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Looking for my birth mother. Born 18.11.1971 in London hospital, placed for adoption 17.4.1972.

Contact:Paul (Bannister) Roberts
50 Grey Street

Looking for any ex 21 signal regiment 1959-63, based at RAF Laarcruch who know my dad, Frank Moss (Scouse). Also looking for, Ian and Maureen Broadbent, Leeds, Bill and Cath Robertson, Glasgow, Archie Hutton, Renfrew.

Contact: Dawn Chapman
Maiden Name:Moss

I am looking for Matthew Lynch last Known to be in Dublin in 1969. He is approx. 60+ years old. He was involved in an Irish language speaking body called Gael Na nGor. Possibly living in England. Please contact me if you think you know him or his whereabouts.

Contact: Rachael Heaphy
Other Contact Name: Rachael Hourigan
35, Hilltown Grove
River Valley
Swords, Co.Dublin

Hi I am trying to locate my brother. He was born in March 1965 in Reading. My mothers name then was Diane Horwill. He was adopted sometime in early June of the same year. His name birth name was Richard Alan [Horwill]. Please help me to find him.

Contact: Gayle Anne Stevens Bolton
14 Sephton Street
Lostock Hall
Preston PR5 5RP

Pauline Flores Tijerina your daughters are looking for you or anybody who knows you. We are 3 Lucy, Mary and Pito we lived in Oklahoma and then we lived in New York with our father his name is Luis J. Roman. Any informacion please contact me.

Contact: Luz
Family Name:Pauline Flores Tijerina
Luz S. Roman
Parcelas Punta Palmas
Barceloneta 00617
Puerto Rico
TEL Number: 787-568-2240
TEL Number:1-787-970-0125
TEL Number:1-787-846-3785

I know Kenneth Benes. he lives with my mother in Santa Barbara, CA. Please contact me for more info.

Contact: Johanna C Andrews
Maiden Name: Johnson
Nickname: Jo
7660 Myrtle Ave #17
Eureka CA
TEL Number: 95503

Searching for birth mother. I was given up for adoptian in 1971. Mother's name at that time was Carol Ann Strange, she should be about 56 years if im right, my name at birth was Shaun Edward Strange I'm 31 now, d.o.b 24/01/02. born Reading, Berkshire. I also have a half sister her name is Sharon Strange. In 1971 they lived in Wokinghan, Berkshire, England.At Milne Road. If anyone has info on these persons please get in touch, would love to meet them. thanks!

Contact: Shaun Edward Strange
Other Contact Name:Paul
11 Chapel
Newbury RG18 4JP
Berkshire, UK
TEL Number: 01635865196

Desperately looking for Susan Joyce bond born on 15/10/? I am your daughter Heidi born on the 11/11/84. I miss you very much please get in touch.

Contact: Heidi Carol Bond
5 St Lawrence Court
Cheshire CW5 5PB
TEL Number: 07903458185

Looking for Marion McCann,who lived on Linthaugh Rd. 1950/60s. Attended Lourdes Secondary School same time as me and we were good friends. Anyone with information about her please contact me.

Contact: Danny McCowat
133 Suez Rd.
Rainbow Reach
Southwestrocks 2440
TEL Number: 0265650151

Looking for my mother's birth family. Anyone related to one "Marion Hutchison Hook". She gave up a daughter born 10/19/43. Last known to be living in Midlothian, Inveresk in the 1940's. Please, if you know of any family members contact me in the U.S.

Contact: Sherrie Link

Trying to find David Whall from Chester Le Street, Co, Durham , last known address was in the Netherlands ,first lived in Maassluis,and then possibly the HAGUE .D.O.B 8TH March,1934.he was a special friend and i,d love to hear from him

Contact: Lucy Butterton
31 Drummond Avenue
Doncaster DN5 8XB
TEL Number: 01302 785980

Looking for my brother Gordon Westwood, born in Manchester, age between 23-25.

Contact: Jacqueline Helen Westwood
10 Regent Drive
Lancs WN7 2XE

I am trying to trace my birth mother and father. My mother's name was Pat, or Phil Cook formerly of Carpe Road, Leicester, England. My father was Lathion Foster of Greenville S.C.USA. If anyone knows of any of the above please contact me.

Contact: Gail Joy Hovell
Maiden Name:Tebbutt
66 Dennis Street
Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 2FP
England, UK
TEL Number: 01530835247

Been trying so hard to find a few friends from my dads army days, he was in 21 signal regiment, based at R.A.F Laarbruch, Germany, 1959-63, trying to find Ian & Maureen Broadbent, last known living in Leeds, while in the army they lived over a bakers in Keavler, Germany. Also Bill & Cath Robertson, last known living in Edinburgh, after the army they went to live in Ellesmere Port Cheshire, were Bill was working for a H.H Robertson, could of been his brother, also brother run a pub called the station. we are having a family party soon and id love to suprise dad with these mates being there, please if you know them let me know a.s.a.

Contact: Dawn Chapman
Maiden Name: Moss

Looking for half sister. Birth name Lisa Smith born in Feb 1966 in Plymouth. Father's name Ted. Been searching for 18 years!

