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Please help our family find lost relative...
Phillip Wayne McConnell, White, Male, DOB 3/10/42, last known address:
2236 NW Miami Court, Miami, FL (Salvation Army Adult Rehab address-treated/released early 1998).
Phillip is 5'6" tall and weighs approx. 130 lbs.
Thank you for your time and kindness.

Contact: Dianne Gribble
Maiden Name: McConnell

Looking for my mother...
Peggy (Margaret?)
Maureen Moores South of UK 1953

Contact: Christine Susan Pauling
Maiden Name: Hood

If Lucy Martin Chadwick sees this...
please contact me, you know who I am
or if anybody know's her please call
or e-mail me.
Thank you very much

Contact: Ian Hartley Chadwick
Nicknames: Chady
13 Ferguson road
Blackpool ,
Lancashire FY1 6RL
TEL Number: 01253 315415

Donibristle aircraft yard, Scotland-former apprentices.
These names and relatives please contact me:-
Bill Orr of Cowdenbeath; Bob Anderson of Dunfermline; Andy Tait of Edinburgh; Jim Hogg of Kirkcaldy; Mike Hudson of Rosyth; Dave Graham of Fife; Andy Dall Black of Dunfermline; Gus Moore of Aberdour; Dave Scott of Kirkcaldy; The Morgan brothers of Kirkaldy; Johnny Leach of Kirkcaldy;

Contact: John M. Hunter
Nicknames: Jock
TEL Number: 360-794-8745
FAX Number: 360-794-4793
email: 75120,

Retired English Teacher, Play Producer, Housemaster and Group Dynamics guru from Eastbourne College - 1962-1988- Now President of the Societe Jersiaise and itinerant Director of Courses in Leadership and Self Awareness.

Contact: Philip John Brayn Le Brocq
Nicknames: Pip, Jock, Baldeagle!
The Cottage
Le Bourg
St Clement JE2 6FY
TEL Number: 01534-852523
FAX Number: 01534-855948

Edward, David and Paulette Williams...
Edward married to Lilian (née Gander) 1942. Edward is my grandfather. He has 6 other children from first wife Lavinia. I am trying to locate for my mother who has not seen him since 1941 when her mother died. Last known address of all 4 was 2 Godfrey Hill, Woolich, London, UK
Please help this is important to my mother who is now 66 yrs old and has had no contact with this side of her family since 1941.

Contact: Lorna Elizabeth Adams
Maiden Name: Pearson
Nickname: spud
#102-2727 First Street
British Columbia V9N 9C8

Phillip Quinn...
Please call me as soon as possible.
Aunt Sue.

Contact: Sue Williams
Maiden Name: Chapple
4368 Davis dr. lot 31
Actworth 30101
TEL Number: 770-529-9036

I am looking for a spanish doctor who lived in Dayton Ohio in 1988 and 1989. His name is Estanislao Beltran and has returned to Spain but still has relatives in Ohio and Florida.

Contact: Jane Diane Farley
Maiden Name: Skomrock
50 Progress drive
Xenia, Ohio 45385

New Chicago, Indiana...looking for Becky
Badger (maiden name).
Becky is appx 38 yrs old; she grew up at 3120 Pulaski St. Her mom (Maxine) may still live there.
Been over 20 yrs! Let her know please!


I'm looking for my cousin Tina Lamere...
She left home at the age of 14 from Eugene ,Oregon.She would be about 31 now.I live in N.Y. and would like to know that she's ok.She may be in Ca.

Contact: Lee Ann Perry
Maiden Name: Roach
509-74th St.
Niagara Falls 14304
TEL Number: 716-283-2735

I am looking for...
Dale Alumbaugh

who used to live in Tulsa OK at 3925 East 4th Place and had two little boys named Spencer and Taylor. I am an old neighbor and I am wondering where he is now?

Contact: Amy E. Lander
Maiden Name: McGraw
P.O. Box 11232
Fort Smith, AR 72917-1232
TEL Number: 501-461-7060

Have we lost touch?
If so e-mail me, I want to reunite with my old friends !

Contact: Valerie Kathleen Hewlett
Nicknames: Walelia, Spaghetti, Pasta etc.
15 Kings Cres.S
Lethbridge T1K 5G4
TEL Number: 403-327-3742

Looking for Debby Kilts
(maiden name) who used to live in Rochester Michigan in 79-80.
If you know her - tell her to contact me.

Contact: Sam Damewood
PSC 42 Box 88
APO AA 34042

I am looking for an old friend,
her name at the time was Linda Toker.
We worked on Wall St. in NYC together in the mid 60's.

Contact: Linda Greenfield
Maiden Name: Altshuler
Nickname: Lukybell

Mary Ann Werner is my birth mother.
She married my father in 1962. Gave birth to me in 1964 and my brother in 1965. She disappeared in 1968. Please contact me with info.

