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I'm looking for anyone who knew Richard Layman, he went by Dick, he drove a truck, he was my dad, he died at 49yrs,family relatives, he was dopted ,mother,married. Name,Wood, maiden name Avis. Anyone, please contact me, I need to know if there are any family members left. This is very important my dad never got to know his grandkids I am begging Woods or Davis, please contact me if you knew Richard Layman[dick]. Thank you.

Contact: Dorreen Lannette McCutchen
Maiden Name: Layman
1311 Poplarst
Marshall, Texas 75670
Harrison, USA
TEL Number:903 9385072

I'm looking for a David Lowenthal. He most probably is not residing in the UK , although he did live in London formerly. He is tall and athletic and is in his 40's. Brown hair. I would be interested in contacting any of his family members; Amanda, Jack or Janet Lowenthawl. This interest is purely for frienship, please help if you have any information on any of the mentioned people, thankyou.

Contact:Zoe Anushka Dean
London W4 3XQ
England, UK
TEL Number:020 8747 3945

Trying to find my daughter who was born on 7th August 1979 in Boltons Maternity Ward (near Manchester).
Her name is Anna on the adoption order and the adoption took place in Leigh courts on 8th February 1980. Any information at all please contact me.

Contact: Lynne Leader
Maiden Name: Robinson
Other Contact Name: Julie Ingham-Middleton
Hawthorn Road
England, UK
TEL Number:01204-403346

I am trying to trace my birth mother Margaret Mary Clancy (maiden name). I was born on the 24th September 1947 at St James's Hospital, Battersea and adopted on 17th November 1947 at Kingston upon Thames County Court. her last known address was 144 Leigham Court Road, Streatham London SW16. I was christened Daniel Chalmers Gould. Please help with any information however seemingly insignificant either by letter or email. Thank you.

Contact:Daniel Chalmers Gould
114 Brockenhurst Avenue
Worcester Park
Surrey KT4 7RE

Female, DOB 3 July 1962, Oxford, England Any one with any information, please contact...thanks....

Contact:Audrey Pitt

I am looking for some friends that I lost touch with when I lived in North Carolina. The names would be Jeremy Grounds, Mike Wilkerson and Will Youngblood. They were quite the group when they were stationed at Camp Lejuene back in 1997/98. Would love to hear from or about these guys again. Thinking about you, Melissa and Erin!

Contact: Melissa Kaufman

Where you in the sugar loaf pub in Easton, Bristol (UK) on thursday 13th April?
Do you have blonde hair (a bit like david beckham) have a light brown jacket with fur on and smoke drum roll-up cigarettes? If you know this man or are him please mail me, i would love to see you again. (I stood at the bar and spoke to your friend, my uncle was in the band on thurs.)


I am looking for my great uncle Jonathon Marshall,
he was born in St Thomas's hospital in London, England he had sisters one called Joan Florence and Margaret, He also wrote the book "How to Survive in the nick"

Contact:Emma Johnson
United Kingdom

Wish to locate my husband's children.
They were last living in Springfield Gardens, NY with their mother Mary Lawerence. Their ages now are 32 and 34 approximately.

Contact:Elizabeth and Martin Nathan Lawerence
Other Contact Name:Rae Lawerence
230 Watkin drive
Hampton VA 23607
TEL Number:(757) 826-8727

Looking for anyone who went to Hampton Park School 1975-1980.
A school reunion has been arranged by Gary Todd. Email me for more details.

Contact:Clive Garner
Other Contact Name:Kim Garner
email: kim

Looking for a pen pal Carolyn Rogers...
Birthdate 8-8-52 from Allentown Pa was pen pals from 1963 thru 1970

Contact:Dannie Biddle
13605 Santa Lucia rd
Atascadero 93422
TEL Number:805-458-4606

Trying to locate people that were in Basra Iraq in 1979 , working on the petrochemical complex for Lummus/Thyssen (sp?). Especially the kids that went to school at the American Centre. If anyone worldwide can help,pls E-mail me. Thanks.