Contact: Frances Anne Taylor
Maiden Name: Knight
92 Viscount Walk
Bournemouth BH11 9TJ

Looking for adopted sibling birth name Christine Kirkpatrick, born in Blackburn Lancs, birth mother's name was Elsie Kirkpatrick neé Mayall, born 1953.

Contact: Carole Ann Powell
Maiden Name: Kirkpatrick
Flat 4, 14
Avondale road
Southport PR9 0ND
TEL Number: 07753750262

Seeking Joyce Bill born 21 November 1942 in Wealdstone, Harrow Middlesex. Adopted in 1946.......I am your full blood sister also adopted in 1946. You were 3yrs old and I was a baby.

Contact: Margaret Elizabeth Bill
84 Dulverton Road
England, UK
TEL Number: 07703275864

Looking for my cousins John, Kevin, Lynn Hodgson. Late father's name was John, mother Edna (neé Barkley) lived in Hexham area in North East.

Contact: Heather Hodgson

I am looking for my brother who was adopted in 1978 his name was Keith Hayes he about 24 now his b-day is 7-13-1978. We miss you!!! Please call me any time day or night Mom's looking also. You have 2 younger sisters and 2 nieces and 2 nephews please call me ....xoxolast info u lived in north carolina.

Contact: Shannon Elizabeth Jackman
N169W20220 Georgetown Dr.#1,
Jackson, Wisconsin 53037
TEL Number: 262-677-0366

Anyone with information about Arlington C. Rodgers or Rogers from San Bernadino,Ca. have him call or get in touch with me.He once told me his mother was from Arkansas.We served in the Army together in 1986-1987 at Ft.Sill,Ok.Artie I need to pay you for the tires on your car that I messed up. This is BoBo.

Contact: Shaquan Khalid Muhammad
#3901 7000 decker lane
Austin 78724
TEL Number: 512-622-8774

I am looking for someone else who has also posted in here: Tony "Beaky" Carpenter from London. We met in the "Vault" at the Hard Rock Cafe in mid-October, 2002. Said you were doing a gig here in Mannheim, Germany and I would like to know where you will be. I tried your email address, but it didn't work for me. =( Please get in touch with me. Thanks!!

Contact: Julie Anna Heath
TEL Number: (I'm American)

I really want to say that I love you loads, and I don't care about the past all I want to do is find you so if your name is Steven Silver and you live in the High Wycombe area could you please contact me.

Contact: Charlotte
Family Name: Steven Silver
16 Bryan Street
Hamilton ML3 OJW
TEL Number: 01698 523013

Looking for Gary Bishop who used to live in Lillington, Leamington Spa and played football for Wellesbourne. He used to work at the end of the eighties, begin nineties for Wright Photographers in Warwick. His son Liam (10 years) would like to meet him.

Contact: Connie Klijnstra
Maiden Name:Van der Veer
TEL Number: 0044647874075

Looking for an old friend named Gillian Campbell. Her last known address in 1980 was Aberdeen Scotland.

Contact: Rick Adams

Last name I knew her by was Elaine Hood. She got remarried and do not know her last name. We had 6 children together, one who was killed protecting a friend. Last residence was near Cherry Hill, N.J. Sons and daughters names were Troy, Ashley and Rebecca. Elaine is between 57 to 63 years old with blond hair. I meet her at Phila. Bible College in Phila., Pa. She lived on same street as College. we lived on Osage, Ave. in Phila. for awhile as well as in Perkasie, Pa. She married a man who at one time owned a Pizza Shop in Phila.Rebecca probably got married and her last name changed. She would be about 40 years old. Anyone who can locate them for me will be rewarded for time and effort involved. Respond to 772-287-3372-Florida or

Contact: Lawrence Edwin Hood
1285 S.W. 29th Street
Palm City 34990
TEL Number: 772-287-3372
FAX Number: above

I am looking to meet my father. His name was Raymond Parker. He was a truck driver that either lived with or was married to my mother, Wanda Biglin. They were together from 1947 to 1955?? I was born in Orange New Jersey on Jan.15,1953. I believe I may have two older half brothers, Ray and Richard?? Would like to meet my father or brothers.

Contact: Natalie Helen Parker
Nickname: Lee
25 Jefferson Trail
Hopactcong 07843
TEL Number: 973-770-6467
FAX Number: 973-366-0175

Looking for brother born 08/08/1943 Lewisham, London. Birth name Barrie Murphy. Mother's name Peggy Eleanor Murphy ('neé) Taylor. He was adopted, from when and where we dont know. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Ann Votier
Maiden Name: Murphy
20 Kingsway Avenue
Newcastle Upon Tyne

I am trying to find my partner Patricia Mary Slyfield, and my children who I dearly miss, Claire Louise Stenzil, Steven Patrick Slyfield, Charlotte Elizabeth Slyfield, Chloe Rebecca Slyfield and David Christopher Slyfield. If anybody knows their whereabouts please contact me, I need to know that my kids are safe.

