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Looking for Terry Pressland, used to be a very good friend of the Honeywood family, we hope we can reunite with him if you know him please pass this message on with our phone number. Thanks.

Contact:Lucy Anne Honeywood
32 Marsham
Peterborough PE2 5RN
TEL Number: 01733371382

Seeking Birth mother Lesley Wright. I was born Deborah Jane Wright on 9/8/66 at Bushey Maternity Hospital, Watford. My birthmother Lesley stayed at Guildford House, Torrington park, Finchley before and after my birth. Seek info re birthmother or any other relatives. I've had a truely fantastic life so no recriminations- just want to "connect". Nikki.

Contact:Deborah Jane Wright
Family Name:WRIGHT
Other Contact Name:Nikki

Hoping to find anyone who went to Cherry Hill High in 1972-75,missing all contacts since I left in 1975 for Louisiana. If you remember me or my brother Bruce (plays guitar-grad in 72) please contact me. God Bless! Hugs,Sheila

Contact: Sheila Eileen Schneider
Maiden Name: Honeycutt
Nicknames: She,Little One,Sam,
Broward County
Sunrise 33322
TEL Number: 954-747-9775
FAX Number: 954-742-4225

Lin, are you on-line?

Contact: Harry Lee

I am looking for Mark Mingo. I desperately need to find him. We parted ways and I have never stopped thinking about him. If he is married, that is ok. I need to put some sort of closure on this if that is the case. Mark was born May 20,1962. Hes 5'9, strong muscular build, dark blonde hair and blue eyes. If anyone knows his whereabouts please contact me through this phone number or e-mail.

Contact: Joann McIntyre
Other Contact Name: Kellie Sherk
Selkirk, Ontario N0A 1P0
TEL Number: 905-776-2077

I am looking for my 2 aunts - they are Rita and Jean Farnworth and I believe they live in the Bury, Lancs area, and are between 50-60 yrs. However I dont know if they ever married. I am the son of their brother Roy and Iwas adopted when I was 4 years old. Anyone with any knowledge please mail me I would love to get to know them.

Contact: Ian Farnworth
Other Contact Name:Ian Plews
Flitwick, Beds

I'm trying to find Frank Keenan for my grandad as he was my grandads bestman and they served time on the ship HMS Unicorn in 1950-1951 together. He was from Wigan so if anyone can help I would be very grateful.

Contact: Becky Palmer
52 Gordon Street
Wigan WN1 3DF
TEL Number:01942 513147

Trying to find David Freely who used to go to The Elms Junior School and the Eliot Durham in Nottingham. I believe he moved from St Anns to Stockhill Lane.

Contact: Martin Fletcher

I am looking for my biological father. His name is Steven Baker, he used to live in East London but I now believe he lives in Kent. He has a brother called Colin who works at Whipps Cross Hospital. If anyone has any info please contact me at my E-Mail address. Thankyou.

Contact: Emma Jane Moore
England, UK
email: ejm.mew@virgin net

I'm looking for my mother Norma Mae, maiden name was Perry. Married Leonard Levi Smith May 1,1938 in Yuma Arizona. They had two children Leonard Lee, and Carroll Lee Smith. Leonard Lee was born 2/21/39. They got divorced sometime between 1940-1941. Our dad is dead and did not leave any imformation on Norma Mae.

Contact:Leonard Lee Smith
Nickname:Tex, Christian
11782 Gary Street
Garden Grove 92840-2035
TEL Number: 714-638-7061

Looking for help with my family tree. Thomas Green married Sarah A Gunn at St Davids Church of England Hobart 10 Oct, 1827. Children born Mary Jane,19/5/1829 Thomas 29/4/1835 and William 11/10/1837. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Brian Green.

Contact: Brian Green
115 Broker's Road
Wollongong 2519

Seven siblings taken in 1950-51. ..mother pregnant with me find them... birth last name Sanders, Bobby, Luther jr., Nancy Lee, Donald, Charles, Judy, John...taken in Pennslvania area..mother Marion.. father Luther... Please help me!!!!!!

Contact: Sandra Frances Carman
Maiden Name: Sanders
Nickname :Susie
P.O Box 96
Winifrede 25214-0096

Dulake's stop!!
Hi, if you are a Dulake, I am . I am trying to fill out my family tree, if you originate in UK, London especially i'd be interested in hearing from you :)

Contact: Martyn Dulake

Looking for Jeannine Barton, has sister named Kelly and two brothers Mike and Mark Barton. Last seen in El Paso, TX.

Contact: Linda Ann Lungo
Maiden Name:Nelson

Marion Jones last know to be living in the Salford area of Manchester, England. .Please contact the address below as family are searching for you

Contact: Carol Roberts

Looking for old friends from Bradford.
Anyone who remembers me and would like to get in touch please feel free. I lived in Holmewood for a number of years but now I live in Halifax.

Contact: Carol Roberts

I am looking for my biological mother , I was born on 20 May 64 at Tor nursing home Edinburgh. Please get in touch.