Contact:Dean Anthony Marshall

Edward foster missing for 9 months.
Anyone with information please contact .
Edward I love you, phone collect.

Contact:William Darmon

I am looking for my uncle, his birth name is Kenneth MacDonald. When my mother was 7 years old her month passed away, Kenneth was approximately 1 month old, my mother was born in 1912. Kenneth was given to her two Aunt's to raise him, one of the Aunt's names was Maggie Smith. My mother never saw her brother again. She is now 88 years old and I would love to find out what happened to him for her, he may not even know he had a brother and three sisters. His brother passed away at 20, but his sister Mary passed away at age 80 and his other sister Isabelle passed away at 79. Isabelle and my mother are twins. My mother's life long wish has to been to find out what happened to him, but we have no idea and keep running in dead ends. If anyone has any knowledge of him please e-mail me, my mother lives in England with my brother. If Kenneth has passed away, please look if that was your fathers name, his birth certificate should show he was born in Glasgow, his mother's! Name was Janet Rae. Please if anyone can help, contact me. Thank you

Contact:Margaret Rae Tricker
Maiden Name:Dundon
2 Cumberland Court
Cary, Illinois 60013
TEL Number:847-516-7055

I am Looking for Vera Barnett Nee Hunter for my mother Patricia born 4th July 1943, who would like to find her or her relatives. She lived in Trowbridge Wiltshire England and was married to Frederick George Barnett. They seperated about 1945 I think. No strings we just want to know who she is and if she is still living.

Contact:Debbie Frichot

I'm looking for Terry Casey we worked at BMH for many years she moved to FLA. some time ago. Casey I'm on the farm. Anne

Contact:Anne Hutchens
Maiden Name:Burns

Lynda Ely B/D mid 50's, So. Ca. . ? Adopted by maternal grandparents(Jordan)Family searching 40+ years. Mother Donna Jordan raised in Van Nuys, Ca. B/D 12/25.

Contact:Kathi Ely
8 Avenida Taxco
Vista 92084

Looking for Josephine Care, graduate of the class of 1972 of St. Maria Goretti High School in Philadelphia.
Lost touch with her 20 years ago and would like to reestablish contact. Anyone who knows her whereabouts, please contact me.

Contact:Rita Marie Doyle
Maiden Name:Stipa
P.O. Box 115
Atco 08004, NJ
TEL Number:856-767 1851

Family search for Robert Donnelly lived in Merrill Street?
Boston, Mass USA in 1920's or 1930's. Son of great aunt Sarah. Is he still alive? Any children?

Contact:Julie Farmer
Maiden Name:Barr
59 Bach Mill Drive
Hall Green
B28 0XN

Graham Murphy are you out there?
Can someone please help me find a person called Graham Murphy.He had light blond hair, 2 sisters called kim and Kerry and two brothers He used to live in Westwick Gardens, Lincoln, England about 3 years ago (1997) If any one has any Info on where he is please contact me.

Contact:Stephen Thomas Brown
7 Beeson Close
Little Paxton
St Neots PE19 6NE
England, UK
TEL Number:07867633786

Seeking family or friends who knew the Carter/Hemus/ Pester families of Stenner Lane Didsbury Manchester England. 1930-50's. Once owned Healds'Dairy. Also any friends who went to Beaver Rd.School 1950s.

Contact:Elizabeth Anne Rogers
Maiden Name:Carter
Nickname:Topsy Anne
Other Contact Name:Anne Hails
email: fhails @

Lillo, Marc - Where are you?
Can you contact John and Jenny Gardner in Bath who still have your books. Last Known working for International Schools Tokyo, previously Tanzania and Bangkok. Family in Paris.

