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Stephanie Robin Stein, born in New York Hospital on August 20, 1969. I am your birth mother, Susan, and I have been seeking you for many years. My precious child, I have never stopped loving you. Your original name was Amber Lee and you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was forced to give you up. You have four brothers. Please contact me at ot call at 732-471-8169. I pray you will choose to contact me.

Contact: Susan Smith
Maiden Name: Maxson
26 Bay Avenue Rear
Keansburg NJ 07734
TEL Number: 7324718169
email: catpearl @

I met you at the beach a few years ago. The air lines lost our luggage along with your address. Love to meet and talk to you again.

Contact: Joseph Weeks
Other Contact Name: Brenda Barliso

Looking for my adopted son.
Born 18th May 1962 and christened Mark Antony, born Bentley Heath, near Solihull, West Midlands.

Contact: Ann Elizabeth Bryant
Maiden Name: McCallum
36 Howdles Lane
Walsall WS8 7PL
email: lesleyann @

Desperately seeking Shannon Conner and Maria Moore (also, John David Hancock, Shannon's brother). Shannon's fav. color is purple;eyes green;hair-brassyblonde;5'3";has arthritis in hands and feet;O.H.S.GRAD.(c/o87')CA.Maria Moore-c/o88'. John D.H. moved with his dad in 1989. Shannon's D.O.B.-12/22 or 12/21 of 1968.She should be 31yrs. She married Joe Conner in 1992 and had a son (Brandon) in 1993(now 7yrs.?). Please e-mail w/leads!

Contact: Belinda Renee' Davis
Maiden Name: Hernandez
FAX Number: (830)367-4087

I'm searching for my mother known as Rosemaria Hampton who married Alf Qwyther in 1961 in Greenwich reg office. Date of birth 6 may 1943/44 who came from Greenwich SE10 she has two sisters last known address 91 Milton Road, Deptford.

Contact: Debby Annita Gwyther
Maiden Name: Gwyther
Middlepark Avenue
London SE9 5HT
England, UK
TEL Number: 01818591054

Maggie Hover/Harvey, last seen in Kent in the 70's. Be great to see you/hear from you again. Dot(my Mum) would love to see you too. Any info. greatly appreciated.

Contact: Ann Holmes
13 Haydn Road
Nottingham NG5 2JX

Looking for David Arthur McNally born in 20th Dec (1946 I think!) in the UK. Lived in Orpington Kent moved to South Africa in 1972. Married, has a son Mark last heard of in Durban.

Contact: Johanna Heusner
Maiden Name: Szewczyk
Other Contact Name: Joheusner
13 Nargusta St
Belize C.A.

Does anyone remember my late uncle, Charlie Redman who was in Stalag 4B from December 1943 - 1945.

Contact: Margaret Schofield
Maiden Name: Redman

Anthony Edward Copley 22 may 1950. Big sister looking for you. Last known address Arnold, Nottingham. May have gone to school in East Leake.Notts.

Contact: Eileen Copley
Other Contact Name: Best friend

I am searching for my daughter who was born in Bolton's General Hospital maternity ward on the 7th August 1979 and called Anna. She was then adopted through Leigh courts on the 8th Feb 1980, I have a copy of the adoption certificate and would like advice on how this can help me. My surname at the time was Robinson.

Contact: Lynne Leader
Maiden Name: Robinson
120 Hawthorn Road

Looking for my sister Drenda Kay Thompson. Last known to live in Thunderbolt Ga.!12yrs ago. Please contact

Contact: Christine Louise La Salla
Maiden Name: Thompson

Looking for my dad's (Ron Evans) best man (1950). Reg Sanders last known to be living in the Deptford area of London. Worked at a shopfitters called Sage & Co. Married to Lil and had a son called Chris.

Contact: Lisa Wall
Maiden Name: Evans

Todd Perkins-I am trying to locate you.
My ICQ#60450438. Please message me!

Contact: Jean Logan

Looking for my long lost brother Trevor who lives in somewhere in Great Britain.

