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Looking for brother,born around 1961, put up for adoption soon after, also father name Allan. My mothers name is Wendy Susan Gibbs. If you recognise mothers name and have any information please contact me .

Contact: Christine Dick
Maiden Name: Gibbs
Middle Names: Lesley Faith


Looking for any relatives of Ernest Edwards and his wife Georgina (neé Ward). Last known living in Dublin early 1900's.He was originally from Manchester. They gave twin baby girls up for adoption in 1926. The girls grew up in Limerick. If you have any information, please get in touch.Thank you.

Contact: Michelle Deedigan

I am looking for Rosemary Isaacson (maiden name) an old friend, last heard of in Deal, Kent in 1975. She went to Folkestone Girls Grammar School and then to Kent University. She had siblings Charles and Prudence Isaacson and Virginia May. Would love to get in touch again.

Contact: Zaria Lee
Maiden Name:Taylor

I am trying to find Harvey and Delaine who lived in Buckden in 1975. Harvey was in the USAF at RAF Alconbury. He is thin with short blonde hair, Delaine is short and tubby.

Contact: John Anderson
12 Field Walk Godmanchester
Cambs PE29 2DL
TEL Number: 01480383406

I am looking for my father, Sargeant Philip Anthony Lanford. He was born 4/2/1950 and comes from Mobile,Alabama.Served in Vietnam in the Marine Corps and was awarded 2 purple hearts.Married Linda Catherine Phillips at St Gabriels Church,Manor Park.Guard of honour was his best friend Sargeant Lance Rice.Please contact your daughter regarding your grandchildren.

Contact: Linda Michelle Lanford
Nickname: Little Tony
5 Rossendale
Milton Keynes/Buckinghamshire
MK14 6EF
England, UK
TEL Number:01908 318970

Lived and went to school in North London would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Contact:Kerry Beggs
Nickname: Beggsey
email: kerrybeggs @

For Barbara Mary Spruce - neé Webb...
Dawn Spruce...
Stephanie K Spruce from the Halifax Yorkshire Area

Contact: Bob

Bishopbriggs High School 1970-1975 or Balmuildy Primary School 1963-1970. I am looking for anyone, staff or pupils, who was there during those years. Would love to make contact again with Elizabeth Bell, Sheila MacKenzie, Deborah Collins, Jacqueline Keen, Anne Hogg, Christopher Atkinson, Mrs. King, Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Porter, Mr. Muir or anyone else who was there at that time. If you can help, please...

Contact: Linda

I am looking for my birth parents or my previous foster parents. I just would like to know a little more about you as well as myself. I was born May 18, 1976 in Bartlett Memorial Hospital in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Mother, no matter what the situation, I am grateful that you gave birth to me. I had the opportunity to grow up in a very loving home......thank you!

Contact: Rachael
Family Name:Rachael
Middle Names: Dawn
2709 1/2 NW 12th Street
Oklahoma City 73107
TEL Number:(405)946-8969

I am looking to contact my brother Jason Hussain.

Contact: Adrian Hussain
55C Lichfield Road
Sutton Coldfield
Birmingham B74 2NT
TEL Number: 07940206563
email: adebcfc@hotmail

I am looking for "Carol Williams" Which was her maiden name. I use to live in the same area has she did, which was "Davy Hulme" near "Urmston" in Greater Manchester. We last had contact about 1977. I then moved to Heywood after we split up,and would like to meet hear again after all this time.

Contact: Paul Davies
50 Edgeworth Close
Manchester OL10-4XW
TEL Number: 07713727000

I am trying to contact Peggy Cartwright Junior last known at the Alton Estate Roehampton. Attended Elliot School late 50s, she had 1 sister and 4 brothers. Please contact my hubby on 07958 701002.

Contact: Sandra Irene Crow
Other Contact Name: Sandra Honour
8 Frederick House
Woodthorpe Rd
Middx TW15 2SA

Female is of birthmother born 12/14/68 in Jersey City, NJ. Birthmother was 31 yrs. old. She named me Laura. She came here from England in 1964 & left after I was placed for adoption in 1969. Father-born in Texas. I also had a yellow blanket she crocheted for me. If familiar please email me. Thanks.

Contact: Sue
Family Name: Named at birth "Laura"
New Jersey

I am trying to trace my brother who was adopted. He was born in 1968 and was adopted in West Kirby, Wirral. His name on his birth certificate was Jeremy Gray. Mother's name was Anne Stewart Gray formerly of Egerton Road, New Ferry. Please email if you know of this person, so as I can contact. I have been trying to trace for at least 7 years.
Contact: Michelle Gray
32 Margam Crescent
Walsall WS3 2SH

I am looking for Purna Bahadur Sunuwar [Kanchha] from Nepal , who is now I believe in Sweden, possibly Stockholm. He was previously in Boden. I owe him an apology and some help. If you know him or have an address for him, please contact me as I am worried about him. He was my friend, I hope he still is.