Contact: M. Theresa Landis
Nickname: Teri
1409 Chester Pike
Eddystone, PA 19022
TEL Number: (610) 490-1263

Seeking Adam Phillip Fortner,
born approx. 10/78 in VA or TN. (Mother Sue Forther).
Please contact me as soon as possible.
We have tried everyway we know how to find you.

Contact: Phillip

Joseph Egan, your classmates... from Saint Michael's High School, Union City NJ would like to hear from you!!

Contact: Lillian Weiss
Maiden Name: Wirtz
160 Overlook Avenue
Hackensack 07601

In search of !!!!
Looking for friend from the 1st grade..
Gayle Embry, about 18 years of age..

Contact: John Burton
230 N. Catron St.
Oregon 97361
TEL Number: 503-838-1231

Looking for birth Father...
James Freeman who had a brother named Richard who I referred to as "Uncle Witchy" when I was a child. I was born on Long Island NY in Dec of 1961.
Please contact me if any of this sounds familar.

Contact: Debbie Ann Freeman
711 N. Brunswick
Marshall Mo 65340

I am in search of my Father's immediate family.
My Father's name is Denis Kenney who joined the British Merchant Marines during W.W.2. Immediate family last known to reside in the Abbeywood,Essex. Exeter regions of London,England.

Contact: Peggy Jean Talbot
Maiden Name: Kenney
12 Messina St
C.F.B. Petawawa,
Ontario K8H-1G5

Looking for my niece...
"Connie Lynn Pimlott".
Born Dec 30,1958 married Richard Lee Smith Dec 20, 1978. Her parents were John Rex Pimlott Jr and Diana Fay Greenlun. She had 4 half-sisters : Sandra, Mariln Viola, Mellisa Fay, aand Sheri Pimlott. Her step-mother was Delores Evelyn Munford. Connie disappeared with her father at the age of 4, in a divorce. Please Help. Her mother is still alive and has not seen her in 36 years. Don't know where Connie is.

Contact: Kirk Alan Greenlun
Nickname: Corky
20011 Spur Hill Drive
Gaithersburg 20879-1476

Looking for a step-brother...
Hasn't seen father in 18 years. Your family would love to meet and get to know you. Please contact us.

Contact: Sue
Family Name: Thomas Patrick Beckett
P.O. Box 549
Lowndes County
Caledonia, MS 39740
TEL Number: 1-601-356-4470

I am looking for my birth father...
His name is Demetrios Stavropoulos. He is orginally from Cyprus and is Greek. He was living in London, England when I last saw him over 35years ago. He would be over 70 years old now and would probably be living in Europe. If anyone knows him or his family please email me. Thank you!

Contact: Lora Elizabeth Walters
Maiden Name: Stavropoulos
Nicknames: Liz, Lizzy
11629 SW 50th Court
Cooper City,
FL 33330
TEL Number: (954) 680-8705

Looking for Lorrie Schutte
from Upeer Saddle River and
Ridgewood New Jersey.
Want to say Hi.

Contact: Vinnie DeSantis

Trying to find...
Doris Leova Devine

born in the Ft. Riley, KS area. She would be 64 or 65 years old now. Grandchildren she has never met are trying to find her. They are children of a son she gave up, born Frank Wayne Devine on 11/7/50 in Danville, VA.

Contact: Karen Jones
434 Willow Bend Dr.
Chesapeake, VA 23323

Hi, I am trying to locate
my father John Anthony Cruz
born in August, 1947 or 1948.
I am his daughter Lorrie Jean Cruz born January 17, 1971.
Dad if you are out there or if any one can help me please contact me.
Thank you
Lorrie Cruz (Desperate)

Contact: Lorrie Jean Cruz
10262 Selkirk Ave
Riverside CA 92503
TEL Number: 909 412-4870

I am looking for a guy from Dublin by the name of David O'rourke or O'rorke...met you near Trinity College in May and just want to see how you're doing. David's 32, long brown hair, 6 feet...if anyone has any clue who I mean, please let me know...thanks.

Contact: Veronica Ann Dougherty
Nickname: Vee

Looking for...
James Henry Freeman

and or any of his family members. I was born 12/08/61 have a brother 22 months younger then I. I would like to introduce his two grandson's to him one of which has addison's disease and would like to know if there is a family history with it.

Contact: Debbie Ann Worley (divorced)
Maiden Name: Freeman
711 N Brunswick
Marshall 65340
TEL Number: 660-886-7299

Seeking Enid Johnson neé Redbond married to Robert (Bob) Johnson Children Christopher, Hugh, Niall, Piers. Parents William and Jessie Redbond Please contact cousin Anne at above address.

