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Looking for Simon Alexis Johnston.
High school - Brooks High school,ALA. Father is Neal johnston, Brother is Neal jr. Wife is Veronica Johnston.

Contact: Patrick Joseph Siewak
Nickname: P.J.
Other Contact Name: P.J. Siewak
7984 Manor Dr.
West Chester 45069
TEL Number: 513)505-0012

Looking for Jose Luis Martinez...
My father and father of my sister Julie Ayn Martinez. My mother's name is Cora.
Please get in touch for personal and medical reasons.

Contact: Joey Ayn Martinez-Gomez
Other Contact Name: Joeyayn Gomez
2530 West Alamos #103
Fresno 93705
TEL Number: (559)225-4588

I am looking for a good friend, named Lisa Conway, DOB 2/12/78. She lived on the Eastern End of Long Island, and left Mattituck High School in 1992. If anyone knows where she is, please e-mail me.

Contact: Laura

I am helping a friend try to find her birth mother.
The only things I know are that she was born in West Virginia, on July 10, 1977. She was adopted by a family in New York, this could have possibly taken place by someone connected to a church. E-mail if you have any information.


Looking for Robert Goude, late fifties, last known to live in Leeds area. Married at least twice. Lived in Elgin Scotland approx 30 years ago. Reply e-mail if you know the name. Contact: Andrew Colquhoun Christie
Nickname: Andy

I'm looking for my old pen pal Tracy Henley Kilpatrick.
Hi Tracy, I hope you write to me!

Contact: Wendy Mutinta
P. O. Box M P 159
Mount Pleasant

Looking for Ronnie Woolley from Australia, a student at the Uni, Queensland I believe. We had a remarkable friendship online and all of a sudden he disappeared. Concerned about him, just want to know he's o.k., and if he would like to correspond again. He is 36, 5'9", blond hair, blue eyes. Studying law.

Contact: Casey Brown
P. O. Box 49
Dickinson, TX. 77539

I am trying to contact a MS Elaine Kay Humphrey from Scotland. She would be about 42, and last heard of in London. She has a sister called Anne who is a doctor. We parted in 1975, and I would like to talk to her. I dont want to cause upset or harm, just talk please.
Bob Birnie

Contact: Bob Charles Birnie
22 Covenanters row
Aberdeen AB12 5QD
TEL Number: 01224898336

I am looking for my husband Salvador Gutierrez.
He owes me back child support for my children. The last I heard he was in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. If you have any leads as to where I can find him please contact me. He is now 59 yrs old, is dark skinned, mustache, black hair, choppy english, averavge height, and average build.

Contact: Maria Elisa Gutierrez
Maiden Name: Lopez
3220 W.Buckingham Apt.D
Garland 75042
TEL Number: 972-276-0968

I'm looking for Chantel Dodd who lived at RAF High Wycombe, Bucks. Last known address was 9 Malcolm Court, Fairfield Avenue, Perth, PH1 2TJ, Scotland. If anyone know's where she is now, or if she is married please could they let me know.

Contact: Mark Robert Rowley
295 West Wycombe
High Wycombe HP12 4AA
Buckinghamshire, UK
TEL Number: 01494 452 108

Please contact me if you remember me from anywhere! But mainly Butlins, Minehead 1981-82 or Bournville School of Art 1980.

Contact: Amanda Louise Horton
Maiden Name: Dodd
Nickname: Mandy
The Drive
Bliss Gate Road
Bliss Gate
Worcestershire DY14 9XX

Born July 3, l962 Female, Oxford England adopted at birth, Contact me


David Frederick Goodman...
Contact your previous family, Simon and Kelly Goodman

Contact: Simon Anthony Goodman
12 Integer Gardens
E11 1lJ
TEL Number: 0181 556 5126

Arther Carlisle last known where abouts Hull in England, trying to contact you regarding a very serious family matter.
Please get in touch with your brother - James Rowland Carlise in Scotland before it's too late.
Alternatively contact your sister in Texas.