Contact:Madeline Baird
Middle Names:Ferguson Chayne
TEL Number:07932543198

Help wanted.
I am trying to locate old school friends. Anyone who went to Latimer School Barton Seagrave 82-89. Craig Plowman, Chamanthi Nanayakkara, Sarah Smith, Hakan Ozel, Claire Lewis, etc etc.

Contact: Vanesa Ann Cowles
Nickname: Nessie

I am looking for Elsy v.d. Weyer(maidenname) Her husband's first name is Eugene Last name unknown. I lost 20 years ago her adress. Last known town where she lived was Woodford Close N.S.W. in Australia.

Contact: Annelies Pool
Maiden Name: Wesselink
Roosenburglaan 181
Middelburg 4337 JE
TEL Number: 0118-623515

I'm looking for Julie and Rod Allen. I worked with Julie in the Clifton hotel during the 70s the last address I have for them is in Perth, Australia where they emigrated to in 77 or 78. Shortly after they were married. I would be grateful for any help locating these good friends.

Contact: Kathleen Harding
Maiden Name:Kinnear
14 Westminster Road
Cannock WS11 2RF

I am looking for a Michelle Barlow. She would be about 23 years old now. In 1989 (which was the last time is saw her)she lived in RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire UK. She also had an older brother. We kept in touch for a short time, then lost contact and i would like to meet up again. If you know her please e-mail me.

Contact:Fiona L Adams

Heiner William Paleit-Reilly my partner has been missing from his home in Birmingham, England since Tuesday 1st August 2000. I am desperate to find him as I do not understand his disappearance. He is 5ft 11inches tall has blond hair,blue eyes,scarring on his chest from cardiac surgery and tatoos on both arms. Please contact if you can help.

Contact: Jeniffer Wright
England, UK
TEL Number: 07392 449468

Looking For Daniel Joseph Armbruster. We served together at Sheppard Air Force Base , Texas 1952 . Dan was my assistant barracks chief , we shared a Room . I think he was from Iowa ?? His wife to be was named Annie or Sarah , Dan was a Roman Catholic he would be about 65-67 years old now .

Contact: Earl Brizendine
Nickname: "Briz" "Tex"
2718 Hopson Drive
Athens 75751

Decendents of Andrew Jackson McDowell he served two terms as Mayor of ColumbusMiss. Died 1897 , is buried in Columbus Miss. at the "Friendship Cemetery". His wife was Joanna E.Henley. They had 12 Children . My grandmother , Sallie May McDowell Brizendine was one of their daughters . She married , William Lee Brizendine , My Grandfather , at the family home , on "College Street". They moved to Texas and raised their 2 children, William Kimmie Brizendine ,my father , and Maxine Brizendine , my Aunt . They had a son Joe Mathis Brizendine , who died an infant . W L Brizendine , was a "Singer Sewing Machine Salesman" and later owned and operated a cleaning and pressing clothing establishment in Palestine , Texas. WLB died in 1931 , his wife died in 1968 , both are buried at Palestine , Texas .

Contact: Earl Brizendine
Nickname: "Briz" "Tex"
2718 Hopson Drive
Athens 75751

Seeking sister Janet Ann Montgomery, possibly married a Lyndon. Also seeking Tony and Michael Montgomery. Last seen around 1962-3 our mother's name is Sylvia, last know address for Janet was 46 Morley House in Hackney. Tony Michael unknown if any one knows them ie relations or friends, Siblings, sister Margret is searching for you.

Contact: Margret Winifred Bergman
Maiden Name: Montgomry
20 Flaxen Road
London E49TY
TEL Number: 02089232549

I am searching for my birth father...
James Charles Demott, dob 3-12-1942. I have limited information about you and would just like to complete my story for myself and my children ....any information is welcome and greatly appriciated ...

Contact: Mika Dawn DeMott
Reseda , Ca 91335

I am looking for my father and any one else on his side of the family. His name is Ian Canning, he married my mum Jane Ward and had me on 28/09/80. He was last seen in Leamington Spa his last known address was flat 2a 11 Brunswick Street, he worked as a mechanic for the Corner Coventry group, would any one with any information or who is part of the family please contact me. I am especially interested in finding him and my grandparents (his parents, now belived to live in Shropshire). Please help.

Contact: Joseph Canning
Nickname: Joe

Beccy, I don't know if you remember me from Droitwich. I just wanted to say hi and find out how you are doing {if anybody is reading this who knows a blonde girl named Rebecca with two sisters{Rachael & Ruth}and a brother{Steven}. That lived in the Worcester area. We became good friends,so I would like to know how she is.{Beccy remember Magnum and our promise}

Contact: Daz Jones

Looking for my cousin Rita Howard.. .who married Roy Tester...also looking for Jeremy Harley from the PRO...

Contact: Ann Johnson

I'm searching for a long lost friend... maybe someone can help me. Her name is Lori Hutcheson, we became friends in an army hospital in Ft. Bragg North Carolina in 1976. We were in the children's ward and became close childhood friends.. I'm just interested in how she's doing. Help if you can, thank's.