Contact:Jenny Gardner
Other Contact Name: John and Jenny Gardner
The Mount
Bath BA2 9BT
TEL Number:01225 873622
FAX Number:01225 874069

Looking for Paul Raymond Green, should be 46 this year. My Dad, Paul Tang last saw him 1992 and would like to contact him or know about his whereabouts. He did work in Ohman as a language teacher. He has a brother,his parents are divorced, his Dad used to be a potatoe farmer and his mum used to work in a solicitors in Normanton. Please contact me on the e-mail address if you know his person. Thank you

Contact:Anna Tang

I am looking for my birth parents. I beleive that the name given to me at birth was Rachael Dawn. I was born in Sapula, Oklahoma on May, 18, 1976.

Contact:Rachael Dawn Werthen
OKC, OK 73159
TEL Number:(405)688-8366

I'm looking for Sherry Timms or Jeff Timms if u come on here please contact me my icq number is 44060811 I would very much like to talk to u and get back in to being able to hear from u more often.

Contact: Jannet Vinen
Maiden Name: Veri
Middle Names: Lynn

Hi, I am looking for someone who lives in the town of Tipton, England. I am interested in conversing regarding the town's name and history. If you can help, I would love to talk with you. I am looking for information that might help in learning more about the Tipton family.

Family Name:Sir Anthony de Tipton
Other Contact Name:Beverly King

I want to contact Valerie Hayter(neé Simpson)dob 14/02/52 married Phil and moved to Manor Park. Godparents to our daughter Sarah. Lost touch because of army commitments. Anyone with any info please email. Thankyou

Contact:Carolyn Rebecca Curtis
Maiden Name:Gain

Teresa Carroll Tapler:
I'm looking for a friend, I've not been able to get in touch with by phone (wrong number) Her husband's name is Eric and they have a daughter.

Contact:Kim Layman
Waynesboro 22980

I am looking for my best friend Tracey Bryant. We grew up in Chicago Il. She graduated from Niel F Simeon Highschool in 1989. She has two sisters, one brother, her mom is a nurse. If anyone knows her or how I can get in touch with her please e-mail me.

Contact:Alexis Corrine Anderson
Maiden Name: Story

Searching for adopted brother Marcus.
Adopted when he was around 7 years old in the State of Mississippi please help.

Contact:Bridgette Ranae Bender
Maiden Name:Bender
1914 W. 133 rd ST
Los Angeles 90249
TEL Number:310 763-0495

Looking for any info on the family name Barnachez.
My grandfather was born in Nicolette, Canada about 1884 name was Joseph G Barnachez,father's name Paul Barnachez, mother's name Vitaline Marchand. Any help would be helpful as I can not find anything here trying to do a family tree to no avail!!!!! Thanks.

Contact:Regina Marie Shepard
Maiden Name:Barnachez
34 Bryan Ave
Easthampton,Ma 01027-2223
TEL Number:413-527-5083

Looking for siblings Robert Henry Green, Susan Green, Margaret, Carol & Alan Reed.
Birth parents June Lillian Reed (nee Green) & Albert Henry Reed. Born around North Lincolnshire, England, in particular the Scunthorpe area. All siblings born in the 1950's.

Contact:Anthony Paul Colin Reed

I wanted to look him up because I haven't talked to him for about 5 years now and was just wondering what he's been upto. It's been a long time since we've talked.

Contact:Becky Jean Descoteaux
2999 Baltimore Rd
Vermont 05243
TEL Number: 802 777 6110

I am looking for my father Namir Hanna Shabo. He is Iraqi.
Age 50-55. Worked 1979-1982 in Adan, Yemen. Yemen University, Agricultural Department. If any one knows him, I would really loved to meet him.

Contact: Katherine Taran
Maiden Name: Polonski
285 Park Lawn Road #108
Ontario M8Y 3J7

Just looking to see how you are Marilyn Beerman.
Maiden Name:Hole


Audrey Nunn lived in Benghazi, we left in 1966. I used to go out with Dennis, you used to go out with Ken, they were both in the band. We left in June 1966 to come back to Britain. Where are you now?

