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Please help me find Jose Luis Alcocer...
presently living in the Gurabo, PR. area. Works for the company General Electric.

Contact: Wanda Jean Grab
Maiden Name: Ford
4954 Harwich Court
Kettering, OH 45440
TEL Number: 937-439-5558
FAX Number: 937-438-1145

Hi, I'm looking for my boyfriend's, Darrien Foster, best friend he lost contact with. Her name is Jacquie Messina. Last place I think she lived was Mt clemens if you have info please email me!!

Contact: Darrien Foster
Other Contact Name: Kaytee
Utica 48317

Looking for Melvis Ethel Unwin aged 67 yrs. Last known area Winchester born in Southampton worked as a maid in Bournemouth in early 1950's.

Contact: Glynis Rossell

Want to contact Shilo Bartilet...
my first cousin. Last time seen in 1984.
Very important to contact him.

Contact: Eleanor Bartilet Tuyay
Nickname: Lenore
Other Contact Name: Eleanor/Kathy
Fifrth Street Street
Los Angeles County
Azusa 91702
TEL Number: (626) 969-2470

I'm looking for my godparents Harry and Ella Jones...
I know they are dead but they might have left somthing in their will for me and I desperately need to get in contact with any of there living family members. Email if you can help,
Ella Voigt

Contact: Ell Maria Voigt
Family Name: Voigt Walker
Maiden Name: Voigt
Nickname: Canynne
Other Contact Name: Catherine Walker
188 Mott Rd
Canton 48188
TEL Number: 734 495 3167
email: eminem5932 (supplied incomplete)

Putney Girls High...
Are you 50? Did you go to this school? Do you know Susan Chaney, Pauline Whitear, Ann Eileen Lester, Jill Hollis? I am attempting to organise a reunion of the girls in my mothers Class as a suprise for her 50th birthday. Please contact me via EMail or Post a.s.a.p.
Thanks!!!! Jenny

Contact: Jill Birch
Maiden Name: Hollis
Other Contact Name: Jennifer Birch
11 Chestnut Rd
Surrey GU1 1HG
England, UK

Searching for Georgie Taylol...
she went to Stone Mountain High and moved to Laguna Niguel CA in1986. Old friend would like to talk to you again. Any info please email.

Contact: Karen Ferranti

Karen Cleobury neé Plumb...
Please Contact re Ryan and Celidh

Contact: Colleen Dewar

I am looking for Karen S Huntling (maiden name) .
From So. Calif. last res. known Coasta Mesa Calif. 1988. She is about 44 years old now and I have been looking for you.

Contact: Chadwick Buchanan
Nickname: Chad
Mesa 85215

Searching for Thomas Edmund Bertolet, Jr.,
last heard from 2/1/70, living in St. Leonards, Australia.

Contact: Anna Bertolet
Other Contact Name: Eleanor
54 E. Parkway Dr. apt. 316
Pottstown, Pa 19465
TEL Number: 610-326-7625

I am looking for a second cousin on behalf of myself and his younger half brother. His name is Leon Hall d.o.b. 1944-45 he emigrated with his mother from Oldham, Lancashire in 1958-59 to possibly Toronto, Canada. After his parents divorce. Leon's father was Leonard Hall, who had one brother also living in Vancouver, Canada Fred/Cathie Hall daughter Edith/ son-in-law Kenneth Barnard and granddaughters Katherine, Susan and Nancy (who is now living with husband Brett and children in Seattle). Leon's dad Leona also had 2 sisters in Oldham and Blackley, Manchester now deceased. His oldest sister Alice's daughter June is visiting Toronto next month and would like to get information for Leon's younger half brother Peter Chadderton who is looking into his roots. To contact Peter/June or myself Diane, email me anytime.
Thanks Leonard.

Contact: Diane Juneg Buist
Maiden Name: Burke a.k.a Greenwood
9 Floyer Road
Manchester M9 6RS
TEL Number: 0161 740 2548
FAX Number: 0161 740 2548

Alan James and Andrew David born Greenwood 9/11/84 and 19/11/85 Oldham Royal Hospital Lancs mother Diane June Burke Greenwood Buist father Anthony Michael Greenwood. Lived with mum Diane until taken into care October 1987 lived with foster parents in Failsworth. Adopted after long battle with courts and social services in 1990 adoptive parents Jean and Malcolm possibly surname Allsop living somewhere in north of England possibly near Lake District maybe a small village with tennis club and cricket club which both boys are involved with. Alan James now almost fifteen talented musician played at the Royal Albert Hall in 1997 and with school orchestra, at Eurodisney this year amongst other things. Supports Manchester United reads Terry Prachett books. Andrew quieter boy enjoys sport, hillwalking, rock schools, liverpool football club. andrew had problems with bullying last year at senior school. Andrew also collect's Beano annuals, videos in fact anything to do with the subject. Aalan and Andrew have a younger brother Jamie Peter David and sister Emma Louise Buist waiting to hear back from them this year, as we haven't had our letters yet. If anyone out there can help please email me anytime. Thanks Diane.