Contact: Dianna Christy
Maiden Name:Sorrells

Looking for my son, name at birth John Paul Hulston. Born on 25th December 1978. Born at Hope Hospital, Salford. Last saw him 13 years ago. Adopted against my wishes. John-Paul was his cristian name, but somebody dropped the Paul. Any information please contact me at my e-mail address. Need to tell him the real truth

Contact: Milligan
Family Name: Milligan
Maiden Name: Ryan
Nickname: Kathy

I am looking for my Grandfather - he came to stay with my Grandmother approx 1944 -47? He is a friend of the Sleeths - she and the man we assumed was our grandfather have now died, I lived in Canada for many years not knowing he was close does any one know who this man may be?

Contact: Julie Hull
Maiden Name: Davey
Erith, Kent
England, UK

Please help me to find you, Shannon and Clifford Kearns, name at birth, you are both thirty four,Clifford born jan.5,1966, and Shannon born dec.7,1966. I don't even know what to say to bring you back into my life except that i need you both again after all these years....

Contact: Jacqualine Kiklas
Maiden Name: Kearns
Middle Names: Brenda, Marie
Nickname: Poopoo

Looking for David, Donald, Robbie, Melvin or Coleen Blalock(?) , was living in the Baltimore area, this is your sister Kay from N.C., Coleen was my birth mother, would love to find my half brothers, if anyone knows them or of them, please e-mail me, thank you all.

Contact: Kay Taylor
Maiden Name:Beacham
248 East Southwinds Dr.
Newport 28570

1983 Looking For Fiona Campbell...
Formerly from South Queensferry, Edinburgh.

Contact: Stuart Paterson
TEL Number: 0800413893

Looking for biological father, possibly named Bruno Marzano. He used to live in New York in Rockaway or Far Rockaway. Used to visit Rosedale, New York very often. In 1970 he would have been about 30 - 35 years of age. First name could be different than mentioned. If you have any information please contact me via email. Thank you!

Contact: Dawn Marie Mascari
Maiden Name: Iannotti

I am looking for my father John Maleen (I'm not sure of the spelling) from New Jersey who was in England in 1953/54 working in a military laboratory opposite the American Embassy. My mother's name is Elizabeth Bishop. If anyone can help me please contact me. Many thanks.

Contact:Debbie Anne Phillips
Maiden Name:Bishop
14 Eaton Close
Herefordshire HR6 8LQ
TEL Number: 01568 612703

Looking for K J Hocking (jan) who was stationed at Kitchener Barracks , Kent, 1960. Was squadron chippy, I was reme armourer known as Big Al. Possible life boat connection.

Contact: Alan Davis
Nickname: Big Al
1 Gosforth Close
Sunderland Road
Sandy SG19 1AQ
TEL Number: 01767 681 221

Wanting to contact an old friend......
Michael Clarke, used to live in Tamworth and play rugby. Just like to find out what's happening in your life and what you've been up to over the last couple of years.

Contact:Liz Place

Searching for Female, DOB 5 June 1962, Oxford, England. Adopted at birth..Please contact.. Any information would be greatly appreciated..Thanks John.

Contact: John
Family Name: Pitt, Audrey

Please help as I am looking for Marie Sibley, if she is not married, who lived in Hertfordshire who has a brother who was adopted and his name is now Grove but was Sibley. Marie would be about 24 to 25. Father's name is Derek Sibley

Contact: Charlie Grove
England, UK
email: cooke_m@{

I'm looking for a friend - Leah Ruth Wilson. She went to Calderwood Primary in the late 1980's. She left to start a new life in John O' Groats with her family. Could somebody give me some information please.

Contact: Gavin Mitchell
4 Selkirk Drive
Glasgow G73 3JD
TEL Number: 0141-647-2946

Vera Barnett neé Hunter is my Grandmother. She was married to Frederick George Barnett and had a daughter Patricia born 4th July 1943. Frederick and Vera split up about 1945 and she has not been heard of since. Would like to hear from her or her relatives.

Contact: Debbie Louise Frichot

Vera Barnett neé Hunter is my Grandmother. She was married to Frederick George Barnett and had a daughter Patricia born 4th July 1943. Frederick and Vera split up about 1945 and she has not been heard of since. Would like to hear from her or her relatives.

Contact:Debbie Louise Frichot

I am desperately searching for my missing family who are known as the following: Doreen Rubens, Angele Rubens, Henriette Rubens, Edward Rubens, Louis Rubens, Edward Webster, Angele Bechelet. All born in the Channel Islands between 1900 and 1955 also any information on Good Shepherd Orphanage Southampton and Swissville Childrens Home Guernsey and Summerland Orphange Jersey.

Contact: Mary Veronica Galante
Maiden Name: Rubens

I am trying to contact my brother Jason Hussain and sister Mandy Gillespi if anyone can help please contact me.

Contact: Adrian Hussain
55c Lihfield Road
Lichfield Road
Sutton Coldfield
Birmingham B742NT
TEL Number: 07940206563

I'm looking for my father Victor Irons, his grandchildren are asking about them and have I got additional family anywhere?

Contact: Carla Morcombe
Maiden Name:Irons
60 Rochester Close
North Lincolnshire
TEL Number: 01724 350528