Contact:Sarah Stacpoole
Maiden Name: Bagnall
Middle Names: Ann Eleanor
The Mill House
Mill Lane
Blandford DT11 0QD
TEL Number: 01258 455091

Looking for Diana Polzinski ex Qarnn back in 60's

Contact:Steve Fairey

Looking for a Mark Trevert. Our parents knew each other first in Exeter, then in Elgin, Scotland. You and I kept in touch, by letter when I lived at Wyton. You were at Cosford I think. My folks names are Alastair & Eunice Wallace.

Contact: Fiona Hamilton Watt
Maiden Name:Wallace

Looking for Jill Pain. Last saw her at Finningly when I was about to be come a dad. You rode a horse called Ben. Would like to know how and what you are doing these days. Get in touch.

Contact: Dave Watt

Looking for any one who was at Elgin Academy 1977/78-1980/81. . Reason there is a chance that there could be a reunion being arranged for some time next year.

Contact:Fiona Wallace Watt

Please contact me if you remember me from anywhere! But mainly Butlins, Minehead 1981-82 or Bournville School of Art 1980.

Contact: Amanda Louise Horton
The Drive
Bliss Gate Road
Worcs DY14 9XX

Looking for Terry Reed, DOB 10-31-50

Contact: Sue Elizabeth Sharpe

I am looking for Deana Abbott who married Elmer Roos who served in the Canadaian Air Force during the war. For some time Deana and her sister lived with us in Derbyshire in the UK. My mother's name was Minnie Albones and my father was Dud Albones. Deana met and married Elmer Ross and then moved to Canada and I have lost touch with her. I am now 75 years old and Deana will be slightly older.

Contact: John Kenneth Albones

I am looking for Ruth or Saba Roden. We went to school together and we are dear freinds. I don't know if the spelling of the surname is correct but I know they live in London somewhere. I can only hope to find them!!

Contact: Brenda Edith Muckle
46 Ashbourne avenue
Harrow/ Middlesex
London HA2 OJS
England, UK
TEL Number:(0208) 4237800
FAX Number:(0208) 4237800

I am looking for my birth mother. I was born at St.Mary's Hospital in Portsmouth,U.K. on May 18, 1950. My name at birth was Jennifer Joyce Hibberd. My mothers name is Stella Helen Lucy Wright married December 23, 1950. to John Wright. Last known address 25 Lily Avenue, Widley Hants.


Looking for Linda Janine Giles [maiden name] married name not known. Last known address was in Salisbury England 1976 she'll be about 46 now.She comes from Birmingham. She lived in Brighton England for a few years,up until 1975. If someone could help me I'll be very grateful.

Contact: Paul Kenneth Lee
90 Arundel Road
West Sussex
Littlehampton BN17 7DP
TEL Number: 01903 723547

I am looking for my two half brothers George and Norman McBeth. I have not heard from them in nearly fifty years and would like to get in touch with them. They were from Uphall in Scotland any help would be appreciated, thanks. George went to Canada and Norman went to New Zealand

Contact: Davina Stein Finlayson
Maiden Name: Crosbie
Other Contact Name:Karen Reilly
60 Henderson Cres.
Broxburn EH52 6EZ

Can anyone help me? Am trying to trace old friends from the 60's for reunion in Feb 01. Julian Wood (nickname - Chip) last known address Mill Road, Strood, Nr. Rochester, Kent. May have moved to the London area after that. (Had 2 brothers Cliff & Derek?) Colin Hammond (nickname Chick) last known address Galahad Avenue, Strood, Nr. Rochester, Kent. If anyone thinks they might know their whereabouts now, please e-mail me ASAP!

Contact: Pat Moore
Other Contact Name:Trish Moore

Am trying to catch up with old friends. Anyone out there know a Mick Nicou? Last known address (in 60's) 25 Elthorne Road, Upper Holloway. Moved in early 70's. If you have any information please e-mail me.

Contact: Pat Moore
Other Contact Name:Trish Moore

I'm searching for my sister katy, we where split in 1973 last I heard she had moved to Canada in 1978. Katys last known name was Bithel her birth name is Mohamed, we where last together in Beech Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, England, with our brother Brian Mohamed we lived with foster parents Mr & Mrs Hall.

