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I would really like to see Junior again.
It's been 15 years and I heard he has his family with him in England, so please help me locate him. Thanks

Contact: Alicia Mary Boynes
Nickname: Lisa
17 Witherington Road
London N5 1PN
England, UK
TEL Number: 0789-988-4915
FAX Number: 0207-700-3990

Ivan Eddy?or family...
Hello I am in desparate, I am 15 years old and only met my biological father 1 time in my entire life his name is Ivan Eddy he denied I was his and pursued on with his life.. I can not, there is a missing piece in my heart which will always belong to him whether he loves me or not I would love to hear from him and see him again even if it is just one more time....but no matter what I am his. He even put me through a dna test. All I am gunna say is all the pain you put me through, all the hurt all the suffering, I still love you! even if you do not feel the same. Please contact me if you are out there or family I would love to hear from all of you! Love always Kassandra (Kassie).

Contact: Kassandra Ann Landolf
Maiden Name:Buman
Nickname: Kassie

Hi, I'm looking for Michelle Wood who I was at school with. We started in Bulford C/E primary, she lived in Bulford Camp with her mum and dad and brother called David. We then went to Upper Avon School in Durrington, we were best friends but lost touch when she moved and got married. She has a daughter called Stacy and I don't know if she has any more children. Her birthday was the same day as mine, 9th May 1974.

Contact: Catherine Seagrave
Maiden Name: Stewart
55 Coronation Rd
Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 8EE
England, UK
TEL Number: 01980652149

Joan (neé Tovey) emigrated from UK, Tonbridge England in 1920. Don't know her married name. Father William Henry. Mother Nellie Elizabeth. Last known address for William Cranston RI. Earlier Providence. Please can anyone help me to trace my cousin Joan?

Contact: Jean Baitup
Maiden Name:Skinner
England, UK

Looking for Lisa from possibly the Llandrindod Wells / Presteigne area, Powys, Wales, met at Reading Rock Festival 1979 with her 3 years older sister, I lost all her info (I think Lisa might have moved to Wales from England around 1979, and may have been adopted). Dark brown eyes and hair, dob 1965 - 1966, age 36 - 37, med. height. I lived in Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, at the time, before unexpectedly having to move to Canada without having the chance to say good bye. If anyone knows Lisa I would really appreciate you asking her to contact me, thank you.

Contact: Mark Epps
10 Melbourne
Hamilton L8P 2A3
TEL Number: 905 928 3514

I am trying to trace Susan Elizabeth Tucker who placed me up for adoption in 1971, my birth date was 28/6/1971. Last known to have lived in Leeds West Yorkshire. If you know anything about Susan could you please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Contact: Samantha Jayne Tucker (birth name)
Other Contact Name: Joanne Garside
1 Grinton Ave
Manchester M13 OQS
TEL Number: 01612246263

Looking for lady who was about 32, back in 1984. I was in Columbus, Ga.. Stationed in Ft. Benning. I and a friend met you and your friend at a club in Columbus. We had a special night. Was transferred out a week later. I heard rumors that you had my baby. If this is true, please contact me. If not, contact me anyways. I was 18y.o. at the time. You lived in a trailer park. You caucasian, with 2 kids. A boy and a girl. Your neighbors were all african american. You and your friend came to my barracks for a visit. We were in Sandhill in Ft. Benning. Delta 6-1. I was in 2nd platoon.

Contact: Gabriel Gonzalez
Nickname: Gonzo
Detroit 48210

Searching for Betty's daughter born July 20 1950 in Sarnia Ontario. Betty was only 15 and was forced to give her up. Named her Diane Deloris. Please contact Pickey with any info.

Contact: Betty Bullock
Other Contact Name: Vickey Ball
105 James Street
Lambton County
Sarnia N7T 6P3
TEL Number:519-339-0450

Dave Engel, I am still searching for you!!!!!!!! The other posting has an outdated email address, so this is to provide a current one. Any one with any information on a Dave Engel who one lived in Florida, and worked for Norris Air Conditioning, please drop me a line. I have been looking for him for over 10 years. He has a niece named kelly, who was his brothers daughter. Any help is appreciated.

Contact: Connie Illman
Maiden Name: Joudrie

I'm looking for my brother, Kenny Kendall. He and Mom had a fight 20 years ago...I've been looking for him since. He needs to know he has family. Mom did love him and thought of him often. Please help! The above number is for messages only...I'm moving in 10 days and will update info then. My e-mail will remain the same

Contact: Laura Bradford
TEL Number: 928-763-0303

I am trying to locate my cousin Mary, who left England to live in Florida years ago. Her maiden name was Oliver, and she married Logan Ozburn. The last address I have for her is 1400 Graham Avenue, Holly Hill, Florida, 32017, U.S.A.If anyone knows her whereabouts, I would love to re-establish contact.