Contact: Catriona Carlisle

Looking for: Barry John Goodman who used to live in Brentford (London). He used to go to Isleworth Grammar School. Good friends of the Peate twins. Does anyone out there know where Barry is now! Get in touch Barry if you find this message. Also any old friends of Lee Hales from Isleworth.

Contact: Lee Hales

Born 2nd July 1957 in Sheffield later adopted from an unmarried mothers home in same city and looking for Birth Mother Eva Yarwood. Please email me if you can help.

Contact: Fiona Surtees
Family Name: Yarwood
Nickname: Paula
24 Skolbacken
Karlshamn 37495
TEL Number: 045465005

Looking for an old pal from '87 onwards namely Peter Braven-Giles,also known to his mates as P.B.Last known address was Collumpton.Exeter U.K. Is a musician of some talent and is married to a lass named Kate. I lost contact when I moved from Pevensey Bay to Cornwall 3 years ago. Please make contact Pete.

Contact: Sarah Ann Jones
Maiden Name: Britt
Nickname: Wild Pony
Hillside Farmhouse
Truro TR4 8ST

I am trying to trace someone...
Osbie Lessard last know addres in Las Vegas, Nv also; Sandra Meilies last known address San Antonio, Tx both are my half sisters. are the key to my search - if you can help me, please contact me, I would appreciate your help.

Contact: Stoney Blackraven
P.O. Box 670153
Dallas 75367

Looking for Nicola Helen Rumble last known to live in East Derham Norfolk. She is my Birth daughter and was adopted by Mr Rumble. You have 3 Step Daughters. I have never stopped thinking about you. Please contact

Contact: Raymond Trevor Finch
74 Grand Avenue
SussexBN15 9QB

Lost family in Cal. in 1978...
I was age 16 my D.O.B. is 1/11/61
Mother: Mary Janette Moore
Father: John Wilson Moore
Sister: Deborah Cristin Moore Elliott
Niece: Starr Ann Elliott
Sisters: Cheri Ann Moore, Katie May Moore, Rosemary Moore
Cousins: Lana Lanza, Kimberly Lanza

Contact: William John Moore

Looking for an old friend from Arizona. Georginne (maiden name) Collier, married John Alton, divorced and then he died in 1994 or 95. Had 3 children last time I spoke with her, she married again and I can't remember what her new married name is, her husband's first name was Tony, I believe. Knew her in the Mesa, Arizona area.

Contact: Mindy Sue Swenson
4340 Weber Road
Whitehall 49461
TEL Number: 231-766-0448

Looking for ex-husband...
Owe's me lot's and lot's of back child support! His name is Michael Scott Hoshour, last known address was Mesa, Arizona. He is 34 years old, born 8-19-65.

Contact: Mindy Swenson
4340 Weber Rd.
Whitehall 49461
TEL Number: 231-766-0448

I am trying to find my sister, Dorthy Shirley Dempsey (Whitbread) last heard of in the Runcorn area. Married to Mike, with four children.

Contact: David Michael Whitbread
11 Clarendon Place
Dover CT179QB
TEL Number: 01304330634 email:

Australian airman befriended Cullen family, Glengyle Terrace during WW2 can anyone help me my time is running short. Please...

Contact:Douglas John Hammond
Nickname: Blue
Glengyle Terrace

Desperately searching for my sister Christine , born 29 December 1949 at The Avenue Hospital in Bridlington. Her birth mother was Sylvia Barmby of 10 Mill Street, Driffield. She was given up for adoption at birth and this was recorded by Arthur H Haggitt (Registrar for the Buckrose Registration District). Any information on Christine's whereabouts would be most gratefully received by her sister and brother who would finally love to find her.

Contact: Sandra Maria Ambler
Maiden Name: Barmby
18 Scarborough Road
Yorkshire YO25 5HD

Looking for birth daughter. Met Mother in Massachusetts while singing in a band on a military base.

Contact: John Stravato
535 Broadhollow Road
Melville (New York) 11747
TEL Number: 516-845-1200
FAX Number: 516-845-8183

I'm trying to locate someone I used to date in Germany many years ago.Stationed in Friedberg at Ray Barrack in or around 1985, his name is Gary Carnine was about 22 at the time and had a Nevada drivers license. Can anyone hepl?