Contact: Leila Mohamed/Evans
Other Contact Name: Leila Darby
Pantycelyn Cwmpengraig Velindr
Carmarthenshire SA44 5HR

Hi, I am looking for a lady called Samantha Greenwood who I used to go to primary school with. She used to live on Highfield Road in Bramley, Leeds. She has a younger sister called Joanne. . When she moved away with her parents, I never knew where she moved to and it would be great to see her again for old times sake. I don't know her new name if she got married but I have been trying to find where she is for a long time now.
I hope you can help


Seeking info on Beth Olinda Roberts dob 18/02/46 aka by surname Bailes in early 70's.Lived in Ruthin. Daughter of Herbert Roberts and Olwen Roberts. Siblings Hugh Roberts, David Roberts, Delyth Roberts. adopted daughter Tina Mary Roberts (birth name) seeks contact or info. Also on John Raymond Bailes dob 07/02/28.

Contact: Kathryn Tina Hall
Maiden Name:Pickup
3 Tabernacle Chapel
Garth Road
Bangor LL572RL

I am looking for William Cameron Macduff originally from Glasgow, Scotland. He worked in the West Midlands in the early 1960s. His wifes name was Ina and his childs name was Lesley. They moved to South Africa and may have later moved to Canada. I would like to make contact again.

Contact: Ken Arthur Partridge
58 Old Penkridge Road
Staffordshire WS11 1HX
TEL Number:01543 503931
FAX Number:01543 503931

I am looking for my long lost dad John Armstrong , he was last known to live in Nottingham UK. He was married in the 1960's to a lady called Carolyne Armstrong where they had 3 children together Paula, Chris and Debbie.

Contact: Debbie Tracy Armstrong
Nickname: Deb
24 Rakeway
Chester CH16AZ
England, UK
TEL Number:01244 880445

I am trying to find anyone who knew me, I was born in Bury, Lancs, in 1939. I would like to hear from Margaret (maiden name Moorhouse) I moved to Fleetwood at the age of 16, and love to hear from any of my friends there or anyone who remembers me from Victoria Hospital, Blackpool. Also cousins children of Ernest Oddie.

Contact: Margaret Edith Bolton
Maiden Name:Oddie

I am looking for David Noel Millwood aged 13-14 and Cathrine Ann Harper aged 26.

Contact: Adrian Hussain
55c Lichfield Rd
Sutton Coldfield
Birmingham B74 2NT
TEL Number: 07940206563

I am searching for Jeff Jones. Previously of Gap Road, Wimbledon, London. If anyone can help me locate Jeff please contact me. Thankyou.

Contact: Dawn Sarah Playford
31C Pickford Lane
Kent DA15 9HX
TEL Number:020 82981365

I am looking for my half brother. All I know is his name is "Chuckie", our Mom's maiden name is LaVerne Scheer. I've been trying to get info. on him for years so I can locate him.

Contact: Alice May Chubb
Maiden Name: Bischoff

I have not seen or heard from my father in 8 years he was last known to live in a town called Otley in Yorkshire and Bradford before that.

Contact: Mary Jane Denzey Minski
Maiden Name: Miller
18 Whitecraig Crescent
Musselburgh EH218NG
TEL Number: 07796097123

Stephanie J Fisher (Lichfield Staffordshire England) D.O.B 1956/57. If you know her or anything about her please get in touch with me as she is my birth mother. Any information would be appreciated. I believe she was living in a children's home in Rugeley and then went to a convent in Wrexham where I was born in 1973. Please help.

Contact: Alison
Family Name: Nicola Jayne Fisher
Maiden Name: Hay
Middle Names:Alison Jayne
Other Contact Name: Alison Wilson

Searching for half sister born 10/7/59 at Florence Booth House, Dundee, Scotland. Named Margaret Mcinley, adopted 6 weeks later by Mr & Mrs Curr. Any info please...

Contact: Margaret Henry
email: dickie732@aol

Cox : Were you born on 6th March 1959? Was your Father in the Army stationed at Catterick in 1960/61. I am looking for my adopted brother. Please get in touch with any information. Thanks.

Contact: Kath Douglas

Looking for Annette (maiden name) Jones. Don't know her married name. As a child she lived on Hendon Rd, Blackley, Manchester. Has two older brothers, Raymond and Harry and an older sister Beryl. I believe she married and moved to Withington. I know she has at least one son. I was wondering how you are Annette?

Contact: Linden Jones
Maiden Name: Taylor
TEL Number:905 822 7655

Clough, Lorraine, married name in 1990 was Benson , moved to Halifax soon after. Would love to hear from Lorraine again.

Contact: David Alan Evans
Other Contact Name: Annette evans
65 Windermere road
Stockport SK1 4NW
England, UK