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Trying to find my father, His name is Joseph Jones he was born in June 1930 as far as I am led to believe, His last known address was Broadwater Farm, West Malling, Kent. That was between 1971 to 1973. He has a son in a previous relationship and his name is Peter. Any information please contact me. Many Thanks.

Contact: Lorraine Jean Black
Maiden Name:Jones

Trying to find my half brothers and sisters, their names are Rita, Elizebeth, Andrew and Micheal Jackson. They are aged between 35 to 42, Rita and Elizebeth were born in Scunthorpe, Andrew and Micheal were born in Tunbridge Wells Kent. Their father's name is Philip and he was born around Doncaster way. If anyone has any information please contact me. Many Thanks.

Contact: Lorraine Jean Black
Maiden Name:Jones

Looking for Alex, from Cricklewood. Met in Market Place bar, London on May 11. You were on stag night. Wish you'd given me your phone no!

Contact: Red leather trousers, scuffed boots!

Born Stephen Robinson 08/06/82 in Scarborough to Steve and Helen Robinson , adopted to a family aged eight possibly in Leeds. Changed name to Steven High. I'm his big sis and would dearly love to see him again. If anyone has any info please get in touch xx

Contact: Claire Robinson
19 Linham road
Somerset TA63QY
TEL Number: 01278445800

Jill Pick neé Foster has left a message saying you wanted me to contact you. I've sent you an E-mail and it was returned as undeliverable.

Contact: Martin Richardson

Father's name Ronald Austin Smith, he was one of 14 children originally from Portsmouth, England. Family has scattered all over the country and indeed all over the world. Would like to hear from any cousins or other relatives especially from Australia .

Contact: Susan Mcgrath
Maiden Name: Smith
178 Wyndhurst Road
B33 9JW

I am searching for my biological mother. I was born 4th November 1972 in Lambeth, London, my name was Alexander, I believe my mothers name was Jane Smith, but I am not certain of this. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Nicholas Alexander Bristo
4 Pangbourne Court
Hazelhurst Road
London SW17 0UF
TEL Number: 07956577173

I would dearly love to make contact with Mark & Maggie Towers who moved to Australia in 1995. They used to live in Bramhall, Stockport. I have missed Maggie very much over the last few years and would love to know how the family are getting along

Contact: Rosemary
Family Name:Hendershott / Newby
Maiden Name:Timperley

Looking for my father Jack [Robbie] Robinson formerly RAF no529315 warrant officer @ regular airman known to have been at Hereford at no1 advanced training school in 1951 F/S Robinson.

Contact: Jacqualine Power
Maiden Name:Robinson
Middle Names:Lavinia Ann
180 Long Street
Tamworth B78 1QA
Staffs, UK.
TEL Number: 01827 898277

I am trying to locate a very dear friend named Samual Norton born 1920's. He lived in Linton, Cambridge and was in Norfolk Regiment [army] I am approaching my 80th birthday and would like to catch up with him.

Contact: Patricia Neems
39 Woodland Rise Parkend
Gloucestershire GL15 4JX
England, UK
TEL Number: 01594-563582

Joyce Irene Green. Was that your maiden name, or maybe it was the maiden name of your mother. She was my Mum too! I was born 13.3.49, at St.Michael's Hospital in Bristol UK, and given up for adoption shortly after. My name on the birth certificate is Susan Joyce Green, but my adoptive parents changed that to Lucy Salter. I would dearly like to hear from my mother, or any other relatives I may have. Please e-mail me.

Contact: Lucy Atkinson
Maiden Name: Salter

Looking for Jamie Sinden last seen 10 years ago residing in Queensway above Garfunkels . I had to go back to S.A. but am now residing in U.K. with my son Jared.Last spoke to you on Jared's 1st birthday. Please get in touch.

Contact: Ana Maria De Jesus
Nicknames: motormouth
110A Wandsworth Bridge Road
London SW6 2TF
TEL Number: 07713814603

I would like get in touch with Wendy Parratt who lived on Montrose Terrace,Irvington, New Jersey during the early 1960s.

Contact: Raymond Berry

I was born 27/05/1959 in Colchester, England as Angela King. Trying to find birth mother Rosemary King who lived at 112 Argyle Gardens, Upminster at the time and was 19 years of age. She worked as a shorthand typist at a printing firm in London where her step father was a section manager.