Contact: Juliet Savage
Beach St
Massapequa NY
TEL Number: 718-562-8691

Searching for lost siblings...
Father-Wiley B. Crawford died at early age -- The mother of lost siblings is Kathy Foster Crawford.

Contact: Buffie Crawford
Other Contact Name: Buffie

Girl born to my mother-in-law Vera Lorrain Newman from Bullwell Nottingham England, out of wedlock,during 1952/53, adopted to Mansfeild Nottingham area to a headmaster and his wife. Sorry info a little sketchy. Please contact.

Contact: Carolyn Turner
Other Contact Name: Carolyn

Prince Rupert School, Rinteln 1885-1988...
I'm trying to contact Sam Clark and Vicky Hatfield who both went to PRS during that time - I'd love to hear from anyone else who remembers me!

Contact: Louise Duffus

I am looking for my Birth Mother...
Maiden Name Ellen Amelia Waller of 14 Wainright House Garnet Street Wapping London E1 I was born 22 feb 1960 and adopted in the same year by MR & Mrs N.H.B Armstrong. I have two children of my own and would like them to know more about their Birth Grand Mother

Contact: Charon (Birth Name Christine )
Family Name: Piper (Birth Name Waller)
Maiden Name: Armstrong
Middle Names: Lee ( Birth Name Ellen )
Other Contact Name: Mrs C. L. Piper
15 Mistley Close
Bexhill - On - Sea TN40 2TD

I am looking for a classmate, Georgalene Davis. We graduated from Neodesha High School in 1972. She was married to Michael Wilson for a short time, moved back to Bakersfield, Ca. I would really like to get in touch with her. Please call me or email me with any info on her.

Contact: Susan Ilene Renfro
Maiden Name: Alexander
Nickname: Susie
Northgate Lane
Augusta 67010
TEL Number: 316-775-5595

Terry is/was a single mum in her early 40s and was living in Ashington north of Newcastle in 1996. She visited friends in Wraysbury near Windsor. Your driver back to the coach station was wondering about your credit file! Call John now on 01784 885729.

Contact:John O'Connell
75 Desford Way
Ashford TW15 3AS
TEL Number:01784 885729

Do you know Terry? Female in her early 40s she has lived in the Ashington area north of Newcastle all her life. She visited friends in Wraysbury near Windsor in 1997. Any info please email or ask her to phone.

Contact:John Carlyle
20 Chattern Hill
Ashford TW15 1BU
TEL Number:01784 885729

Is your birthday 12 August 1948, are you female?
You may be my sister!! We were both born in Redruth Cornwall and adopted from there, mother's name was Haas neé Wilson. The name on your Birth.Cert. was Rosemary. Please check these out and e mail me. Love to find you

Contact:Mary Whorne
Maiden Name:Wilson
56 Daniell Road
Truro Cornwall TR1 2DA
TEL Number:01872 270800
FAX Number:01872 270800

If anyone out there knows Joan Chitty neé Walker born in London England last known whereabouts Salt Lake City Utar, her brother George would desperatly love her to get in touch on the above address.

Contact:Joan Chitty
Maiden Name:Walker
Other Contact Name:George Walker
248 Halling Hill
Essex CM20 3JS
England, UK
TEL Number: 01279 723569
email: none supplied

I am trying to contact my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. My Uncle and Aunt Ray Mead and Joan Mead left England for Canada in or around 1950 to 1960 Not sure of exact date. The had three children Ian, Karen and one other who's name I do not know. The were last know to be living in the US Virgin Islands St Croix Christiansted. Any help in locating them would be appreciated.

Contact:Colin Anthony Mead
Nickname: Tony
TEL Number:+612-9687-8990
FAX Number:+612-9687-1787

Looking for Jim and Betty Burrows, I last saw them in Johannesburg 1969.They left Belfast in 1965 to emigrate to South Africa I left S.A. in 1966 and moved on to Zambia and returned to the U.K. in 1977.Any news of them would be appreciated.