Contact: Norma Janet Smith

Looking for my Father - Wayne Philip.
My Mother's first name is Bodil.

Contact: Dianna Kvist
Middle Names: Nielsen Kristence
Other Contact Name: JuliusAnthony
12089 66th Avenue
Surrey, BC

Looking for David Ellis Jones (Rail?). Born: 2 May 1908 in Swansea Wales to Eli Jones and Harriet Rail. Lived at 45 Vivian Rd. with brother Thomas Jeptha Jones, stepbrother William George Rail and stepsister Kathleen Bertha Victoria Rail. In 1912, Harriet moved to Edmonton Alberta Canada when she discovered that her first husband, William George Rail, was not dead as presumed while prospecting for gold in Alaska. David and Tom Jones remained with Harriet's parents, Thomas Stratton and Annie Stratton (Jowett), at 10 Vivian Rd. After WWI, the Jones brothers joined mother and stepfather in Canada. David ran away from home in 1922. If you have any information, please.

Contact: Peter

Looking for anyone who may have gone to Archers Court school with me when I lived in Dover.
Such as: William Farr, Michelle Fitzpatrick, Tammy Hayes, Richard? Brenda?
(Damn!! sorry if I cant remember names... It has been awhile!)
If anyone recognizes my name please contact me. Thanx

Contact: Wayne Graves

Angela Chesworth ( maiden name )...
Angela was at Matthew Boulton Technical College in Birmingham in the early 1960's. She lived in Hall Green Birmingham then moved to Henley in Arden. If you know of her whereabouts please inform her of this message. If you yourself read this Angela, I would love to contact you after all these years - just to know what what sort of life you have had since our long ago college days - I took you to see 'West Side Story' at the cinema in Birmingham.!

Contact: Reg Reynolds

Searching for Alexander Draper (who, if alive, would be 101 years old or thereabouts) and any of his descendants: Able Seaman Alexander Draper. Royal Navy Service Number C/J90084. HMS Vernon. (Ship he was on when my mother (Iris) was born 1923). Went into navy at about 16/17 years old Went to Russia in the First World War to protect the Russian Royal Family. He once lived at 52 Prince Edwards Rd, Hackney Wick. London.
My mother's mum (my grandmother) was his first wife. She was Gladys Bertha Draper, until 1947 when she changed her name changed to Styles by Deed Poll as she was living with someone else at the time. Interests beside Pub's, Boxing, he used to earn money while on leave, as a sparring partner.

Contact: Clive Edward Mockford

Irene Smith, of Birmingham, Alabama, in 1940's, her brother, William Clem Smith. Had some connection to drug store in Mobile, Alabama.

Contact: Carol Ann Smith
Maiden Name:Porter
Other Contact Name:Carol A. Gilmore
2216 Crystal Grove Lane
Lakeland 33801
TEL Number:863-665-6800

Looking for my father Aalan MaClean . Born in Glasgow 1952 . Last known address, Inchfad Drive Drumchaple, Glasgow . Would also love to here from his brothers Danny , Ian , Sandy or David or sister Ann-Marie .

Contact: Scott Alan Maclean
17b Spence Avenue
Burntisland KY3 9JF
TEL Number: 01592 870273

Looking for Huw Williams who use to live at 79, Cambridge Gardens, London W11.

Contact: Zaili Elias
No12, SPG.85
Manggis Satu
BSB BC3516
Brunei Darussalam
TEL Number:00673-8-874536
FAX Number:00673-2-234206

I am looking for two people:
1st - Barry - He used to work at the Belvader Resturant in Billericy as a DJ, he was there about from about 1996. Please could you get in touch or if you know of him please contact me.
2nd - Fran Lives in Brentwood area and used to Temp at Fords at warley only there for a few weeks but would love to keep in touch have lost your number.