Contact: Jeanette Ann Warren
Maiden Name: Blanchard
9 Brandon Road
Mildenhall IP28 7HZ

I am searching for Rosie Eury or Rosie McMillan. Our husbands were in the military together in Veilseck, Germany in 1994. I believe she has family in Alabama. If anyone knows her please contact me.

Contact: Leponda Harmon
Nicknames: Pondie
East Lynn 25512

Looking for Rodney Nesbitt believed to be somewhere in Africa. Cannot forget Newcastle 1963. Please get in touch.

Contact: Maureen Guthrie
Maiden Name: Corrigan
St. Anthony's
Tulygally Road
Craigavon BT65 5BL
N. Ireland
email: (non supplied)

Robert Dudley Miller Please contact your family. Anyone having any information about Robert Please contact me. He is 44 years old as of April 11 2000.

Contact:Shirley Marion Miller
Nickname: Suggey
PO Box 680
Gold Hill Oregon 97525

Deborah Marie Cann (birth name)
born: August 11,1961 (Lynn,MA) Last seen 1970 in Lynn,MA Adopted: through Boston Catholic Services possibly by a doctor? Father: Ralph I am your sister and have other family members who love & miss you also.It's been 30 years too long! Please contact me, please....
Love Andrea

Contact: Andrea Brown
Maiden Name: Cann
TEL Number:1-781-477-9886

I am looking for the Sneloson family from the US who originated from England at beginning of 1900's.
Family names: Rowbottom, Edwards, Bowater, Buckland. My last contact with my cousins in the U.S was in the 60's when I wrote to Dennis Snelson in Vietnam and later in 70' Debbie Snelson who later became Snelson Eastman came over to visit us in Wordsley. last known address Silver Falls Dr Kingwood Tx USA. If anyone can help please contact me on my email address. Thank you.

Contact: Vicky Julie Clarke
Maiden Name: Bowater

ISO Ruth Hernandez from Bayamon P.R. she gave birth to me on 12/11/48.
Father was Franciso Martinez DeAndino , in the U.S. army & married. He took me when he was transferred. Just found this out 4 years ago. I am that son and would like to meet my b.m.

Contact: Frank DeAndino
Family Name: Francisco Martinez DeAndino
2135 West County Line Road
Jackson 08527
TEL Number: 732-942-0212

Sr. Juvenal Vera : Buenos Aires
I am a 46yr old englishman originally from Lndon,England. Since I could remember,my mother has lied to me that my father died before i was born. He is Argentinian and his name is: Juvenal Vera. This information is all I have but I believe he is alive and well and living in the Buenos Aires area. He was in the navy at the time of my birth. I doubt he knows anything about me as my mother snatched me and hid from him. At the time, my mother was a native of Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England. My father searched for me but eventually left for his home. I would dearly love to contact him. I want nothing from him but to inform him I am alive and want to contact him. Anyone who can help me would be a friend for life.

Contact:Stephen Robert Pringle
Other Contact Name:Stephen Prentice
Holywell Road
Cornwall TR8 5EY
England, UK
TEL Number: (00 44 0) 1637 830921
FAX Number:Same

Looking for Robert Terry O'Bryan born 1947.
Your children would like to hear from you.

Contact:Rhonda O'Bryan
Julie Vincent
22 Castle Road
Northants, UK

I am from a farm in Western Australia, and collect family history. If you would like to know more about the Vanzettis, or you can add to the info, contact me.!!!

Contact: Kylie Michelle Vanzetti
Maiden Name:Maley
Nickname: Smiley
P O Box 277
Western Australia 6510
email: kyvan@yahoo

I am looking for my father Alan James Bradley.
He has two brothers Raymond and Mark and a sister called Cheral. His father's name is Jim and his mother is called Olga. I also have two half sisters Jackie and Susan I would appreciate any info on any of these people. Thanks.

Contact:Joanne Carlisle
Maiden Name:Bradley
33 Shrewsbury Road
Merseyside CH43 2JB
England, UK
TEL Number:01516586339
FAX Number:01516536009