Contact: Gillian Burfield
5 Chadlington Avenue
Auckland 1008
New Zealand
TEL Number:64-09-838-0182

Trying to find Ken Don, originally from York, was in the Gordon Highlanders, last seen 1(br) corps in Hans Myers in Bielefeld

Contact: Les Chalmers
20 Old Road
Aberchirder AB547TJ
TEL Number: 01466780361

I am looking for Susan Wright who used to live in Moreton, Wirral. She went to Wallasey Tech and worked for Royal Insurance. She was my bridesmaid in 1973. Please contact.

Contact: Denise Black
Nickname: Denny
50A Park Road West
Claughton Prenton
Merseyside CH43 8SE
England, UK
TEL Number:0151 652 8664

I am looking for the children of my sister (Eleanor Koch-Noble). Father's name is Chris Noble. who lived in the Bronx, NY) the oldest is a female, Stephanie and the youngest is a male, Mathew. they were both taken away from her at a very young age (female 6yrs old and male 2yrs old) and we use to visit them (myself, their cousin, Raymond and grandmother, Marie Koch) as often as we could in the facility in Bklyn, NY until their grandmother became very ill and past away. All the family loved them so very much but with the passing of grandma and so many problems with my sister we lost contact with the children. If anyone who might know anything or the whereabouts of these long lost but very much missed two family members please email me at with any, much needed information.

Contact: Harriet Stabile
Maiden Name: Koch
New York

I'm looking for Valorie Weltlan, please e-mail me if you have any contact information for her.

Contact: Jennifer Ann Norris
Maiden Name:Bowman
12705 Mariners Ct
Newport News, VA 23606
TEL Number: 757-930-2324

I`m searching for David and Jessica Carse from Glasgow/Scotland. They used to live at a place called " The Amber Guest House"near Paisley Road in 1992.Can anybody help?? I miss them so much. Thanks, Tina

Contact: Tina Hollweg
TEL Number: 0597150874

I´m searching for Richard Tassell. He served in Münster/ Germany in the 80th. Got married in 1988 to a girl named Julie. As far as I know he was born in Southhampton. Would love to find out if he´s ok and miss him a lot. Thanks, Tina

Contact: Tina
Rheine, Germany

Errol Randolf Williams (Mick) frorm Leeds is missing, dob is 10/12/1945.

Contact: Miranda Cottingham
Family Name: Williams
Maiden Name: Williams
Other Contact Name: Clifford Williams

Am trying to find my natural Mother: Irene Stefania Campbell Dick (Whitelaw), widow of Fergus McKenzie Whitelaw. Last known place of residence: Glasgow - 1952.

Contact: Malcolm Ronald Whitelaw
Nicknames: Kim
27 Calle Catalunya
TEL Number: 93-7586083
FAX Number: 93-7410230

Urgent: Have you seen this girl ?
19 year old Rachel Wilson mysteriously disappeared from the streets of Middlesbrough on 30 May 2002. As Rachel would certainly not go away without contacting her very close family and friends, there is a high probability that Rachel has been abducted. Rachel is a pretty white girl, 5ft 5 inches tall with a pale complexion, blue eyes, and long brown hair. When last seen Rachel was wearing a white hooded padded jacket, white T shirt, white trousers, and white trainers. If anyone has information as to the whereabouts of Rachel, please email and collect a £1500 reward.
Alternatively please call Middlesbrough Police,
TEL Number: 01642 303 187,
or, call Crimestoppers, anonymously,
TEL Number: 0800 555 111.

Looking for my cousin, Waziri Mohamed Soud. Please write me an email.

Contact: Jazaka Khamis Salim
Nicknames: Jaz
Moi Avenue
Mombasa 80100

Looking for Carol Wilkinson who used to live at Haighouse Hill, Huddersfield, Yorkshire . or anyone who knows of her where abouts.

Contact: Gerald Jowett

I am wanting to trace any of the Pritchard family. My father was Frank Thomas born 1982 married to Amelia Harris. I grew up in Acocks Green Birmingham and any help would be appreciated.

Contact: Audrey Revell
Family Name: Pritchard/Harris
Nickname: Naubs

Looking for Sheila Shaw, lived at Marylands Avenue in the 1950's had a baby girl on the 26th June 1953 in Paddington Hospital, London. Anyone knows of her please make contact.

Contact: Annalie Wilson

Looking for Suzanne Edmonds (Edmonson) born 26th July 1972 or her mother Judith. Originally from Haywards Heath area in England. If you know of them please make contact.

Contact: Annalie Wilson

Looking for an old pen Mary Janice Wood(s) neé Preston born 23/01/37 Abbywood, London. Last in touch 1968/69, last know address Upperwickham Lane, Welling, Kent. Any information please contact my son via e-mail.

Contact: Olga Maude Bell
Maiden Name: Solomon

Looking for Brian Morton formally of Marward Rd, Leicester, understand your trying to get in touch. If any old friends are out there and wish to get in touch please do so.