Contact: Sylvia

I was very close to Jane back in the mid-seventies in Loughton, Essex. She had two sisters and a brother, Catherine, Ruth and Peter I think. I would very much like to speak to her again. If anyone knows her let her know about this message.

Contact: Simon

I'm trying to find my old friend Nicky Ball. We grew up in Loughton in Essex. Last heard of you in the Horse & Well in Woodford. Also Martin Harvey who lived round the corner.

Contact: Simon Bartlett
83 Burnside Avenue
E4 8YW

I am looking for my adopted son. His name before his adoption...Stephen Robert Bentley. Born 26th Feb 1961, at Hedon Rd Maternity Hospital, Hull, England. Anyone with any information please contact me and make the New Year one to remember.

Contact: Margaret Joan Bamfield
Maiden Name: Bentley
18 Dunhill Rd
Boothferry Rd
Goole DN14 6SS
England, UK
TEL Number: 01405 760166

Looking for my dad...
his name is Stanley Joseph Southey. Aged around 55-60 yrs. If anyone knows him please tell him to contact me. There will be no hard feeling, just a friendly hi.
Your son.

Contact: Mark James Southey
Other Contact Name: Mark Sutherland
7 Nelson Street
Brightlingsea, Essex. CO7 0DZ
England, UK

I am trying to find anyone that graduated from High school with me. Class of 1960, West High School, Cleveland, Ohio. School no longer exists, but we do. Contact me if you can.

Contact: Kathleen Gravatt
Maiden Name: Eke
Nickname: Kathy
13665 Overton Rd.
West Salem 44287
TEL Number: 330-624-6402
FAX Number: 330-624-0700

Donald Greene...
I am searching again for my birth father. I last knew of him living in Dinas Powis in 1993. At that time he had a married daughter living nearby. I would be grateful for any information

Contact: kim lian christianson
23 Grove Road
Isle of Wight PO36 9BG
TEL Number: 01983 404082

Looking for my father Stephen (Steve) Pratt...
Born poss in Doncaster in 1947

Contact: Richard Stephen Pratt
Nickname: Rik

Amo Elias. Iza kqorit omedano. Kthow larke. Ahna qirkhina alokh.

Contact: Lijba G Shabo
Maiden Name: Taza

I am looking for Charles George Edward Snow (also used name Edwin Charles Snow )born 22/01/1932 in London, England. Evacuated in 1939 to England's south coast. Last heard of in 1947 at Lamorbey Children's Home, Sidcup, Kent, England.

Contact: Paul John Stone
28 James Copse Road
Waterlooville PO8 9RG
England, UK
TEL Number: 07977 859342

Hilary (neé Merritt) where are you?
last known to be living in Ascot, we went to Hurlingham School in Fulham where we made the following pledge...
On Jan 1st 2000 and we'll meet at the site of Chelsea Town Hall at 12 noon - but the whole world partied and you could have celebrated anywhere in the world. I'm currently trying to find your mum and dad in the hope that we can meet up this year!!!

Contact: Mary Buckingham
Maiden Name: Skeffington

I would like to find my birthmother Norma Winifred Frances Godding. Born in Devonport. England in 1923 to Frederick and Winifred Godding. I was born in Bournemouth in May 1944. In late 1944 Norma married Jeol Ramsden in Heywood Greater Manchester. Any news would be great. Please e-mail Kay on Thanks

Contact: Kay Lesley Saunders
Maiden Name: Short. Godding by birth
25 Silverdale Place
Christchurch 6
New Zealand
TEL Number: 03 3896330

Looking for brother Anthony possibly adopted by family called Tomms.Was Davidson or Clarke. London UK. Mother's maiden name was Carter.

Contact: Sharon
Maiden Name: Davidson

Eileen Elizabeth Welsh...
Where are you? This is a maiden name, Eileen would now be 47-50 years old, her last known address was in Carlisle. Please contact me if you have any info on the whereabouts of Eileen.

