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NETinTouch is designed to reunite you with missing friends and family.

We want it to be the biggest free missing persons' site and to help you use the global nature of the Internet to establish contact with those who were once close.

How does it work?

Imagine you could put up a message on a noticeboard that everybody in the world could see! There would be a good chance that the person you're looking for might spot it and contact you or maybe someone who knows them would pass your message on. Well, now you can!

So what do I do?

First use the NETinTouch search engine to see if you can find who you're looking for, use any words for your site search that may help find that person i.e. their names, places, etc to see if you get any matches. If they have already left a message then you'll be directed to the section number that contains it.

Next, simply use the "Search on Page" facility of your browser (under the "Edit" menu) to go straight to the message!

The site search is a keyword facility and for this reason it has not been necessary to divide NETinTouch into separate alphabetical or place lists.

If you don't find any information relating to your quest, just add your own  free message to the site by filling in the form.
Please note, your message will not be processed immediately but you should receive a "thank you" confirmation on your browser.
Your message should appear within a few days unless site traffic is particularly heavy!

This is a totally free message service but we would ask you to spend a little time just browsing the Noticeboard in the hope that chance or coincidence may help you or others reunite.


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Any questions or suggestions regarding this site?
Have you found someone through it?
Please email:
Many Thanks and Good Luck!