Contact: J. Buller

Are you out there Danny Byrne? I am your sister. I do not keep in touch with rest of family and realise you don't, but I would like to know if you are ok and how life has treated you, think of you often as does Carol and Trisha. Just a message to say you are ok is enough. lots of love

Contact: Lesley Arnell
Maiden Name:Byrne
Middle Names:Ann Mary
50 Kensington Drive
Woodford Green
England, UK
TEL Number: 0208 551 4446

Mindy Sue Swenson...
She was looking for me on this site, I responded and no info was current. I miss her soo much. We met in Arizona, she moved and slowly we lost touch. Please if theres any info out there just let me know. if any info changes on me I will update asap. Co.pager 602-227-8490

Contact: Georginne Coletti
Maiden Name:Collier
Mesa 85203
TEL Number: 602-410-0492

Dear Gary, Shane, Lisa and Chella, sorry for being a usless dad. You are never far from my thoughts and hope one day are paths cross, Andy.

Contact: Andy Neil Niel
Family Name:Richards
Nickname: Big Andy
Other Contact Name: Andy Richards
301 Wellington court
Devils Tower Road
TEL Number: 00350 44831

Looking for my dad Keith Alistar Mortimer. Last known wherabouts Wokingham, Berkshire, England.

Contact: Coralie Anne Mainwaring
Maiden Name: Mortimer

Hi I'm looking for my birth father. I was born on the 28th September 1966 in Redhill Surrey, as Suzanne Elizabeth Stevenson.
My mother's name was Christine Anne, and my last known address was 15, Linderly Road Godstone Surrey. If anyone has any information they can give me on finding my father please contact me. Thankyou.

Contact:Suzanne Elizabeth Stevenson
Other Contact Name:Cambridge
31 Helford Court
Witham CM8 1TL
TEL Number: 01376-511006

Rod: London Limelight back in 1988 !
You were living in Streatham Common and your sister lives also in London working as a nurse (?) You joined the Navy for a couple of years after school I am from Rome, Italy. Please get in touch!

Contact: Micaela Defaz
Nickname: Michelle

Eric Glover I would like to get in contact with you as I would like to know if you are alive. This is your sister Evelin and you are my only brother left. Please get in contact with me. Lots of love Eve

Contact: Evelyena Yarwood
Maiden Name: Glover
2 Ringway Grove
Sale Moor
TEL Number: 0161 969 1461

I am trying to find my father Micheal Edwards. Last known to be living in Cleckheaton 28 years ago

Contact: Jonathan Edwin Simpson
Nickname: Jono
2 Wike Road
Burton Grange
Barnsley S71 5LY
TEL Number: 01226 245545

Looking for birth parents...
Mother=Debera Mustin
Father= Walter C. Yarbrough
Born= l0-26-76 in San Diego, Ca.
Siblings= 2 male= Russell and Michael

Family Name:Yarborugh / Mustin
Middle Names: Nicholas
TEL Number: 530-623-4190

In search of a Ringo Yat Chor Chan, who came over to Australia when he was twelve and went to Griffth University with a Sharon Berry. I would like very much for you to contact me.

Contact: Danielle Berry
Middle Names: Su Yee

If your birth mom was Dorth Louise Clark and you were born between 1942-1950 email me for information about your past. Your birth name was Miccheal Wayne. You were born in the Greater Cleveland area 1944-1950, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Contact: Sue Greorowicz
Nickname: Sue

Elisabeth Patrica Gordon, Irish, who lived in Dunns Lane, Leicester,1950s, your daughter Margaret, born 28 January and subsequently adopted, from Leicester, England is looking for you. Contact Caroline (Margaret Gordon ).

Contact: Margaret Gordon

I used to lived at 24 Nursery Rd, Old Southgate, London N14. My family left in 1967 to go to Australia and I have lost contact with all my freinds from Oakwood school. If anyone knows me, please contact me.

Contact: Barbara Jane Pigott
Maiden Name:Dalton
Adelaide Cottage

Looking for my birth dad John Russle. He might know something about my mum who died when I was 4. Since then I was fostered to the same family, the Dunns. I'm 32 ,from Wimbledon orig.

Contact: Justin David Partridge Maiden Name: Russle
12 Edinburgh Drive

Dear Sebastian and Megan I don't know where you are. I hope one day you read this and get in touch. I miss you, I love you. Any friend please help. Love dad

Contact: Damian Gerard Cosgrove
Nicknames: Damo
C/O The British Council
P O Box 1636
United Arab Emirates
TEL Number: + 971 50 7742084
FAX Number: + 971 7 2361328

I am looking for my cousin David Freeman. I lost touch when his father Frank Freeman died. They lived in Penrith in NSW.

Contact: Zena Anita Hurley
94 Viola Ave
Middx TWI19 7SD
TEL Number: 01784889532
FAX Number: 00 44 0208 814 2707

I am looking for Matthew Sion Lloyd Nassau, formerly of Swansea, South Wales, UK, moved to Canada until he was 14yrs old then back to Bristol, England. He has not been seen for 16years and I am anxious to contact him as soon as possible.

