the last minute and did not catch you husband's last name.

Contact: Karen Green
Maiden Name: Graves

I am looking for Davey (Mac) MacKay, stayed with the Taylor family in Brighton 1990. Would love to hear from him again.

Contact: Marie Taylor
112 Langley Crescent
Brighton BN2 6NQ
England, UK
TEL Number: 01273 707260