Contact: Robert Mobbs

I'm looking For Jason. I met him in Tokyo in 96'/97'. He's English, but might be residing in France as his parents have retired and moved over there. He has short brown hair with 4-5, red/orange dreads protruding from his fringe. He was a street performer in Tokyo. If you are Jason or if any one knows of this Jason, please contact me.

Contact: Gin Lam
Nickname: Gin
30 Trelawney Rd
Cornwall TR11 3LX
England, UK
TEL Number:07966315987

Does anyone know a William Hayes, originally from Lytham, Lancashire. He is now aged about 61/62 years old. Please, if you know someone with this name and about this age, would you contact me urgently. Any little information would be most appreciated. Many thanks.

Contact: Christina

I am looking for my cousins - last heard of in Chiswick. Their parents names are Peter and Maggie Clarke. My father's name was Tommy. My family emigrated to South Africa. Calvin, Christine, Rosemary-Are you out there?

Contact: Donna Elizabeth Clarke
15 Carousel, Dassiedal
Wildenweide, Kwazulu Natal
Richards Bay 3900
South Africa
TEL Number: 27357893006

Desperately seeking Christine Moore from Ealing and Cardinal Newman school, also, worked in Safeway, Ealing Broadway late 70's.

Contact: Ray John De Dombal
Nickname: Raymondo
10 Turnpike Way
Isleworth, Middlesex
TEL Number: 0208 569 7662
FAX Number: 0208 560 6935

I'm trying to find descendants of my mum's cousin:- P/O Richard Gwynedd Owen killed when HMS EXMOUTH was sunk by U22 on 20/1/1942 off Wick Scotland.

Contact: Gwynedd Roberts
Nant Peris
Gwynedd LL55 4UF
TEL Number: 01286871419

I'm looking for Malcom Joseph Mitchell who served at Maidstone barracks in the 1960's.

Contact: Simon John Reed
31 Scott Street
Maidstone ME14 2TA
Kent, UK
TEL Number: 07941430016

I'm looking for the daughter of P A Russell who was given up for adoption in the 1960's. Obviously, if you email me your birth date I'll know you're genuine.

Contact: Simon John Reed
31 Scott Street
Maidstone ME14 2TA
Kent, UK
TEL Number: 07941430016

I am looking for my birth father. The name known to me is David Wilson. He was married to a Miss Heidie Colclough and left when I was born.

Contact: Emma Marie Wilson
Maiden Name:Colclough
50 Halford Street
The Leys
England, UK
TEL Number: O7870 374721

Please help me find my birth parents, I was born in St Mary's Hospital Portsmouth on 8/3/1960 and my parent's name's are Patricia Rose Jones and Terrence Anthony Jones, last known address 87 St Paul's Road Portsmouth 1962. My Grandmother Rose used to run the corner grocery shop on St Paul's Road,My father is ex-RAOC. Please help me. My birth name is Patricia Mary Jones.

Contact: Kristina Jones
Middle Names: Ann Patricia Mary
Nickname: Tina
51 Mill Street
Derbyshire DE7 8GQ
TEL Number: 07817163273

I am trying to find Elaine McFarland from Ireland. Last known address was No. 10, Dublin Road, Bray, Co.Wicklow. I will be going to London in Sept and hope to visit her. Would appreciate it if anyone can help me

Contact: Carrie Chuah
13, 1st Ave Reservoir Garden
Jalan Air Putih
Penang 11500
TEL Number: 6-04-8266225
FAX Number: 6-04-8266227

I am looking for my son, John Connelly McKenzie, who will be 25 now born 6/1/77 . He was adopted when he was 7 without my knowlege as I was ill at the time. I have been trying to contact him through social services but they are not very helpful as there was an awfull lot of mistakes regarding his adoption so if you know of anyone who was adopted around 1984 with the name John somewhere in Scotland, please let me know. Thanks .

Contact: Ruby Patterson McKenzie
12 Fintry Mains
Dundee DD4 9HF
TEL Number:01382 504202

Would like to trace descendants of P/O Richard Gwynedd Owen born 19/3/1901 died 21/1/1940 off Wick Scotland on board HMS Exmouth.

Contact: Gwynedd Roberts
Nant Peris
Gwynedd LL55 4UF
TEL Number: 01286 871419

Tyler Freeman somewhere in London. Not understanding what happened.

Contact: Amanda Kaye Frye
Stuart Place
110 Legion Way S.E. #304
Thurston County
Olympia, WA98501
TEL Number: (360)754-0635