Contact:Shaun Jackson
TEL Number: 01592 571716

Margaret (Miread) Murray. Where did you go????
Looking for Margaret Murray, last known to have moved from Ormeau in Queensland Australia, back to her native County Cork Ireland. We went to Trinity College Beenleigh together, and have not had contact since 1987. Birgit and I miss you kiddo!! If anyone has any information on margaret's wereabouts, please let me know. She would be around 30-31 now.

Contact:Karyn Margaret Somerfield
Maiden Name: Horrigan
Beenleigh 4207
TEL Number:0413461452

Looking for my sister Drenda Kay Thompson Linskey.
Lost contact 12 yr ago. Last known to be in Thunderbolt Ga. Please help me find her. Thanks

Contact:Chris Louise LaSalla
Maiden Name: Thompson
7017 Lowell St
Carpentersville 60110-2420
TEL Number:1-847-426-5791

Looking for former World War2 resident of Marseille-France, Renee(Nee)Huetier. Must be about 73 years old now. Would appreciate any research suggestions.

Contact:Philip R
291 Cedarhurst Ave.
Cedarhurst N.Y. 11516

Kathleen Casey about 67, sons Stephen and Joseph born 1966 and 1963, Liverpool 8 area, family trying to contact them. If you know the whereabouts of the Casey family please get in touch.

Contact:Maria Catherine Wright
38 Foxwood Drive, St Georges Park,
Preston PR4 2DS

Adoptee looking for birth mom or any family.
I was born at the Doctor's Hospital, Toronto on 03/31/66.Birth name Christine Mary Robinson. Birth mom was 21 at the time of my birth, birth dad was around 40, he was her brother-inlaw.

Contact:Christine Mary Sulpher
Maiden Name:Tuepah
11 Bridge Street West
TEL Number:613-379-1058

Steven Richard Hoare, married to Regine (French) with three daughters (two from first marriage) Rebecca, Rachel and Fleur. Possibly living in France or Spain, TT Richards if you see this please get in touch, I won't tell the rest of the family.

Contact:Sarah Louise Alexandre Soares
Maiden Name:Anteney - Hoare

I would like to know where Natasha D'Silva, Reuben D'Silva, Ann D'Silva and Andrew D'Silva have disappeared there has ben no contact since the gulf war and we would like to hear from them as then they had left to the U.S.
Waiting for a reply..

Contact: Aliena Saira Varghese
Nickname: Ally Building No:3
8th Street North Ahmadi
Ahmadi 9758
TEL Number:00965-3985952

I am searching for my half sister placed for adoption. Birthname Annette Marie Impila, DOB 4/27/62. Duluth ,Mn. She was in a fosterhome in 1964 at the time of her adoption. If anything here looks familiar please contact me at

Contact: Kim Jackson

Looking for Lynda Ely, Born in 55/56 to Donna Jordan (Jorden) Ely in So. Ca. Donna's birthday is 12/25 she attended Van Nuys High School in Van Nuys & lived in that city.

Contact:Kathi Ely

Please help me find my friend...Mrs. Donna M. Bugay

Contact: Pinky
# 421 Celeridad St.
Sta. Clara
Pasay 1304
TEL Number:809-6525/0918-5091947
FAX Number:809-5514

Looking for Tim Hickman dob: 9/7/48 about. He and my mother almost married. She was pregnant with me. He was last known to be around Des Moines, IA. Just would like to know about my background of half siblings?? I have been searching for 9 years ever since I had my own children. Anyone who would know anything please email me! Thank you!!

Contact: Lorrine
Family Name: My mother's maiden name is Adair
Other Contact Name: Krkades

Searching for Aaron(b-1957)and Brian (1964?) Gatewood, sons of Ken Gatewood.
Would just like to make contact if possible.

Contact: Micki

I am searching for my stepbrother who may be known as Robert Boyce or Robert Summerfield.
He is currently living in Adelaide and spent some time in the Au.