Contact: Gaynor White

Looking for Becky (once know as Crompton/Peakes) Living in Exeter, Devon last I heard.

Contact: Claudette Marie Magee

I am looking for Tony, Peggy & Wendy Rich children of Oliver & Sandra Rich. I am Ann Rich, daughter of Oliver's brother George. Will you or any of your children please get in touch.

Contact: Ann Grice
Maiden Name: Rich

I am looking for 3 old friends from my single days. Joanne Wakelin who lived in Pangbourne, Berkshire. I worked with her at the Grotto, Lower Basildon. Please get in touch or any children of Joanne please contact me. Also, Iren Urquhart of Heather Eldridge, old school friends at Wallingford Grammar School.

Contact: Ann Grice
Maiden Name: Rich

Searching for old friend - William MCDonald. Last seen in 2001, really need to get in contact as moving soon.Please can you help???????.

Contact: Pauline Turner
Maiden Name: Williams
10 St. Kildas Ave
M43 7SF
England, UK.

I was born on 31/01/1967 at Hammersmith Hospital. My birth name was Michael Bates. My mother's name was Susan Bates. She lived at that time at The Curve W12. Susan had two brothers Paul and Mark and a sister. Her father's name was Gilbert and mother Eva. They may have moved to Daffodil Street later. Please if you are any of the above contact me or if you know them pass a message on. Thanks.

Contact: Michael Bates
Other Contact Name: Rob Solley

James Scopes is being looked for by his grandson, Christopher James. Lived in Hackney London in the 1930's and worked for the council, perhaps the local swimming pool. He had a son Derrick (my father) in 1931 with May Scopes. I would like any information about him at all, from friends and family. Thanks in advance ...

Contact: Christopher Derek Scopes
31 Kings Avenue
TEL Number: 020 7326 4564
FAX Number: 020 7326 4564

It would be nice to see your face Mr Mathew Stevens . I was born 15/07/67. Do you not wonder what happened to your daughter. Married 3 children and said that you and I did not meet dad.

Contact: Angela Michelle Petrie
Other Contact Name: Hughes
2 Ferndale Road
Houghton - Le- Spring
Sunderland, DH4 7JE

Attempting to find brother Raymond Eric Vamplew last heard of serving in the army at Chepstow Wales. Was married to Margaret Bedford when last seen had two children will now be adults have not seen or heard from him in the last 35+ years.

Contact: Colin Vamplew

I am looking for my father Norman Webb who I have not seen in 30 years. Born 27th June 1945 in Manchester. He had a younger sister called Margaret. His Father was called Norman Webb and his mother Margaret Webb (neé Diver.)

Contact: Angela Elizabeth Webb
31 Jubilee Way
Preston PR26 9HD
TEL Number: 01772 424763

I am trying to contact Mr.Sacksay Somphone a Loa student who lived in Ayer Itam, Penang Malaysia during the early 70's.He had his education at Han Chiang High School.He was lodging together with his younger brother at my family house during those days. I believe he migrated to the US or Uk after finishing his high school education.

Contact: Freddy Tye
Other Contact Name:Freddy Tye Kim Hoon
6-3-11 Tingkat Nipah.Taman Lip Sin
Bayan Lepas
Penang 11900
TEL Number: 604 6468311, 60124216311
FAX Number: 604 6455828

I am looking for my friend Colette Richardson, the last I know of her is that she was working as a nurse at King George's hospital in Ilford, Essex. Also, trying to locate Donna Bland also worked at the same hospital as a midwife. Many thanks

Contact: Marie Clydesdale
Maiden Name: Conlon
6 Howard Drive
Hants GU14 9TQ

Looking for William Hayes, living in Lytham, Lancashire around 1956. He knew Elizabeth Lawler from Kildare, Ireland. Very important information to be passed on to William Hayes. Any help or information in finding him greatfully appreciated.

Contact: Mary Lawler
Maiden Name:Adams Middle Names:Christina
66 Elmbridge Lane
Woking GU22 9AW
TEL Number: 01483 851274

Mon fils est né le 16 mai 1979 en Angleterre à Londres Mark Patrice Barry (à côté du 88 West Hill SW 15 Londres) Enfant né sous Garcia.
My son was born on May 16, 1979 in England in London Mark Patrice Barry (beside the 88 West Hill SW 15 Londres) Enfant born under Garcia.
Please, help me.

Contact: Lydia Garcia