Contact: Patrick Stenzil

I am looking for my birth mother Kathleen Gloria Turner of Newcastle NSW, Australia. I was born on 2/8/1949 at Newcastle and adopted out to the Curran family, my birth name was Ronald Ernest Turner. Please contact me.

Contact: Peter William Curran
249 Hoxton Park Rd, Cartwright
Sydney 2168
TEL Number: 02 98267363

Searching for Patricia Julie (Julie Patricia) Mayne. Born 1939. Father Edward Mayne, mother Phyllis Mayne (neé Brown). Lived in Upwood. Huntingdonshire as a baby and then moved to London to live with Grandmother.

Contact: Suzanne Rachel Entwistle
Maiden Name: Mayne
Crook Farm
Carlisle CA6 6PJ
TEL Number: 01697 748347

Royal Victoria Infirmary
Newcastle Upon Tyne
March 1960 P.T.S.

Trying to arrange a re-union in March 2003. Where are you all??

Contact: Eileen Elizabeth Thomas (Lavelle)
Low Costa Mill
Costa Lane
North Yorks YO18 8LP
England, UK
TEL Number: 01751 472050

I am looking for a man named John Booker who lived in Leicester in 1991 - we dated for a couple of years - would like to make contact.
John would be approx 29 -30 years old now.

Contact: Lisa Hietala
205-3795 Carey Road
Victoria V9C 2E7
TEL Number: (250)884-3965

I am trying find Gary Bishop. He used to live in Lillington (Leamington Spa, UK) and worked for Wright Photographers in Warwick. He played soccer for Wellesbourne. He must be about 36 yrs old. He is the father of my son Liam (10 yrs) who would like to meet his father. If you know him or you are Gary please contact me.

Contact: Connie Klijnstra
Maiden Name:Van der Veer
It Rak 10
Bolsward 8701 LG
TEL Number: 0044647874075

I am trying to locate my father, David John Franks. His last known area of living was Islington London. His date of birth is 30/4/35 or 36, not sure which?

Contact: Maxine Jane Franks
163 Daniels Welch
Coffee Hall
Milton Keynes MK6 5DA
TEL Number: 01908/393222 07814172285

Angie Bazely where are you? I was at school with you in Cyprus around 72/73.
You moved to Australia and we lost touch. I would love to find you again and see how life has treated you.

Contact: Dave Davis
1 Orchard Grove
West Lynn
King's Lynn PE34 3LE
TEL Number: 01553 760660

I am looking to find Keith Clarke from St Heiler in Jersery, Channel Islands. He lived there in 1964 he may have moved to france. Do you know him? Are you related to him? Please help.

Contact: Elaine Mackinnon
Maiden Name: Bell
46 Babylon Road
Lanarkshire ML42HQ

In search of my birth father James Jefferies. Seven Oaks, Kent, England. He was a enrolled nurse at William Harvey Hosp.1980-1981, my mother was Jeanette Barker, he would be 46 years old. All I want is medical history from this man and to find out whether I have brothers or sisters.

Contact: Lee James Kaczykowski
Maiden Name:Barker
10 Paramount drive
Brisbane 4500
TEL Number: (07)38823738

Searching for my half sisters Carron and Yvonne. Was Mulrooney but have changed names. Last known to be living in Accrington.
18 Railway St
Lancashire PR72UA
TEL Number: 07729222190

I am looking for my dad Patrick Joseph Rix born in 1938 and used to live in Lloyd Baker Street, Islington, London. He sometimes switches his christian names about. Please contact my friend on her email address who will pass any info on to me. Sincerely Toni Rix.

Contact: Toni Rix
Other Contact Name: Joan Warren
69 Towan Avenue
Milton Keynes MK6 2DU
TEL Number: 07752465751

I am looking for my half sister last known name Danielle Hendry. She was adopted from London, last known place Kent. Our mother's name was Ann Denise Austen . Danielle must be about 21-22 yrs old now . Your dad's name was Peter Hendry. Please contact heidi xxxxxxxxxx

Contact: Heidi
Family Name: Thompson Austin
49 Dewe Road
East Sussex
Brighton BN2 4BE
TEL Number: 07952225807

Looking for my dad's brother. My dad's name is James George Button, born Deptford, London, September 1924. My dad was a Docker, used to live in Plumstead, South East London, his brother lived in Thamesmead or Abbey Wood, London circa 1960s. Believed to have one or two children at that time. Please email me if you have any information.

Contact :Linda Button

I am seeking my friend's nephew. His name is Stephen J. Ferrante, approximate age 40, last known living in California. His parents were Louis Ferrante and Ruth Macken, both of New York.


Searching for Jean Dorothy Bailey. Last known living in Griffin road, Greenwich, London in 1966. She worked as a bank clerk. Please help to locate.

Contact: Alison Patricia Elford
Maiden Name: Sutherland
41 Jermayns
Basildon SS15 5HB
England, UK

To all the people who have attended F.G. Public School Mangla Cantt, I have developed a web site for communication.
Please tell others about it.

Contact: Shafqat Hussain
25 Watson Ave
TEL Number: 07866833751