Contact: Diane Juneg Buist
Maiden Name: Burke a.k.a Greenwood
9 Floyer Road
Manchester M9 6RS
TEL Number: 0161 740 2548
FAX Number: 0161 740 2548

I am looking for Diane McPhee
from Sidney Mines Cape Breton. She is 24.

Contact: Patricia Ann Barrie
Maiden Name: Fleet
286 Meenan Cove
Quispamsis E2G 1B1

Looking for Karen Thomson D.O.B. 13.05.1948. Educated in Scotland, lived in Glasgow, Darlington, and Farnborough. Possibly emigrated to Austrailia in 1971.

Contact: Helen

Joseph, welsh brother of Emily (Evelyn) lost contact when we moved to australia in 1966. Last known address Macesfield, England. Daughter of Evelyn would like to find you uncle Joe. Details are few...
Joe was married to Dianne and they were both nurses. Joe was born in Edinburgh, Scotland lived in Canada for a while before settling in England. Any help finding him would be greatly appreciated.

Contact: Sandra Heming
Maiden Name: Maloney 31 Ironbark Place
Brisbane Queensland 4035

I am searching for my half sister who was adopted at birth she was registered as Annette Snape and was born in Blackpool on the 18th february 1961. If anyone can help please contact me.

Contact: Yasmin Snape
268 Weaste Lane
Manchester M5 2HW
TEL Number: (0161)661 9704

If you are, or know of, Horst Hans Grahlmann's children please contact me.
I think you were born in Kansas in the early 60's and went back to England after Han's departure.

Contact: Peter D Hackett
15045 River Rd
Guerneville, CA 95446
TEL Number: (707) 869-8169
FAX Number: (707) 869-8169

Looking for my father...
Phillip A. Jackson,
all I know that last time I saw him was in March of 1992 he was living in San. Diego , CA.

Contact: Tanisha Johnson
Middle Name: Nicole
Nickname: Cole
1514 Cadillac Blvd Apt. 2
Detroit 48214
TEL Number: 313-822-2886
FAX Number: 313-972-9050

Hi, I am looking for a woman who was at the Liquar Doom in Halifax about 3 years ago in June (late part) she has blond hair and was about 5' 10" in height and had a shorter blond friend with her I think her name is Dana or Dianna.
Contact: Jeff

Looking for Christine J Campbell,
graduated from Redlands CA high school in 1965. Married an Air Force pilot.

Contact: Linda Ruff

I am hoping to contact Megan Maree Garvan (may have new married name) of the Gold Coast or more likely, Sydney, Australia. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide me.

Contact: John Barry McColl
1716 Hamlet Court
Montgomery 36117
TEL Number: 1-334-279-1899

Valerie, it has been many years...
but I hope you still remember me form Arnold Elementary in Jackson, Michigan. If you do I would love to hear from you.
Kristine Navarre

Contact: Kristine Navare
Family Name: Valerie Saucedo

Contact: Wanda Lynne Blackmon Maiden Name: Head
5903 Hidden Rose
San Antonio 78250
TEL Number: 210-521-9063

Trying to contact...
Steve(Snip)Ryan, (Aspro)Anne,Karen Anderson,little Andy (always in the carriage) or any of the old crowd who used to work in Corfu, with a view to getting some form of communication network on the go. Contact me at one of the following addresses.

Contact: Janice Mclaren
Other Contact Name: Maid aid Jan/ School teacher Kate
91 Allington Driv
Stockton on Tees TS23 3UE

Looking for old friends.

Contact: Thomas Albert Bowen
Nickname: Tab
6168 Corktree Ct
Charlotte 28212
TEL Number: 704-535-0928

Liz Siorpaes, lived Liverpool 1988 ish,
joined RAF ATC to obtain PPL, father ran garage ??
Would like to re-establish contact.

Contact: Douglas 0akley

Looking for Malcom Smith

Contact: Norm Robson
11 Clover Close
Mewlksham SN12 7SL
TEL Number: 01225793822
email: non supplied

Looking for...
Marcia Montalvo Honsch,
Elizabeth Bobbi Honsch and any family and friends.

Contact: Diana Mirabel
Maiden Name: Estrada
Nickname: China

Florey, Eric about 73 years old,
Yorkshire, England was based in warrington in 1949 was engaged to Marjorie Macartney.

Contact: Sue Sergeant

Searching for half-brother... born Michael James Ryan on/about July 6, 1967 or 1968 in Highspire, PA.
Father: Phillip James Ryan (Jim). Paternal grandparents: Rogers in Elkhart, IN. Mother: Loralee Ryan (Poole). Father last seen in Florida. Michael taken from mother in PA in 1972 & hasn't been seen since. May have been told she is deceased. She is not! Also has half-brother. Any information greatly appreciated!
Please email.