Contact: Ian Stuart Thomson
53b Wynyard Crescent
New Zealand
TEL Number: 03 442 4412
FAX Number: 03 218 8667

Trying to trace my god mother & mother's best friend from the 1940/50's. Pat(Patricia) Bickerdike assume it was her maiden name . Now in her 70's, worked in Brighton East Sussex in 1950's at Post office, moved back to family connections in Bradford Yorks.

Contact: Clive Raymond Gravett
Nickname: Bimbo
21 Connaught Avenue
Shoreham by sea
West Sussex BN43 5WL
TEL Number: 01273 454758
FAX Number: 01444 871179

Mayfield Girls School...
Wandsworth London 1979-1985. Looking for my school friends to catch up on 16 years:
Stacy foster, Debbie Clay, Tracy Wilson, Tracy Wright, Diane Crow.
These may now be maiden names.

Contact: Anna Marie Krystyna Mcknight
Maiden Name: Noga
Crawley West sussex
England, UK

Contact: Leslie Ann Walmsley
Lower Burrell 15068
TEL Number: (724) 337-0806

Adrian /Colin Glover -
Of Stamford Lincolnshire England, Please contact Nikki and Paul.

Contact: Nikki Hitchman
Maiden Name: Chapman
Nicknames: Nik
12 Knocknagoney Drive
N Ireland

Michael Robert Morrison !!
I am searching for my father, he also has a sister named Jane Morrison,they were originally from Canada, please contact me with any info.

Contact: Nancy Morrison

Looking for Twins Ronda & Robin Phillips...
I left CA in 1980 and I lost track of you. Would love to get back in touch. We lived in Walnut California. Anyone who knows these girls please contact me.

Contact: Shiela Kempka
Maiden Name: Summerton
Nickname: Shyla
Other Contact Name: looty
Town/City: PA

I am looking for my Dad Anthony Crossley who lived in Malta in the 1967-70 knowing a lady by the name of Doris Galea who lived in Floriana. Anyone relative to this person please contact me urgently. He worked for an American Company called Chicago Bridge and I belive he worked in the Oil & Gas Industry in Libya in the same years above.

Contact: Richard John Crossley
10 Lancaster Grove
Belsize Park
London NW34NX
TEL Number: 07792086919

Looking for natural mother Dorothy Park, born 5 10 1937 St Anns Hill Carlisle. I was born 29 10 1967 at George ST Maternity Home Carlisle named Angela Park. Please get in touch.

Contact: Susan Gregson
Maiden Name: Carter
23 Langfield Ave
South Shore
Blackpool FY4 2PA
England, UK
email: (non supplied)

I'm looking for a guy named Bill Depue. I met him when he was a marine stationed at Millington, TN in the early 70's. He was from FL possibly born 12/14/52 in Ormond Beach, FL. He was around 5'11" tall, has a circle shaped birthmark on his upper stomach, has brown hair, and eyes. He is possibly an only child. I do remember that he had no brothers for he was the only male in his generation. He enlisted again around March of 1971 and I believe he was going to be stationed at a base in FL. I'm unsure if he completed this term. I do know that he was AWOL at the begining of it. I can't remember anything about his dad. His mother was in the resturant business either by running or owning one. She also had a problom with alcohol. Bill tried to kill himself on Valentines Day 1971 by spliting his wrist open. His best friend when at Millington was Ken. Bill and I were engaged to be married on June 26,1971 but I had to end the engagement due to an uncontrolable relationship I was in! I wasn't able to give him the true reasons behind my action instead I had to lie and lead him to think I didn't care for him. I can be contacted at...
Three Dog Night

Contact: Diane Billingsley

I'm looking for Mick Wilson who played in the band Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick Tich,back in the 60,s.They still play to this day but without Dave Dee. I would be very pleased if anyone could give me any info. on how to get in touch with him.

Contact: Lisa Marie Lawrence
Other Contact Name: Noble
49 Breamer Road
Nr,Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 7PN
England, UK
TEL Number: 01636893638

Looking for Naomi Kanallakan born Dec. 6, 1945 Baton Rouge LA

Contact: Kathryn Sue Kanallakan
1861 Monterey Dr
Bullhead City 86442
TEL Number: 520-763-1260