Contact: Kenneth Webb
162 Calleydown Crescent
New Addington
Croydon CR0 0EJ
TEL Number: 01689 846034
FAX Number: 08702227010

Looking for Sadielee and Lucille Cooper...
I am the youngest of 13 and looking for my family. My parents last lived in Dallas, TX. My mother was born 5-28-28 and was the daughter of J.W.Harbuck Burroughs of Greenville, TX. 1 brother W.H. Burroughs of Casa Grande, Ariz. Please help me find my family.

Contact: Sallie Leigh Wallace
Maiden Name: Cooper
351 Bringle rd
Covington 38019
TEL Number:901-475-4030
email: wallace pool

I attended Millington Central Hifg School in Millington, Tennessee.
I am looking for my high school best friend, whose name at that time was Kathleen (Kathy) Marie Celeste Morrison. She is married now, but I don't remember her new last name. If you are her or know her, please let me know. Thanks!

Contact:Kelly Colleen Beaver
Maiden Name: Thomas
413 Sesqui Trail
Columbia, South Carolina 29223
TEL Number:803-865-7284

Were you born on 18th May 1962, christened Mark and adopted and live in the Oxford U.K. area.

Contact: Ann Elizabeth Bryant
Maiden Name: McCallum
email: lesleyann @

Searching for Francis Merrick son of Elsie Merrick.
I believe I am your niece.

Contact: Rachel Bernadette Louise Dale
Maiden Name:Finnegan
3 Medway Close
Abingdon OX13 6HT
United Kingdom
TEL Number:01235-553495

Looking for Reoni Bonnelle/Bornelle.
Born in Port Moresby in mid-forties. Reoni was brought to Melbourne when she was 4/5 years old. Please contact if you know of her whereabouts

Contact: Heato Koregai
Nickname: Hetti
Other Contact Name: Oliver Challinger

Hello. Searching for Francis David Merrick. D.O.B. 2 February 1938. Born at Hallam nr. Bristol, England. Birth mother Elsie Irene Merrick, from Marden Herefordshire. I am his sister. If you can help please contact me.

Contact: Jennifer Jean Phillipson
Maiden Name: Williams
4 Old Tram Road
Hereford HR2 7AW
United Kingdom
TEL Number:01432-268694

Looking for birth mother...
My name at birth was Cora Cornelia Vanderzwartz
Born February 4, 1959
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
If anyone has information that could help in my seach, please contact me by email.

Contact: Shelley Jean Slaughter
Maiden Name: Myhr
Post Box 7109
General Post Office
Hong Kong
TEL Number:(852) 9300 7280

We are looking for our birth mother...
Carol Ann Roland (could be Allison) Ivan was born 17/7/62 in Newmarket and David was born 1/5/65. Carol married David Graham Ward on 19th August 1967 at Cambridge Registry Office. Her address at that time was 63 Abbey Road, Cambridge her father was Conelley Roland a member of the United States Airforce. If anyone has any information please email me.

Contact: Ivan & David
Family Name: Rolands/Allison

Trying to trace an old friend whose name was Madge Rankin and stayed at 56 Bangorshill st Carnwadric Thornliebank Glasgow, she was a disabled person .

Contact: Ernie Mungall

Trying to trace on behalf of my husband,(with his agreement), his birth mother... -
Margaret Mary Clancy (Maiden name)who lived in Streatham in 1947 - no trace since.

Contact:Joan Gould
Maiden Name:Nolan 114 Brockenhurst Avenue
Worcester Park, Surrey
Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames KT4 7RE
England, UK

Looking for Elizabeth and Martin Nathan Lawrence my husband's children.
Their father is up in age and sick. I lasted heard they were in Springfield Gardens, NY. Both of them are around the age of 32 or 34 years of age.

Contact:Elizabeth and Martin N. Lawrence
Family Name:Lawrence (father's last name)
Other Contact Name:Rae Lawrence
230 Watkin Drive
Hampton VA 23669
TEL Number:(757) 826-8727