Contact: Adelaide (Anne) Hooker
Maiden Name: Smith
Nicknames: Addie, Anne
81 Harrow Lane
St Leonards on Sea, Hastings,
East Sussex TN37 7JY
England, UK
TEL Number: 01424 754933

Were you in Africa in 1990 or 1991?
I'm looking for Graham Whyte. Australian by birth and has a brother in the UK. We had some great times just south of Mombasa.

Contact: Lourens Erasmus

Looking for Rita Lee Perry
born 8-20-70 in Concord Ma. Last seen in South Phila Pa at the age of two.

Contact: Fred Perry
28 Clinton
Everett 02149

Old friends?...
Graduated from Monroe High School, Rochester, New York 1965.

Contact: Deborah Crown
Maiden Name: Cohen
4005 North West 69th Street
Florida 32606

Looking for Barbara Becker
(maiden name) from Salt Lake city.
We met at the Grand Titansin 1978.

Contact: Yona Jeffrey Alan Bik
Moshav Maor
D.N. Hefer 38830
TEL Number: 972-6-6378924

Desperately looking for...
Russell Justin Tucker, missing since the mid 80's. His family misses him and will like to know about him.
DOB 11 09 58
Please help us find him.

Contact: Ana Tucker
FAX Number: 727-7878405

Trying to find Debby Kilts
(maiden name) Birthdate 5-23-56? Last known address Rochester, Michigan in 1980.
Been trying to find you again for 18 years now.
Please get in touch.

I'm looking for Jackie Porter Proctor and her daughter Liselle

Contact: Sandra Coleman
Maiden Name: Beaman
Nickname: Samm
5213 E. Capitol St SE
Washington DC 20019
TEL Number: 202-575-1349

I am looking for Mathew Smyth.
His brother Gerry would like to find him. Mathew Smyth is formerly from Ireland and was last heard of in 1968 in Sydney Australia.

Contact: Wilhelmina Riswick

I am looking for...
Joyce (Sturmon) Holt and Randy Sturmon my aunt and uncle. My mother is wanting to see them. My mother is Kathleen (Sturmon) Renaud. My grandfather was Roy Sturmon.
Please if anyone knows of these persons whereabouts contact me.

Contact: James Danny Franklin
Maiden Name: Sturmon
Choctaw, OK 73020

My grandfather“s name is...
Joćo Temoczko and he came from Ukrain in 1930 or 1932 and I am brazilian.

Contact: Renato Temoczko

Looking for Mariko Kawanami
(maiden name), friend from Indonesia. Has a sister named Makiko. Last known addresses in Seattle and Bethesda, MD. Friend from childhood and would love to find her again. Age would be around 33 years. Japanese family.
Please contact me if you know anything, by phone or email. Thanks

Contact: Rita Rene Shurmer
Maiden Name: Hekman
TEL Number: 615-793-7917

Contact: Bethany Goin (Reddreamer)
Family Name: Shane Allen Goin
TEL Number: 2563329899

Atlanta Sisters seeking only brother in UK Rory/Richard Hopkin and/or Suzzette Hopkin

Contact: Kathryn Joseph
Middle Names: Kay Bernadette
Nicknames: Kathy
Building A
2064 Pernoshal Ct.
TEL Number: 770-457-2496
FAX Number: 770-457-5136

Please help me locate my mother's half brother and sister.....
My mother Katie Sturmon Renaud wants desperately to locate her little brother and sister. If any one knows them please contact me. Their names are Joyce Holt and Randy Sturmon. Their father was Roy Sturmon from El Reno, OK.
Any information will be helpful.

Contact: James Danny Franklin

Desperately seeking David Sobanski...
I have missed you for years, please accept my apology and know that I will hurt forever to know that I hurt you. I only wish to make ammends for the ways I've wronged you. Please get in touch with me.

Contact: Angel Renee Lowe
Maiden Name: Simon
302 Cardinal Drive
Woodstock 30188

I am looking for my father...
Jack Marion Thompson

Contact: Lee Ann Terese Detlefsen
No email or postal address given.

Looking for John Walters
(father Fred, mother Isobel) born around 1940, resident in Scarborough, UK in 1960

Contact: Carol Moore

I am seeking the family tree...
of the Hammonds in the town of Tauranga in New Zealand can some body help me please?

Contact: Greg Andrew Jorgensen
Nicknames: Blue; Red
PO Box 3520
Mackay 4720
TEL Number: 0412587983

I'm looking for the family of an Hispanic man named Carlos Medina. he is now deceased by way of an auto accident. I believe he in M.O. maybe Kansas City. I think he has an older son named Christopher. he had a daughter who came to St.Louis to educational contest or program some years ago.

Contact: Kimberly Yvette Valiant
Maiden Name: Worshim
10529 Count St.
Castle Point
St.Louis 63136
United States
TEL Number: 314-388-4992