Contact: Martha Sue Moore
Maiden Name: Ryan/Schumacher
Bloomington, IL

Owen Springer -
Please contact me. It's been over 20 years but I have never forgotten you.
Please email me.

Contact: Diane Rose Clark
Maiden Name: Sibley
Other Contact Name: Diane Sibley-Clark
P.O. BOX 915
San Martin 95046

I just want to find my father...
I don't know what he looks like, just his first and last name.

Contact: Shanna Deniece Hopson

I am looking for my birth father...
Charles Buist,
wife's name Peggy, and daughter Mary, worked for Norwest Holst, Scotland 1953-54, working at that time in Avonmouth, Bristol. Thought to still be living in Scotland, possibly Dundee, Mains Drive, any info please...

Contact: Kathryn Clements Clements
Dyfed SA44 6LF
TEL Number: 01545560449

Please help me find...
Valentine Broadway Bowers
, and or family.seperated by divorce. Valentine born in 1907 Lake Park N Carolina. Son Richard Kenton Bowers born 1-6-47, Father, last known address Fort Lauderdale FL.,was a lawyer. Son is looking for any info on relatives. Please help!!!

Contact: Friend of Richard Kenton Bowers
Family Name: Richard Kenton Bowers
Other Contact Name: Ellen Gillette
51High St.
Union 63084
TEL Number: 636-629=5163

Denida Mason...
We met 20 years ago in Chapelhill N.C. You lived with your family right above me in the Bolinwood apts. I lived in 108B. You have a brother called David. Please get in touch.

Contact: Enyonam Kumekpor
1927 Willowcreek Dr.Apt.105
Willowcreek Dr.
East Riverside
Austin 78741
Texas USA
TEL Number: 512 707 9340

Cherry where are you?
Cherry (Nee) Poulton, formally of Oulton in Birmingham UK. Had a younger brother Stephen. Mother and father Winnie and Bert. Cherry would be in her mid- fifties now.

Trying to locate the former Joyce vanDoesburg of East Lansing MI.

Contact: Donald Larson
3401E Claire
Phoenix 85032
TEL Number: 602-788-9628

Piedmont Hills High School
San Jose State University

Contact: Robert Eugene Cheek
Nickname: Bob
TEL Number: 209-839-9007

I am trying to find details of...
Jeffery Charles Strange who lives in Canada, last known to be driving big trucks for a living. Lived in Calgary but now thought to be in Winnipeg area.

Contact: Barbara Ann Russell
Maiden Name: Strange
Nickname: Babs
14Martin Court
Ashby de la Launde
Lincoln LN4 3TW
England, UK

Margaret & Malcolm Haynes...
twins,who grew up in Drayton Bridge Road, Hanwell, W7, London. Your cousin would like to contact you.

Contact: Lucille Haynes


I am trying to trace someone...
Osbie Lessard last know addres in Las Vegas, Nv
also; Sandra Meilies last known address San Antonio, Tx both are my half sisters. are the key to my search - if you can help me, please contact me, I would appreciate your help.

Contact: Rey Robles

Looking for Liana Gilbert of Waco, Texas. I saw the home page you posted about your nieces, and I have info if you still need it. I don't know how to contact you because your hotmail address no longer works, and when I called your office number they told me you had moved on. Let me know whether or not you're still looking for them. All best.


Looking for Pamela Woodruff... Last known in Waco,Texas. Has 4 children known of : Paul,Matthew,Sara,James. Was married to David Dourghty(not sure of spelling).

Contact: Debi

Marelys and Tony Wilson
formerly of Negril, Jamaica.
Hotel Management - lost touch Christmas 1998.

Contact: Nicola Jayne Plunkett
Maiden Name: Hartley
Nickname: Nicci
41 Chorley Road
Chorley PR6 9LH
TEL Number: 01257 474484

Charles Cline Hampton.
Haven't seen you since our families were together in Miami approx. 1969. I need to find you.

Contact: Kenny

I am looking for a dear friend by the name of Lenny Gagliano we went to Cypress swim club in Brooklyn NY together. If you know him please contact me Lenny, I have been looking for you for years.

Contact: Lisa Tecarr
Maiden Name: Destio
5349 62 street
Maspeth NY 11378

William (Bill) Benedict Hennessy!
Your daughter Zenia is looking for you.

Contact: Zenia Shan Hennessy
TEL Number: 01986 893349

I am looking for my sister Pat...
(Patricia Marion Cecelia) her children, Caroline, William, Richard, Elizabeth, and her husband Colin Sayer.

Contact: Peter Price
Middle Names: Malcolm Croft
3 Sint Pieterstraat
Kerkrade 6463 CP
TEL Number: 31 45 567 0190
FAX Number: 31 45 567 0192

I'm trying to find my brother and sister,
their names are Stephen Wayne Johniken and Andrea Johniken. D.o.b is 68 & 69.

Contact: Jenniffer Wayne Stephen
Nickname: Johniken
11150 Beamer Road #104
Houston, Texas 77089
TEL Number: 281-484-3540